Watch the first batch of Samsung Galaxy S6 commercials [VIDEO]



The Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxys S6 Edge are officially on sale now. Samsung has already been heavily advertising the devices, but now we should see the marketing really pick up. This is where Samsung sets itself apart from other Android manufacturers. Everyone knows what a “Galaxy” is, and soon everyone will know the Galaxy S6.

The first couple of new Galaxy S6/Edge ads are starting to pop up on Samsung’s YouTube channels. The first one stars James Corden, new host of The Late Show. In the ad he is battling with his alter-ego hipster director, who Samsung named “Wilf” for some reason.

The second ad is all about anticipation. You can see people at the top of roller coasters, at the top of a waterfall, about to go on stage, and more. The the Galaxy S6 Edge is shown and everyone experiences the joy that follows anticipation.

What do you think of these new ads?

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

The Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, and HTC One M9 are all on sale today, which one did you get?

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  1. Not the best. They need to just talk plainly about all the great things the phone can do.

    1. Still better than HTC ads

      1. Agreed. Much better than “Here’s Tony Stark! Btw we sell some phones.”

        1. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

          ➼➼➼I RECEIVED FIRST DRAFT OF $13000!@ak8:




    2. He is a an actor he did couple of movies

    3. They got those and more coming. Their marketing budget around 5 times greater than any iPhone launch. Their own Top 10 Cheil Worldwide Marketing Group routinely earns CLEO’s (awards for commercials) and Top Marketing Awards the World over. But they spend the money to do it. They will sell a revamped estimates of over 70 Million Galaxy S6 and Edge models alone over the next 8 months of the year! …..and estimated sales of over 20 million sell throughs in it’s first weeks on sale means they will have broken every record Apple has set!!! hahaha….

      So I’d say you need to go look at the other commercials and ads out the world over. Where instead of Apple fans lining up to buy Apple Watch…… Samsung fans are lining up to buy Galaxy S6 and Edge models on their launch day. With ZERO…. like in NONE….. NOBODY LINING UP FOR APPLE WATCHES ON JUST PREORDERS NO LESS!!!! lol… mwahhaha…. how hilarious is that? When Apple was trying to spoil the party and couldn’t! lol…. haha…..—edge-in-Rotterdam-are-making-an-Apple-huge-line_id68125

      Meanwhile Apple’s PWN’d Media Press outlets were barred by Apple from letting anyone outside the actual events around the World know Samsung is now the smartphone maker to get most excited about their REAL IN YOUR FACE INNOVATIONS!!! lol….

  2. Agreed.?

  3. One thing I wish Samsung would take from Apple…is how to do commercials. These do not make anyone want to go buy the phone. You learn nothing from these.

    1. Why not, they’ve pulled from Apple for everything else lol

    2. Apple ads have been douchey lately.

    3. A lot of people will mistake the galaxy S6 for an iPhone 6 anyway so the apple ads will likely help Samsung sales.

    4. I haven’t seen one Apple commercial that made me want to buy their phone.

    5. Apparently like other Apple fans, you believe Apple invented EVERYTHING…. Eons and Eons before the DAWN of TIME!!! ……….plus worst yet, you believe all 70 million iPhones sold in their biggest single quarter, were iPhone 6 models! ahahaha….

      While in all reality only 35% were new iPhone 6 models and the rest were iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, and 5c models. Meaning they only really sold about 25 Million iPhone 6 and 6 + in the fourth quarter. Which together with w/ 10-12 million in September quarter makes them only selling 35 million all last year out of just 170 Million total.

      Whereas Samsung sold a record 319 Million Smartphones last year in a so called bad year still making over 7 Billion Dollars in Profits on Revenue of over $200 Billion! ….with Apple making under $200 Billion in Total Revenue!

      But….. yeah of course you’re now going to tell us how filthy rich Apple got by picking your pockets, for Share Holders to claim their gamble on Apple Shares is now worth $700+ billion in Market Cap! haha…. how bogus is that? When they didn’t even make $200 Billion in Revenue in one stinking year? lol….

      It’s all an iFantasy only even gambled on by deluded share holders with Pie in the Sky Eyes…. being bashed n slapped by the fact that isn’t in all reality worth more than Samsung Electronics alone on Fortune’s Global 500 at #13 vs Apple at #15 as per real Net Asset Value vs Revenue!

      Let me put it this way; Only Publicly held companies count Market Cap as something to be excited about. Privately Held Companies like Samsung Group of Conglomerates…. can’t really be even calculated in Market Cap terms naturally! lol… Which is a gamble on what future revenues will bring projected on a day to day basis a year in advance plus total outstanding shares value on the day.

      Reality; Apple has lost $20 Billion in Market Cap Value over the last 6 weeks alone. It can indeed go up and down like a YoYo on any given day! ahahaha… Which means their asinine market cap value is 4.5 times their Revenue intake on the year. With far less Revenue Earnings than they have Total Net Assets! ….it’s farcical, asinine and ludicrous to think Market makes any Publicly Held Company the Most Valuable Ever in a Million Years by that kind of thinking!!! lol…..

      Which consists of over half of it held in so called bogus Cash as they have continued to Borrow Money rather than pull any of that money out of majority of Long Term Securities, still holding deferred 30% taxes and penalties for any early withdrawal up to 25 yrs maturity. That’s a scam if ever I’ve heard of one.

      Compared to Samsung Electronics as just a single division of Samsung Group, with a more standard equal revenue to Total Net Assets Value! ……that’s when you know share holders are even more dense than Apple’s fans about REALITY!!! lol….

