Here’s what the Oppo R7 will be like when the company unveils it next month


OPPO R7 is coming (Style Version Posted on Facebook)

Oppo has a new champion arriving next month, and with as many leaks as we’ve seen going around we’d almost say there’s no reason for them to wait that long. It’s the Oppo R7, and it looks quite impressive.

From everything we’ve heard so far, the Oppo R7 will be one of the thinnest smartphones on the planet, if not outright claiming the title. It’ll do so with a form factor that’s just 4.85mm thin. To top that off the achievement won’t even require Oppo using a protruding camera lens.

Leaked concept photo of the back and side of the R7

One thing we’ve heard that will be a bit of a bummer is that the device’s battery capacity will have to take a hit as a result of its thinness, though Oppo’s VOOC fast charging technology should help alleviate some of the frustrations that come as a result. We’re hearing it’ll take just 5 minutes of charging to get 2 hours of talk time, and that the battery can be charged from 0% to 75% in just half an hour.

Leaked design shows the R7 in a gold color

Another interesting point about the device’s design is the glass slathered over the front. Oppo will apparently use “2.5D” curved glass to make for a nice premium look, feel and effect. To be quite honest it all makes for a smartphone that looks quite “iPhone-ish,” but Samsung was able to borrow some design elements from Apple’s latest and greatest and they got by just fine.

Leaked design shows the chic style common of the R series

Enough about the design — what about the specs? Prior rumors have put the Oppo R7’s specs in this rough ballpark:

  • 4.7-inch 1080p display
  • 20.7-megapixel rear camera
  • Octa-core MediaTek processor
  • 2000mAh battery

Doesn’t sound too bad on the surface, though we’ll obviously need more than just good numbers and good looks to see if it’ll be worth your attention come next month.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Beautiful.

  2. I’ve never owed a phone that used a Media Tek chipset but I’ve heard nothing but negative things about them. The specs look solid but could the chipset be a downside?

    1. Yes. It is a huge downside. Mainly if you want any type of development for it at all.

      1. Or if you want working Bluetooth, or stability at all.

        Last MTK device I used had horrifically broken Bluetooth. Wouldn’t reliably pair with a Sony Smartwatch.

        (Forget about Android Wear, that device got stuck at Android 4.2 thanks to MTK.)

  3. Media Tek processor does scare me…but the 4.7 1080p screen clearly is Fantastic!!

  4. Wow! That looks gorgeous.

  5. I believe that Oppo “with software” will squeeze a 3-4 hour screen on time with it. Curious to see how things turn out :)

  6. Looks like Blu Vivo Air

  7. Looks like they’re continuing w/the multi-function one-port design (USB port & a 3.5mm adapter for audio).
    i wouldn’t mind seeing this become the industry standard,(not for thinness sake,couldn’t care less about that),but,I never use the 3.5mm jack & wouldn’t miss it at all.

    1. Suit yourself

    2. I need the jack! : o

  8. How can you possibly not know that Oppo has been making phones that look like this for years before Apple ripped off their design language?

  9. Beauty, but 2000 mah not enough.

  10. Nope! It sure isn’t.. Shame really… All for the sake of millimeters..

  11. 5.0-5.2″ would have been better. 4.7″ screen is just too small for me. In that case I might as week get a Galaxy Alpha brand new for $250

  12. 2000mAh might give you a good 1.5 hours of screen on time, lol.

  13. Wow, awesome. Can’t wait to change my oop r5 to something smaller.

  14. ‘nother iPhone clone.
    This is getting pretty stale now.

    1. Looks more like the Note 4 than any iPhone.

      1. Some contact lenses may help there mate.

  15. Has anyone here ever tried one of those media tek soco”s before?

    1. was wondering the same thing

    2. Yes. The hardware might be OK, but the software is crap.

      Android One helped the devices that are part of the One program, but just like Nexus Qualcomms vs. CAF Qualcomms, non-One MTKs have utterly atrocious software.

      MT6589 got stuck at 4.2 for example and was horrendously buggy.

      1. I agree totally. I’ll add that they also tend to have Bluetooth issues (some Bluetooth devices work fine with MTK, others just won’t connect, still others randomly lose pairing).

  16. Did I miss something? What’s the speed of the processor?

  17. 4.7 inches? might make for a good back up phone….but that mediatek….i’ve read too many bad things about them. Anyone actually have some experience with it them?

  18. MTK? Just lost all interest.

  19. That batteries cheeks.

  20. “2000mAh battery” — this totally ruined it for me.

  21. Looks great, but the screen is too small, as is the battery and Mediatek… no thanks

  22. I like it, but their logo is fugly. Any word on a fingerprint scanner embedded in the home button? It’s become a requirement for my 9-5 job. Had to switch to an iPhone because I got tired of entering a 12 character password every time I unlocked my Nexus 5.

    1. Then your Nexus 5 should have been running 5.x and had Smart Lock enabled. No reason to keep putting any passwd in if it’s in a trusted place or in your pocket as you are walking. Just sayin’.

      1. The Outlook app settings our IT enforces required the 12 character password no matter what. It allows fingerprint authorization as an alternative, but nothing else.

  23. this would be my gs6 edge companion if it comes to tmobile usa, it have the perfect screen size 4.7 and if it have the iPhone 6 feel in the hand then it’s a winner in my opinion!

  24. So is Mediatek just bad compared to snapdragon or qualcomm? Rookie question but seeing as every flagship phone this year looks the same, the specs have become way more important.

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