Moto 360 is on sale at Amazon for just $179 [DEALS]


Moto 360 screen

The tech world has been dominated by Apple Watch news this week, but we here in Android Land have been using smartwatches for a while. Long before Apple was selling overpriced watches we’ve been using some beautiful devices of our own. The Moto 360 was the first smartwatch that could pass as a fashionable “real” watch, and now it’s on sale for a great price.

Amazon is offering a couple of versions of the Moto 360 for just $179, which is $70 off the original price. The black version with black leather band and silver version with stone leather band are available at the discounted price. The champagne and dark metal versions are also on sale for $219. We’re starting to hear rumors about the next Moto 360, but it’s still a great time to buy the original.

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  1. In other news, iWatch has sold out pretty much everywhere.

    1. Did you expect it not too?

    2. Not hard to do when the manufacturer purposefully understocks for the launch to make it seem like it’s more popular than it is

      1. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

        ➼➼➼I RECEIVED FIRST DRAFT OF $13000!@ak8:




  2. Also on sale at Best Buy for the same price (I assume because of their price matching policy)

    1. Great time to host a sale. Too bad they couldn’t target the apple watch crazed fans who couldn’t get in for a preorder. Would have been a good opportunity to snag in a few impatient buyers.

  3. I love how Amazon suggested a can of fix-a-flat when I added it to the cart. I’m sure someone out there did buy a combo like that just for giggles cause I don’t think anyone in Amazon is that humorous.

    1. Amazon bases it’s suggestions on what you’ve looked at personally as well at what you are currently looking at, if it wasn’t you, I’d say someone in your family/friends was looking for terrible ways to fix a car.

      1. Thanks for pointing that out. I did look at that item a few weeks ago when I did have a flat. Never thought Amazon would try to sell me on it again though cause I never showed much interest in the product. Ended up buying new tires. A majority of the items it suggests however are not things I looked at though. I still found the situation funny even though I probably caused it to happen based on your response.

  4. Dang… Should I buy this or wait for the 2nd gen 360? I’m hoping the next version won’t have a “flat tire” but if it does, I would be cool with getting this instead.

    1. I say wait. There’s no harm in waiting. Besides if you don’t like the newer model, this one will still be cheaper.

  5. Thank you Phandroid for sucking me of 170+ dollars. SMH.

    1. You could gotten sucked for $50 on craigslist…

      1. Dude, is that really a thing? Like for real? Still kind of expensive though.

  6. Same prices next week at best buy!!!

    1. Already this price at Best Buy. Started yesterday .

  7. The 24mm Monolink Metal Band from Motorola band is, in my humble opinion, the best one to go with the simple yet classy design of the Moto 360, don’t you guys agree? Problem is Motorola dosent sell it separately. Why, Motorola?! Can Phandroid somehow create a hype and make some pressure on Motorola so they start selling them separately?


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