T-Mobile releases 8 new ads attacking Verizon and offers their customers a risk-free trial [VIDEO]



The gloves just came off, folks. T-Mobile has a bone to pick with Verizon and they want the whole world to know about it. The company has just released new ad campaign called #NeverSettle (OnePlus, anyone?), and they kicked things off with a whopping 8 videos to server no other purpose than to show people what they do much better than Verizon ever has.

The talking points cover the usual areas of unlimited data, no contracts, early upgrades and other perks T-Mobile can tout. The company even swears they have the network to take Big Red on, noting that they deliver the fastest LTE speed of any of the nation’s major carriers. Of course, actual coverage of said network is a whole different issue that they took care not to harp on, though they reminded us they’re on track to cover 300 million Americans by the end of this year.

As part of the campaign the company is offering up a free no-risk test drive to any current Big Red customers. Here’s how it’s going to work:

  • Port your phone number to T-Mobile and get a T-Mobile smartphone (all the while keeping your Verizon device)
  • After the trial, if you decide to switch T-Mobile will pay any early termination fees or device payments up to $650
  • If you decide you want to go back with Verizon, simply trade your T-Mobile phone within 14 days, and once you’re back they will even pay the costs associated with reactivation.

The trial starts May 13th, and signups will be taken through the end of the month. T-Mobile didn’t give us an idea on how long the trial would last once you’ve started, but we’ll do our darndest to find out. Be sure to take advantage if you’re truly on the fence, and look straight ahead of the rest of the advertisements T-Mobile dropped today if you’re interested.

[via T-Mobile]

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  1. well I’m on AT&T for 4 years now after leaving crappy T-Mobile. I could not even step inside my apartment (then my house when I bought it) without losing my signal. My mother and a few friends suffered from the same issue….I’m not a wizard or scientist but I do know Verizon does not suffer from this problem (in most areas at least)

    1. Where do you live? T-mobile works great in all of Fairfield County Connecticut, yes including inside where I live, and inside buildings like supermarkets. I’ve been with T-mobile for just over 2yrs.

    2. YMMV. And the network has greatly improved in the past 3 years. I can’t say the same of AT&T when my work issued hardware is useless in certain areas.

  2. we left verizon for tmobile about 7 months ago. honestly now…tmobile is AWESOME…if you never leave the larger cities. as soon as you leave a highway or a metro area…you are screwed…no data at all and many times no cell coverage either. this is fine for 90% of all people. our family enjoys travelling though. we enjoy historical sites, odd vacation spots, camping, fishing, hiking, etc. we can not even use google maps most of the time. as soon as the G4 comes out we are going back to verizon. No one can even come close to their coverage and speeds nationwide. my wife had AT&T and the coverage was not bad…not always good but not bad…the customer service was terrible and her bill was always screwed up. sprint should not even be allowed to be called a cellphone company.

    1. gotta say, my AT&T bill is usually accurate and the same as the month before. I think about twice a year, they do something to piss me off though. I hate that! Their C/S is usually amazing though, they have literally kept me because of the C/S.

      1. I haven’t had to call Verizon in a couple years for any issues. But the few times I have they have been more than helpful as well. One of the few reasons I’ve stayed with them too. Their plans and policies as a whole are getting harder to deal with though. I think I’ll live with reduced coverage on T-Mo when Verizon pushes me off unlimited data just out of principal. Only time it will really suck is while traveling, as I still see large gaps on major highways (around me at least) in T-Mo’s coverage map.

        1. i just cant do it….their coverage is horrible where I live and i’m right in the Tampa Bay Area where almost 3 million people live. U would think their coverage would be stronger, given the amount of people living here!

          1. Yeah, it sucks for sure. I’m hoping by the time I lose unlimited data on Verizon, their coverage will be much improved. They actually have LTE all around me right now, but when I travel anywhere I can see that they have no coverage on some major highways nearby, so hoping they’ll patch that up by then.

    2. It just depends on how many licenses each carrier owns in a given area. T-Mobile has pretty much all of Southern CA covered though, of course, they focus on where people are, so out in the desert, it’s mostly EDGE. Verizon has LTE, say on the I-15 out in the Mojave Desert (going to/from Vegas), but on a given weekend there’s thousands of people trying to use the network.

      So, it becomes so congested that it’s just as unusable as T-Mobile’s EDGE in those areas. Verizon only has 10MHz of bandwidth on band 13, so the coverage is there, but not the capacity or speed. That’s what their 20MHz AWS band 4 license is for: to add capacity and speed, but only in areas that need it (i.e. where the people are similar to T-Mobile).

      T-Mobile is doing the opposite: adding coverage area with a 10MHz wide band 12. They already have the capacity and speed in most areas where they own licenses and have towers. Plus, they have 20MHz AWS and 20+20MHz (MIMO) AWS.

      Next time, check your area for carrier licenses as there’s a good chance they’ll also have towers up: http://

      Once Verizon shuts down their CDMA voice network, the holes in coverage will show just as clearly as T-Mobile’s.

  3. When T-Mobile gets their coverage up… Then we can talk. All of those commercials are irrelevant to me atm lol.

    1. agreed 100%

  4. I keep looking at T-Mobile, but nearly the entire county in upstate NY where my extended family vacations is marked “Partner”, which from what customer service tells me means 2G coverage. Even Sprint has LTE in the area.

