Samsung’s Gear VR gets fashionable with help from Refinery29



Gear VR users will get the chance to experience the fashion and culture of cities far and wide thanks to a new partnership with Refinery29 that will see the virtual reality series Fashionably Bound make its way to Samsung’s Milk VR service. Fashionably Bound focuses on immersing viewers in a 360 experience that showcases the street style of cities including New Orleans, Berlin, and Tulum.

The VR series promises virtual tours of nightlife, boutiques, dining, and, of course, plenty of young, attractive, and fashionably dressed locals. Through their partnership, Samsung and Refinery29 hope to “open up the world of virtual reality to the tech-savvy female consumer, one style destination at a time.” The goal is to turn what would typically exist as a 2D layout in a fashion magazine into a mesmerizing view into the exotic and unique styles of the three cities the series will visit.

Style icons abound in the series, including DJ Chelsea Leyland and Urban Bush Babes founders TK and Cipriana Quann. It will be among the first Milk VR productions to make use of surround sound in conjunction with a number of other filming and production techniques to create a rich virtual viewing environment.

But really, what Fashionably Bound actually promises is eye candy and plenty of it. With the Gear VR’s expanded availability for the newly released Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, its clear Samsung’s stake in the game is only growing, and they seem dedicated to producing quality content to push the platform forward.

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