Samsung touts the Galaxy S6’s fast and wireless charging features in latest ad


Samsung Galaxy S6 Fast Charging

You should have already heard about the Samsung Galaxy S6’s great charging capabilities by reading our review, but in case you haven’t Samsung has a cool new ad showing you just how great their new charging features are.

The company talks up the device’s ability to serve up enough juice to last 15 hours in nearly 15 minutes thanks to its fast charging, as well as the ability to charge the device wirelessly with nearly any charging pad without the need for extra accessories. They even show off Ultra Power-Saving Mode, a limited software form that scales back on processing power, displays apps in greyscale and other tricks in order to squeeze as much time as it can out of however much life your battery has left.

All of that is important for the device’s user experience. As noted in our Samsung Galaxy S6 review, battery life on the Samsung Galaxy S6 isn’t terrible, but it isn’t the greatest either. It’s a good thing that Samsung made the charging experience effortless and blissful in the absence of advancement in core battery technology, we’d say. Be sure to check out Samsung’s full video above.

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  1. I read the other day that it only lasts about 15 hours of solid use….but the above confuses me a bit if this is true. 15 hours after 15 minutes of charging?? this is about what I get from my Nexus 6 as long as I turn the phone off while using the turbo charger. Can anyone tell me how the battery really is?? reviews are obviously not always accurate

    1. reviews are usually very accurate…. to however they test it. battery life is very much a YMMV scenario.

      my typical day consists of using my phone mildly. With my nexus 5, when I left work I usually had 45-50% left and made it to bed with ~30% left ( roughly a 16 hour day). With my New s6 Edge I am seeing 60-65% when I leave work and 45-50% by the time I hit the bed.

      again, there is no way to measure battery life because you will always use it differently than others. I would say its better than the Nexus 5 by a good amount though.

      1. completely agree with that TBH. However, you say its very accurate but you are beating the review by miles. I’ve read 2 full reviews so far and they both are putting the Edge at 15 hours battery life at medium usage. You are getting a lot longer than that, which is a really good thing =)

    2. It’s definitely a mixed bag and if you go to the XDA threads you’ll find a wide range of results. There do appear to be two bugs negatively affecting things – Cell Standby (wifi related) and Google Play Services (which might be fixed with the latest version).

      I think 15 hours is a pretty good expectation to have going into it, then your mileage will vary above or below that point depending on your usage, signal strength in your area, etc. That’s been my experience so far. On a normal day where I’m using the phone a lot, I normally need to pop it on the charger for 15 minutes by late evening to make it all the way. Yes I could make it all the way to bed time, but I prefer not to let my phone get down to 2% just to see how long it’ll go. :) On a light day I make it all day with no problems… the phone idles really well when you’re not using it.

      1. I was just surfing through reading some responses….I dont think its horrible, given the specs with the battery size. I’m about 18-20 hours on my Nexus 6 with medium usage and the brightness at 20%. I think its safe to say most phones anymore are going to be hovering right under the 24 hour mark.

        1. Yeah if you get 24 hours out of the S6 then you’re not using it much. :) But like you said, that’s not bad considering the battery size, screen res, etc.

        2. And the quick charging really is nice and makes it ok. You can even get quick chargers for your car. So unless you’re wandering the wilderness for a few days at a time, it should never be an issue.

          1. yeah I love my charger for the Nexus 6. I get low, just pop it on for 15-20 minutes and i’m good to go! I really would not get another phone without the quick charging tech! love it and glad Sammy went with it -=)

          2. Can you provide details / links. Which quick chargers are you using – and how do you like them. I’m waiting for my S6 and trying to research chargers, especially for the car as I want to be able to stream music, use GPS (landscape) and (quick) charge.Thanks.

  2. Just gimmicks. Get yourself a Droid Turbo.

    1. And enjoy that locked bootloader (without paying), ugly design, weak speaker, horrible Motorola quality control, Verizon, and last gen AMOLED display.

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