  5. I had T Mobile for 5 years while in the military I moved around a lot. The last place I moved I had no service at all. I told them what happened and they could care less and charged me 400$ to cancel my contract! Switched to Verizon and they definitely have a better network.

  6. This is mildly aggravating. I get it, T-Mobile has been notorious for having crappy coverage. We do however need to draw a line here and state the fact that where T-Mobile is available, their coverage is what their coverage is. Their coverage map clearly defines where their 2G, 3G, 4G, and LTE coverage exists. If it’s a fringe area, admittedly outside of major metro areas, their coverage is marginal at best. If it’s well within the “pink” it’s probably not too bad. It’a also GSM, you’re going to lose some bars inside of some buildings with some phones. It happens. Verizon will never have this problem.

    In terms of total coverage AT&T will never have this problem as they had a larger area to begin with and they bought a bunch or regional carriers to expand that coverage even farther. T-Mobile was on the brink, they invested in their existing network to turn it from total garbage to something quite decent. T-Mobiles problem now is total coverage, and with that comes reliability.

    To keep blasting T-Mobile for their lack of QoS is a bit misguided. It’s one thing to be frustrated, but now that T-Mobile even allows you to test run their network in their areas, this should all but eliminate objection. If there’s little to no reliable service in your area, then use Verizon or AT&T.

    Having been with T-Mobile since 2000, I’ve seen them go from COMPLETE and utter crap in a suburb of NYC, to faster LTE than my TWC service at home. Guess what, it’s NYC. I would gather the results may vary even in their own back yard up in Toledo WA.

    Now if you will excuse me, I have go and severely limit my caffeine intake, as I’m apparently full of myself right now. Sorry. /r

    1. I disagree. If they intend to compete with the big boys, then the lack of coverage in less populated areas is an issue. They’re the ones firing shots and it’s only fair to fire back.

      1. …and I 100% agree with you. That’s a very valid issue. Instead of T-Mobile spending so much effort in to picking fights, they should just nut up and build out their network so IT CAN compete on the same scale. My point still stands though. We know T-Mobiles overall coverage doesn’t have the same width and depth of the BIGGER carriers, so let’s stop kicking that horse. If T-Mobile were to come out and say, in areas in which we do business, we do it better than most. i.e. in Seattle, LA, Atlanta, Orlando Philly, Boston, NYC…. Generally T-Mobile isn’t too bad at all. In all other areas where the big 2 or 3 operate much better, “We need to work on that” . It would probably solve a lot of other “pain points”.

        1. The horse continues to be kicked b/c the horse is picking those fights. If they communicated as you stated at the end of your comment, there wouldn’t be a horse to kick – and honestly I think it’s about time for them to show a little humility in that regard.

        2. I don’t get what this “same scale” talk is all about when T-mobile sid they would have 300 million pops covered by the end of the year with LTE. I think Verizon is way, way overrated, I was with them for 3yrs, 2010-2013, their all about marketing, just like Apple. I think T-mobile has more of a perception problem. Here in Ct, even Willimantic has LTE, and that place is pretty rural!

  7. Until they increase their coverage many people will not switch over to T-Mobile. Right now I only pay about $10-20 more than what T-mobile is charging on their unlimited plans. I prefer to pay that extra $10-20 for the better coverage/service.

    1. “Until they increase their coverage many people will not switch over to T-Mobile”

      And yet they’ve been the fastest growing carrier the last couple years. Where they have coverage, their service is great.

      1. I’m referring to us who are still on vzw…waiting for T-Mobile to get better coverage….I have vzw and my most of my family have T-Mobile and we wonder out of the city their service take a big hit.

        1. And I’m saying many people *have* switched over, although agree T-Mo will never get some people due to their lack of coverage. Their coverage is great here in the Chicago area, but I’ve seen how bad it can be in rural areas the couple times I’ve traveled since switching to them. I may switch to Cricket the next time I take a big trip, then probably switch right back to T-Mo after returning.

  8. what good is speed if you can’t get a signal. Nice try t-mobile

    1. Don’t know what your talking about, but T-mobile has 275 million pops covered with LTE, and will reach 300 million pops by the end of the year.

  9. I went in to go get data on my tablet, and I was horrified to find that the signal sucks EVERYWHERE except in main part of the city, so if I don’t travel past a 5 mile radius of downtown, I’m okay.
    I’ve moved to Cricket which is essentially AT&T, but AT&T is really good where I live. Verizon is also very good. Sprint and T-Mobile are not so great.

  10. If they had coverage in my STATE (wich they don’t have one tower in my state) that would be great!

    1. Uhh, what state do you live in?

      1. uhh, what’s it matter to you? Do your research.

        1. Uh! Prick alert! If your commenting about coverage it only makes sense to mention where you live.

          1. Are you announcing yourself as a prick as an introduction? What the hell’s it matter where he lives if he’s complaining about coverage as a blanket statement? duh.

      2. Mines not the only state they don’t have coverage in either. There’s 5 of them. Maybe they should work on there coverage first before they drag a bunch of customers in. Only make sense


    was with them for 11 years,since voicestream.

    get some fire in the air and i’ll be back.

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