18000mAh battery pack for an insanely low $30 at



18,000mAh of stored power, 2 devices charged simultaneously, and $80 cheaper than you can expect to pay elsewhere — the lightweight and compact Power Vault USB-enabled backup battery pack is available now from for 72% off.

The Power Vault is perfect in a pinch when an outlet is far away; it can charge even the highest capacity Android smartphones nearly six times over before needing a recharge itself. A sleek aluminum design is not much bigger than your average smartphone, making it easy to carry in your pocket or bag.

Normally priced at $109, you can pick up the Power Vault from now for only $29.99, effectively eliminating dead batteries from your life altogether.

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  1. Just got a 20000 mah from Amazon that let’s you charge 2 devices. Think it was limefuel brand for about 15 or 20$ works great!

  2. *rolls eyes* I am getting so sick of these since they are never a deal compared to whats on amazon

  3. The same one you can easily get for $20 on aliexpress?

  4. I would be the first person to back a kickstarter to keep this website alive and free of these posts.

  5. Got an anker 15,000mAh for either 20 or 25 on amazon. And it has dynamic resistance to offer 2 2.1+A outlets instead of this junks 1 and 2 A only. Purposely only commenting to add to the continued aggravation every time phandroid sponsor’s this crap.

  6. @fussguest I agreed. I bought the last round of these chargers and its absolute crap. Doesn’t even charge my phone!! Doesn’t charge anything really. Buyer beware!!

    1. This isn’t Twitter or Google+/Youtube. There’s no point in typing “@username of person you’re replying to” .

  7. What bothers me most is that they post these adds under their regular byline, when in the Mobile Roar Podcast, they discourage using cheap third party charging equipment.

  8. Why was my post deleted people deserve to know this is junk

  9. Oh wait this was posted on gizmodo also but stay away waste of money charges nothing not even smaller touch screens or my HTC re and took a month to arrive

  10. I bought one of these last time they had them on sale, and I continued to get a “Slow Charging” notification. It took an eternity to charge and never fully did. If you’re using your device while it’s plugged into it, it won’t even make progress or tread water, it still drains faster than it charges.
    Thankfully AndroidArena was very quick to respond and process my refund request which was great, but I just don’t think they should sell a product that is this poorly made when they’re associated with a tech review site that would trash it if they were to review it.

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