Woman uses Pizza Hut app to escape hostage crisis [VIDEO]



It’s hard to even imagine what one would do in a hostage situation. For one Florida woman, she used a combination of wits and the all too familiar Pizza Hut app to call for help. Held at knife point all day by her ex-boyfriend, the woman persuaded her ex to let her quickly order pizza for her 3 children using the Pizza Hut app.

Pizza Hut app CALL 911

The man, who had initially taken her phone from her agreed, and it was then the woman used the app’s “special instructions” field to request help. The Pizza Hut where the order was placed quickly notified local law enforcement who was able to show up at the home and defuse the situation. The boyfriend was eventually arrested and is now being held on a $45,000 bond.

[ABC News]

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  1. But did she get her pizza?

    1. Dark, man, pretty dark.

    2. Yeah, but she didn’t leave a tip…so ungrateful

    3. Wise man say forgiveness is Divine, but never pay full price for late pizza.

    4. I don’t believe so. I think the receipt was voided.

  2. Now Apple is gonna sue Pizza Hut because Apple invented life saving apps

    1. “Hawaiian pizza removed from Pizza Hut menu after Tim Cook threatens lawsuit over use of PineApple.”

  3. The cops should’ve dress up like a delivery driver then busted in guns a blazing!

  4. There was a little bit more to the story tho

  5. Good thing she didn’t use Domino’s, that thing talks back.

    “Are you sure you want 911 help on your order?”

    1. lol really?

      1. I believe so if the ad is to be believed. More so in easy voice ordering.

  6. She’ll take him back.

  7. Held at knife point all day but “The cops arriving at the home just in time to rescue her”

  8. If she’d ordered Chinese, she might have ended up with whatever is number 911 on the menu.

    1. I know this is a serious thing and joking about it is.. Whatever… But lmao Carl.. Thank you for that.. That is so true.. Some of those menus… Good gawd.. One place I order, my favourite is 473..
      Im still laughing at your comment…

  9. I hope they assumed she didn’t have time for a random drawing on special request given the situation, and additionally drew a penguin handcuffing an abusive jerk with a velociraptor roaring in his face on the box. Because, that’s what I’d do.

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