OnePlus One gets $1 price cut to celebrate one-year anniversary (and other actual deals inside)


OnePlus One DSC06073

The OnePlus One has now hit its lowest price point ever — you can grab it for a whopping $1 cheaper from here on out! Not exciting news, I know, but it is a symbolic gesture by OnePlus to celebrate the phone’s one-year anniversary.

Thankfully they have some actual deals to celebrate the occasion. Any T-Shirt available in their gear store can now be had for 50% less than its usual cost for a limited time.

The same deal also goes for select accessories, including JBL E1+ earphones, USB OTG cables, screen protectors, every case except the Bamboo StyleSwap cover and the  replacement USB power adapter. Not a bad time to stock up on some of this stuff if you’ve been putting it off.

PS: OnePlus is also hosting a nice contest if you are feeling lucky. You can enter to win a free OnePlus One with a Power Bank, as well as a t-shirt of your choice. Four of these bundles are up for grabs so be sure to do everything you can here to increase your chances of winning. Good luck!

[via OnePlus]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Symbolic would of been a hundred dollars to me. If they don’t get all the way outta here with that lol.

    Hurry up! Don’t miss out on this deal ???

    1. No that would be huge and unreasonable. Maybe its you who should get all the way outta here with that…

      1. o_O or I can have my opinion and go about my day and you can do the same. Just a thought.

      2. Huge and unreasonable?

        Every other phone price gets cut in half a year after release. They’re lucky that most phones are getting marginal spec bumbs this year, otherwise this thing would be nearly irrelevant, especially with their “Two” just over the horizon.

        1. They gave you a 50% discount from jumpstreet selling the phone for $350 DOR.

  2. they can keep their one dollar along with their invite system, once upon a time, long time ago I was interested in their product!

    1. And youre not missed…clearly.

  3. A one year phone should have at least a 20% discount at least.

  4. Each dollar off cuts their profit margin significantly. The phone is barely turning a profit to begin with. Go hate somewhere else.

    1. Ya that $1 price cut will cost them $5 after they sell 5 devices.

  5. That’s all they can afford… ???


  7. What a bullsh*t company.

    1. Almost as bullsh*t as this useless remark.

      1. Na, it is a bullshit company!

      2. Ooooh burn, good one bro!

  8. It already carries what is a heavily discounted price tag. So anyone that was expecting a discount on top of that is just an unreasonable cheapass..

  9. Wasn’t it $299? Now it’s $298? UGH!! That is SUCH an ugly number. it always drove me insane when I saw things in the store for like $12.97. Like you can’t put a 99 like everybody else? LoL!!

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