The Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, and HTC One M9 are all on sale today, which one did you get?


s6 edge m9

Today is the biggest day of the year for 2015 flagship phones. The best from Samsung and HTC are both now available to purchase online and in stores from all major U.S. carriers. That’s right, the Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, and HTC One M9 are all launching on the same day. This makes the decision for which one to buy all the more difficult. Here’s where you can buy them right now:

Where to buy the Samsung Galaxy S6

Where to buy the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Where to buy the HTC One M9

Will you be buying any of these new devices today? Which one will you choose? These three devices will arguably be the most popular devices of 2015. It all starts today. Let us know below which one of these devices you are planning to buy!

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Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

Proof: update to HTC One M9 drastically improves camera [PHOTOS]

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  1. Pass. Let’s see what LG, Sony, and Motorola have to offer.

    1. Had the same thought, but the G4 looks to be too big for me and I don’t want curved; I’m on Verizon, so who the heck knows what we’ll see from Sony; and I have a feeling the next Moto X will just be another iterative update with a fingerprint scanner on the back and a mediocre camera. Plus, after nightmare experiences with Moto’s customer service, I’ve basically been afraid to buy another device from them, fearing the potential headache if there’s a problem and the device has to be returned.

    2. Aaannnndd……Google!

  2. At this point, I’m just hoping the next Nexus is reasonable in size and price.

    1. Me too!

    2. As long as it’s still in phablet territory (5.5″+). A removable battery and SD card are too much to hope for anymore, though.

  3. 18 days till the G4 announcement!!!

    1. And since the Edge Gold for Verizon is not even out until May, I wait anyway and the G4 may end up stealing me away from the S6.

      1. What are you expecting from G4?

        1. I love the curved design concept – I always have. Never had an LG but the G3 got solid reviews so I have high hopes for the G4 and so I may not mind switching away from Samsung. Removable battery likely. MicroSD likely. They are going out of their way to brag about their camera and that is telling to me. Wireless Charging (Qi-enabled) & Fast battery charging. Headphone jack on top. No glass back. Possibly latest 820 chipset. No locked bootloader so quicker root options?


          1. Cool SD820 is wishful thinking :) rest is possible. I’m HTC fan, but S6 really made me think to try it(not switch of course and use it as my secondary phone), I’m myself trying so hard to think what great would be in G4 that I also buy that one. but I find nothing really :)

            Wishing that G4 surprise me.

          2. Agreed on the chip. Just rumors I have read. I would think 810 surely though. The chip is not a “huge” issue for me at this stage. I just want to make sure it is pushing tech forward. But other items I list matter more to me in many respects… and since I cannot even get the S6 I would want right now – Edge Gold – waiting has to happen anyway so I wait and the wait might mean I get to see the G4 come to life.

          3. You should wish G4 do not have SD810 cuz that is not battery efficient. that’s my disappointment with M9. poor battery ,was expect a lot. I would love to get S6 edge green but no one is offering that yet. here preorder are for black and white just.

          4. I thought i read green was not making it to USA (if you are in USA).

          5. Yes its not coming to USA but its not being offered anywhere in the world or probably I couldn’t find it on internet.

          6. Unlocked boot loader? No Knox? You can skip Sammy. Lol

          7. Yep… the Verizon S6 no root could be a 100% deal breaker for me. I value root that much and for VZW, they are saying locked down. But the XDA devs are resourceful guys so… now I watch XDA and see what comes of it.

          8. The best sammy phone I had for root was the GPE S4, which I believe you also had, was knox free. I know the devs at XDA and other places are resourceful enough to get you there with some loop holes. Call me OCD, but when I buy a phone outright, I don’t want Knox on there period! It’s my phone, I fully paid for it. So you can see where my mind is on this. ;) If you root like I do, Sammy doesn’t make it easy to choose them over another MFG’r.

          9. Is the bootloader not unlocked on the previous LG G#’s? Or just on some carriers, as is the same deal with Samsung?

        2. NO HOME Button!! and a camera that is on par with the s6 or better..

        3. Nice cam, better battery and OHhhhh, micro sd slot

      2. with an inferior screen, emmc memroy, ram, and processor? No thank you, I’m getting my 128 GB S6 Edge today!

    2. The G4 will probably be a nice sleek device with minimal bezel and no waste-of-space home button. I just wish they’d kept the larger display from the old versions.

      LG takes the crown from Samsung in my eyes, since they still feature SD cards and removable batteries.

  4. I’ve had the TMO Edge for a week. Can’t imagine anything better. If you’re wondering about the Free year of Netflix offer on Tmobile, its not limited to only one year. I purchased a second edge and submitted the claim to Netflix and received a second year free!!!

  5. Got the Droid Turbo instead. Now I just have to wait for android 5.1.

  6. I had iphone 6 plus and very happy with but my friend who dislike Apple for some reason ordered HTC one M9.

    1. “Who dislike Apple for some reason”..LMAO!!!! There’s like a thousand reasons for disliking Apple!!!!

