Samsung’s new Level On headphones and Level Link coming to US mid-May



Samsung recently announced some new additions to their Level audio line, and news today has arrived that those in the US will have a chance to get their hands on these latest products starting mid-May. Both the Level On Wireless headphones and the unique Level Link audio peripheral take advantage of Bluetooth connectivity to offer cord-free listening experiences.

The Level On Wireless headphones are an update to Samsung’s previous over-ear offering, featuring active noise cancellation (calculated via input from six built-in microphones) and enhanced sound quality through a dual-layered diaphragm design. A touch control pad activates functionality like S Voice for connected Galaxy devices and can be used to send and receive calls.

The Level Link is a bit more unique, a wireless bridge that connects traditional stereo equipment like speakers, headphones, or even a TV to Bluetooth audio sources. The Link is built for low-latency audio playback and can stream up to two sources simultaneously.

Both new Level offerings feature an Android app to fully customize the listening experience. Exact pricing has not been disclosed at this time.


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  1. If they could just make ’em a bit bigger,perhaps…………..

  2. Those headphones sound pricey…I sure hope the sound quality is good!

    1. Probably the same as Beats – big on price, small on quality.

  3. One of the most popular and can be considered the best among these innovative product nowadays are the headphones and it is exciting to know that Samsung is entering this market. We have to watch out what they are going to offer to the users.

  4. Those just look stupid. This is all you need.

  5. It looks like someone is going to crush her skull… Worst design ever… Worse design than an iPhone!

  6. feel me?

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