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Are you a true phandroid? Display your Android pride with this awesome collectibles bundle available from For only $19.99 you will score a collection of three 3” vinyl bugdroid figurines plus a 6” plush toy.

Kick off your collection with a random selection of three vinyl figures from the popular Dead Zebra lineup. These Big Box Edition lineup features six characters all sealed in display-ready packaging. Possibilities include a classic green droid, Business Man, Taxi Bot, Yeti, Pinkey, Bear Tag, or Ruby Red. The figures alone are worth the price of the bundle, but you will also get a 6” Ganndroid plush to round out your budding collection.

All told, the entire set equates to a $34 value, but you can get them all for only $19.99, a perfect gift for your or the Android fan in your life.

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  1. Nice, but I don’t do blind packaged toys. I like to know what I’m buying!

    1. I am in 75% agreement PRIMAL. I don’t like the idea of 3@a time blind bagging. If it were one at a time I don’t actually mind that. The idea of ordering two packs of 3 and even the smallest chance it’s two identical trios makes my wallet puke and shudder plus I get to obsess on whether I order again.
      Uggggg. Nooooooo !
      That said. Sell me the complete set and I’m willing to pay more. Just a thought…

  2. I bought some. I want a plush to sit in my car alongside my little Android decal I have on the back.
    #NotaFanboy #Denial

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