HTC turns a modest profit of $11 million in Q1 2015


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HTC’s numbers will never look as gaudy as Samsung and LG’s considering they don’t have their hands dipped in nearly the same amount of industries, but the company did do quite well for themselves in Q1 2015.

Revenue for Q1 2015 came in at about $1.36 billion (25% increase year-on-year), $11 million of which has been marked as profit. That’s not amazing for a company that does business on a global scale, though considering HTC was losing tens of millions of dollars in previous years we’d say they’ve rebounded quite well.

Like Samsung, these results reflect a time just before the company’s latest flagship smartphone was released. The HTC One M9 hadn’t seen a global launch until early April, so their Q2 numbers stand to look far better. We’ve also got the HTC One M9+ and HTC One E9 on tap for several markets, as well as a number of mid-range options on the horizon.

Needless to say HTC has positioned themselves quite well to have a strong first half, though we’ll have to wait another couple of months to see if HTC One M9 can help fully restore them to the former glory they once enjoyed.

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  1. Web-accessible source for 2014-2015 Q1 comparison –

    HTC projects about an 11% to 23% increase for this quarter (Wall Street disappointed that it’s not going to be 50% and down from Q2 2014) –

  2. They could’ve doubled that next quarter had they played their cards right with the m9

    1. agreed. what a let down on so many levels.

    2. And perhaps hired a different ad agency.

      1. True their ads are downright terrible

  3. The One M9 is the first HTC device I won’t even consider getting. Severely disappointing.

    1. I would have gotten it if I had the M7. But I’m fine with my M8. I’m not disappointed in it. I shouldn’t feel obliged to upgrade my phone on a yearly basis.

      The only reason I upgraded to the M8 was for the duo camera. =.3
      And I didn’t pay for the M7.

      1. Was in your same boat, I loved my M7 but the camera was junk after some update. The M8 was a great all around device. I always wished it was bigger but it was fine for the time. I really wanted a bigger device and the Nexus 6 was calling my name. With the slightly newer processor and the 3GB it was definitely a worthy upgrade all the way through. Material design made me miss Sense UI less as well.

  4. Profit is only part of the story in business. Without their growth rate, profit/loss statements don’t tell anything. Company’s will often take losses to grow the overall value of the company (e.g. acquire another company, increase total sales).

  5. It seems like q1 was a pretty strong quarter for smartphones, the pie it’s going to continue to get bigger as India and China continue to get their first phones.

  6. They’re about to see a loss next quarter with that m9

    1. I think it’s that ad that will be the issue, not the phone. I can’t get over that mess!! Literally the worst ad ever.

  7. It’s nice to see all the major Android OEM’s turning a decent (if not better) profit. IT GOES UP!!!

  8. And they expect to make -29% profit margin on next quarter. For sure they can innovate a lot with all this cash xD
    3 more quarter and they are sold.

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