  4. Samsung sucks at advertising, they should use whoever Google is using for their latest Android campaign.

    1. If Samsung sucks, where does that leave HTC, Motorola, etc.?

      1. He said advertising, not the company.

      2. Chinese…

  5. First one was crap, second one was good. Both still better than those HTC ads.

  6. i love me some rita ora! :)

  7. OK….I know this site relies on advertisements, but to make advertisements a blog entry is sleazy. You guys are shills for the manufacturers. You should be ashamed.

  8. Samsung really needs to take some cues from apple(no not a apple lover). Apple gives you a emotional response to their products, and does it very well. Sometimes, even if you have a superior product, it won’t gain the same traction, if you don’t market it right. Notice, how apple shows you the product in 70% of their commercials, and a emotional story for the rest. Goofiness isn’t as good as pulling heart strings, and creating passion for a product.

    1. You are so deluded…… Samsung has already taking cues from Apple and delivered the goods to Millions of eager buyers all over the World. Lines had been forming at 1000’s of retailers World Wide to get their Galaxy S6 and Edge Smartphones! ……they’ve literally sold out of over 15 million S6 and Edge devices in Stock around the World. Which since you are so brain washed means everything now is simply pre-orders to arrive in coming weeks and months.

      Edge sold out in record time for any Smartphone launch ever. They had been working on 50 million models projected sold by year’s end. That got raised the first day it was shown to 55 Million the next. Then now they are said to be working on selling a record of 75 Million Galaxy S6 and Edges before year’s end. That’s a record for any single phone model launch year! …….means they’d sell equivalent to 100 million New Model Galaxy S6 models in one year’s time!!!

      Slapping Apple right up the side of the face with those kinds of numbers!!!

  9. Why are they only showing two? Second one is bound to get noticed and loved by about everybody. Such an appealing look on that girls face and you’re thinking of screaming, “Don’t Jump…. You’ll Kill Yourself”. Then we see so many people on the threshold of launching or doing something.
    Unveiling of surprise for the girl w/ eyes shielded!
    Entering stage left ballet dancer!
    Footballers just before the snap!
    Kid swinging for the penyata hoping to hit it!
    Roller coaster riders holding their breath just before the plunge!
    Grandma just about to blow out the candles on her B-day cake!
    Someone putting on Gear VR for the 1st Time!
    Rihanna about to begin a recording session!
    Then Crowned by the top of the box coming off Galaxy S6 for an incredible series of moments about to take place for some emotional event……..
    And then those captured moments brought to life, by the Live View of the camera on a Galaxy S6 as we see she did jump. Even after we screamed NOT TO JUMP…… as the boy notices the girl flirting with for the first time, coming ALIVE!
    Rihanna picks up her wireless charging Galaxy S6, already for her leave the studio. This is high budget CLEO Award Winning Commercial making at it’s very finest! It’s Fresh… it’s appealing and it’s emotionally charged with immediate impact to take the Galaxy S6 Launch Viral! …………… if it hasn’t already!

    For the first time ever…. it’s not the bogus coordinated launch of Apple Watch Pre-orders that had no lines waiting and instead lines were forming all around the the Globe for Galaxy S6 and Edge Launch. It’s like the shot heard before the race, with all the anticipation of something great happening vs Apple Watch still not here yet running at the back of the pack…. the loser!!! haha…. Tremendous array of images and shows just how far we’ve come in the battles between Samsung and Apple, with Samsung the obvious WINNER!!! Love it…. Apple fell down on the launch of their first device after iPad launch and it’s Tim Cook’s Arrogance and Ignorance of REALITY inside those GEAR VR Screens! :D Absolutely Amazing Product launch Foiling the Apple Watch Launch with REAL DEVICES SELLING OUT and TAKEN IN HANDS…. HOME!!!

    btw…. Not one Apple Watch was delivered to any consumers and none will be for weeks even months. The only people Apple is fooling are those who think they even had any products ready at stores to deliver. Now comes the typical Bravado of Apple sold Millions and Trillions of Apple Watches, when they didn’t really sell one single one. What a farcical and laughably shameful thing to see them actually think they could pull it off!

    But hey…. only the biggest of iDiots will believe most of these Preorders were by Apple Employees Pre-ordering Apple Watches at 50% off. While Apple will claim full price sales with having half of them written off to get the benefits of full priced sales. Sales for demo and Free to cherry…. errr I mean Apple Picked Reviews Getting Free ones that are also written off as well as demo units in stores. It’s the Biggest Con Job Ever by APPLE… and Steve Jobs is DEAD. So it wasn’t his doing and Apple can’t blame him as the Watch FLOPS and Galaxy S6 reports Record Launch Sales with more people actually getting what they are paying for…… NOW!!!

  10. omg… Samsung actually made ads without an Apple product in it! :O

    1. Butt hurt Apple fans must love having Sammy shove their annual sales numbers in their FACES! lol…. Last year breaking a all time record of 319 Million Smartphones sold in a year vs Apple breaking 170 Million??? WTF? That almost twice as many again as their next closest Competitor in CrApple! hahaha…. It’s now CrApple following Samsung into Smartwatches and Phablets! lol… ;-P …..and dude, they have never featured a real Apple iPhone in any F****** commercial. Get over yourself and your Applewellian Prole Trolling of the Master of Marketing!!! :D …..even got Apple admin shook up! lol….

  11. I’ve been a Samsung man for ages. Just ordered the S6. But I must say, these commercials suck.

    1. If you judge Samsung’s Global Marketing Push by two commercial spots out of dozens on the way, you might want to check out how many CLEO’s and other Awards Samsung’s Worldwide Marketing earns every year! lol…. They will again be spending 100 times what it cost to make these two commercials. With the one on the bottom most likely to be submitted for a Cleo! lol….. just on the fact they featured Rihanna in it!!!

      Who is the first of many many Celebs won over to the Light Side vs Darkness in CrApple!!! :D …..they are back with a vengeance that Apple under Tim Cook just can’t match!

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