You can now buy the LG Watch Urbane… with airline miles


united airlines watch urbane

LG has yet to set a formal release date for the LG Watch Urbane, but it’s already possible to buy one… sort of. You can’t buy it with money like you would any ordinary purchase. You need miles. Airline miles. United Airlines’ reward miles, to be specific.

If you happen to have, say, 41,100 rewards points floating about in your account you can place an order for one right now and have it shipped within 10 days’ time. This is great news for people who have enough money to travel around the world many times over, but if that isn’t you then you’ll sadly have to wait for the general retail release (which should happen this month if LG’s estimation is still accurate). Find the goods right here.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. LOL, that is very odd. I wonder how much United paid for this “deal”

  2. It doesn’t take long to get that many miles. Especially with a rewards credit card.

  3. So you can pay $41,100 for this watch…. so to speak :)

    I just logged into my United Awards and yep, 41,100.

  4. Wow, that’s nearly 2 round trip tickets. Depending on where and when you fly that could end up being nearly a grand.

  5. I want to know how much this will cost retail..this is one sexy watch!

  6. I do have 41,000 points, but I can hardly afford to travel around the world a single time much less “many times over”. This is roughly equivalent to a one way ticket domestically.

  7. Very tempted… Hmmm

  8. 41,000 points, at $0.015/point means that the cost of this watch in points is a bit north of $600.

    1. How are you coming to .015? Most CC are $1 per point.

      1. I went to some site that said how much points were really worth when redeemed. They actually vary from as little as $0.005 to as much as $0.019, and some credit cards give varying points for varying purchases, making it more confusing. I have a BarclayCard which is worth up to $0.011 for travel purchases, BUT you get 2 points per dollar spent, yadda, yadda, yadda…

        1. Ohhhh.. “really worth when redeemed” I see.

          I have an actual United card, actually just cancelled so I am trying to burn miles up and use them given it is such a PITA to use miles anymore I just want to get rid of them and move on, and though you can earn extra miles in various ways and get free miles and so on, the general rule is $1 spent is 1 mile so a 41000 mile item you could somewhat consider you might have paid $41000 in points – if 1 to 1 – to get.

    2. Miles are typically worth at least 2 cents each to me. That would make this watch 900 bucks. Spending miles for anything other than a ticket with conversion ratio is never a good deal.

    3. I think whether spending the points would be worth it or not would really depend on the individuals. You can also choose to pay with awards and money combo with maximum of 21,510 points and $172.96.

      I have over 348,000 miles on United, so spending 21,510 (which is about a one way trip for US domestic flight) + $172.96 doesn’t really seem like a bad deal. I might pull the trigger.

  9. I have the points, I just don’t want this watch.

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