Motorola Keylink (phone and key finder) is finally back in stock, only $25


Motorola Keylink FOB

It’s been awhile since we last saw the Motorola Keylink, Motorola’s handy Bluetooth enabled key fob. It seemed Motorola sent all of their stock to actual carrier retail stores, as their official site has been sold out of the Keylink since it debuted back in November. Today, Motorola finally has some in stock, although there’s no saying for how long.

Uses for the Keylink are twofold: not only does it help you locate lost keys or a misplaced phone, but it can also be used as a trusted Bluetooth device to keep your Android device unlocked while it’s in range (Lollipop only). At $25 ($5 for shipping), it’s the perfect gift for yourself, or the absent minded Android user in your life. You can find the Motorola Keylink direct from Motorola via the link below.

Buy from Motorola: Motorola Keylink $25

Chris Chavez
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  1. The battery life is terrible, lasted less than two months.

    1. Is the battery easily replaceable? I’m assuming it’s one of those circle batteries: ones you normally see in car key remotes.

      1. Yes it is easy to switch but Moto claimed it would last a year.

      2. How to Change the Motorola Keylink Battery

  2. in CA – with shipping Total: $32.99

  3. I use my Echo for smart lock at home, and Wear for outside. Best of both worlds.

    I think there are much more widely affordable and available options in BT dongles/keychains that pop up on sale regularly so you won’t lose your keys.

  4. I’ve seen this before and wonder if it works better the many Bluetooth key chain things like this?

    1. I have the Motorola PowerPack Micro which is this with a battery that can charge your phone. It’s a little more chunky but I’d recommend it. I think the early ones of these had problems hopefully that’s why they are back on the market.

  5. Would like to give it a go but can’t ship to uk

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