    2. You are gonna be sad when you hold a real premium device like the m9

  7. Going from the Note 4 to the s6 edge next month .

  8. I’ll Get all 3 !

  9. M7 to the S6. HTC forced my hand.

  10. S4 to S6!

  11. None.

    -I need to see M9 in person first.
    -I have seen S6 2-3 times and like, but IF I buy I need the Edge Gold to be out and that’s not until May.
    -All of this has to wait until the official G4 announcement and release date in 18 days

  12. Moto X2 to M9 then to S6(probably) ( but keeping them all )

  13. M8 to Nexus 6… cant fool with these flagships this year. I’ll see how the end of the year turns out.

    1. You would have felt Nexus 6 to enormously big. I had note 4 and switched to N6 and felt Note 4 feels better in term of size. though now I’m back to Moto X(2014) eventually will be on M8(which I order a month ago but not have received yet stuck in custom) then M9

  14. Got to see and play with s6/s6 edge and m9 yesterday at best buy. Have to say the S6’s feel more premium and a lot thinner/lighter. Not sure of actual specs but in hand it sure felt that way. Damnit if only s6 had SD card slot it would be a lot easier. On verizon only colors out are black and white. They had gold on display but cant buy for awhile. I want to see all the colors and what LG and sony bring before I buy. M9 certainly didnt make me feel I needed to hurry and buy. BB offering free wireless charging pad with all s6s now, that is nice incentive but damn 400 bucks on 2 year contract for 64 gb edge, I will pass on edge for regular s6 I think. I would rather double the storage for 100 bux than lower storage and gain edge display for 100 dollar difference.

    1. i have been analyzing the heck out of the Edge concept to try to convince myself of it, but in the end, it only have about 5 novelty uses, can only be used on 1 side. So, the only way this is anything more than a gimmick is if the dev and app world expands on Edge functions because as of right now, it cannot do anything that a launcher cannot do or some app cannot do. As well, it is not a 2nd screen like the Note, it is just a curved screen. So, I wobble a lot about it and as nice as it looks and feels in the hand, at this stage, it is just kind of a gimmick.

    2. Samsung S6 is real nice, but I since your opinion on the feels more premium part. Yes thinner, but they don’t FEEL more premium than the M8 and I’m going test the M9 in a little bit

      1. M9 felt literally 2 x heavier and bulkier in hand. Yes metal felt nice but the s6 felt unbelievably light and thin. I really want to try something other than sammy this time around, ive had s1, galaxy nexus, s4. Hoping to go g4 or m9 this time around but based on playing with it yesterday not sure m9 is in running any more.

        1. I agree with the light and thin part, but like u said. Bulky and heavy metal = more premium …. In my eyes

  15. Picked up the Edge.

    1. Let me know how you like it

      1. First impressions are good. As an HTC fanboy, that’s saying something.

  16. Not this year. I’ll be skipping this year.

  17. Moto X 2015 or late nexus 6 purchase. might just stick it out with the Moto X 2014

  18. I will stick with my Nexus 6…

  19. HTC Lifer here… Went with the Galaxy S6 Edge..

    1. Same here… Too bad they didn’t do enough on the M9… Wireless charging, better camera, screen, etc.

      1. HTC brought a knife to a gunfight this year…It’s not gonna turn out well for them. The carriers will be unloading M9’s for $50 before summer.

        1. Exactly I ll wait for the $50.00 Best Buy deal soon :-)

  20. None. Waiting for G4 and the new X.

    1. Still on note 3…edge and m9 feel to small in my LeBron like hands.. G4 at 5.5 is the bare minimum… Hope they don’t disappoint.. If so, Note 5 it is.. With another two years of living with a home button..

  21. I bet when you walk into either Carrier they got Samsung as the center of attention

  22. just gonna buy a nexus 6 as the one m9 is a disappointment and i just dont really like samsung and touchwiz imo

  23. None. Phablets are my bag, baybee.

    1. Heard about word about it!!! Phablets it is… G4 if 5.5 could cut the mustard with the right aesthetics and specs… Other than that it’s the note 5 mufuccas!!!

  24. Nexus or Moto X(2015) will probably be what I get.

  25. Waiting on the Note 5 Edge

    1. Just throw your Note 4 in the microwave and you will have the Note 5 Edge.

  26. Ok I’m confused, is the M9 only pre-order or actually launched today, because I go to ATT to test it Out and all they said the S6 launched today

  27. None, waiting on my original moto x to z4 upgrade! It WILL be a glorious day, but I will miss my flip to camera gestures :(

    1. No g4?

  28. Got the M9. I like it. It’s a nice upgrade from my Droid DNA. Played with the M9 and S6 side by side while I was waiting at the store. There are some things like the display that I like better on the S6, but ultimately there’s a comfort factor there that I wasn’t really aware of until I played with them like that. After three HTC smartphones in a row, their phones just feel right to me even if it’s not technically the best phone out there.

    1. That’s all that matters. The best phone does not always equal the best phone for you or your needs. I love HTC, rocked them since the Hero and the Evo, I owned the M7 and M8. M9 felt great in the hands, but the camera, poor screen quality in relation to the M8 made it not worth it to me.

  29. Anyone got the S6 regular after upgrading from the Note 4?

  30. Have any of you learned from past releases of flagships devices? There are always some bugs in the first offerings.I always wait several months after a release before I buy one. This is the stuff we make fun of the Apple fanboys for.

  31. I’m shocked the M9 has that many votes. I got the 128 GB S6 edge for me, and 64 GB S6 for the wife.

  32. Note 5

  33. Neither bc i’m broke and dont give a rat’s ass bout these ?. Been with the Note family and will continue to be with them ?

  34. None. Disappointed with HTC with not releasing a proper successor for the One Max. I’m use to a phablet and that’s what I want. No touchwiz but will be waiting for that moto, LG G4, and Sony z4 will be about.

  35. I am in a debate between the S6 and the Edge. I am hesitant about the 6 because from what I am reading, the battery is just ok and I am a pretty heavy user. I am hesitant on the edge because it wasn’t as comfortable to hold (almost sharp feeling backside) and also, I use Square a lot on my phone and usually someone will hold the sides of the phone when signing. I feel like by holding the sides, it will not register the signature (had issues before with a thumb creeping on the edge of the screen). I almost feel like I need to wait for something else. Luckily I am not due for an upgrade until beginning of June.

  36. M9 all day.

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