Cyanogen OS to get caller ID integration thanks to Truecaller partnership


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Cyanogen Inc today announced a new partnership. They’ve teamed up with Truecaller, the makers of a caller ID app that’ll show you unknown callers or identify phone numbers known to be spam. The integration will come at the OS level, says Cyanogen, so there will be no need to download a separate app if caller ID is something you fancy.

That deep integration will also allow the company to integrate the information you’re looking for in a way that makes sense. Whereas a standalone caller ID app might require going into their app to see information about calls that were already placed, you will be able to see that information right from Cyanogen’s built-in dialer.

Cyanogen says the deal will apply to all future mobile devices that ship with Cyanogen OS globally, and will also be available to tens of millions of existing users via an over-the-air update. We don’t have an exact timeline on when to expect these features to arrive to existing customers, but we imagine it shouldn’t be long if they’re already promising it to be ready for all future Cyanogen devices.

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  1. So what am I missing? Caller ID on phones is what, so 4-5 years old? I don’t understand why anything caller ID is news at this stage? Isn’t caller ID as basic as having a power button.. it is just there and expected?

    1. Does your phone tell you a number is spam?

      1. Yes//no.. it blocks it as anything I decide is spam I “add to reject list”. This is even better than just telling me it is spam as this way, the call comes and then is essentially stopped and rejected instantly.

        EDIT: ok, I see a bit of benefit here. Truecaller is tapping into some sort of DB – like the 1800 notes where people report spam numbers – to try to show you up front it “could” be a spammer as others have reported it as a spam number. Ok, kind of cool.

        I no dig the fact your call screens all have this obnoxious truecaller logo and tagline.

    2. “caller ID app that’ll show you unknown callers or identify phone numbers known to be spam.” Stock android on most phones cannot do this. It’s a nifty feature, not one I would actively seek out however. Then again, this is carrier specific in most cases. IDK.. News is just news. lol

      1. “unknown callers” can only be seen as… unknown callers. They cannot have tech that can circumvent spoofing and suddenly show you who the unknown caller is who is using spoofing tools. It will just say “unknown caller” just as my phone tells me now.

        And, the caller ID is nothing special. It just pulls from your Google contacts and places the photo you have set, their name, etc.

        1. Like I said, it’s not a feature (working or half not working) that I personally would sniff out anyway. The news is Meh… that’s all. ;)

    3. I believe Caller ID comes as a paid service on the carrier level. For example, on house phones if you wanted a Caller ID, you’d need that little thingy, yea I went WAY back(I think I just found my TBT to post).

      With this app, you *shouldn’t* need to get the paid service. Also, I don’t know if it’s my ROM, or what, but I noticed that *now* when I get a call, it tells me the state location. This is new on my M8. I’ve only had that “feature” on stock Android ROMs. And again, I don’t know if it’s ROM related or not.

      This could be what is being advertised. You get caller ID without having to get it through your carrier. I’m not too sure *how* well it works though. Back in the day, Caller ID was “You got a missed called from ‘Dean Winchester'”, and not “555-5555”. I don’t have that currently.

      Please, correct me if I’m wrong.

  2. I love cyanogen, it has given my LG G2 new life when i was ready to scrap it and move to IOS

    1. That isnt Cyanogen, that is Cyanogenmod. It is not the same thing.

    1. Yeah, that’s the dark side everybody seems to be missing apart from all the shiny new features this service brings. It uploads your entire contact list to their service by default. You have to explicitly opt-out to prevent them from doing this. And even after that, you have to jump through yet another hoop to get your number delisted should any of your associates use the service and their contact list gets uploaded to their servers. The only reason TrueCaller is seeing such impressive “growth patterns” is because of this type of “ask forgiveness, not permission” corporate attitude.

  3. Odd it would be built into OS.

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