Keep all your devices charged with the Innori 22400mAh portable battery pack [DEALS]


innori battery

As amazing as smartphones and tablets can be, their battery life leaves a lot to be desired. It’s 2015 and most devices still can’t last for more than one day without needing a charge. Sometimes we have to hunt for power outlets just to keep our devices from dying, which can be hard to do when you’re on the go. That’s where the Innori Portable Battery Pack comes in.

The Innori Portable Battery Pack will fuel your gadgets time and time again with its massive 22,400mAh battery, and trio of USB ports for simultaneous charging. Two of the USB ports are optimized for smartphones, while the third is for tablets. It recognizes devices to allocates the appropriate current automatically, and an LED indicator notifies you when devices are full charged.

Coming in at just around 6×3-inches and less than an inch thick it can easily fit in bags and pockets. The Innori Portable Battery Pack is on sale right now from for just $40 with free shipping. It will only be available until April 12th. Grab this deal now and never leave the house without backup power!

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. I rarely ever actually look at these deals/ads you guys post… But this… I think I’m going to buy this right now.

    1. I concur…because my stock Nexus 5 will not last a good day without having to find a socket…and this constantly happens despite all the battery saving features/tricks I use! I get that it’s only a 2300mAh battery but those Android KitKat/Lollipop OS updates were suppose to help,not hurt!

      1. Oh yeah. My M8 would last a good 16 hours out of the box with heavy use in the beginning but it’s gone through hell the past few months, even with moderate use the battery now lasts about four hours or so. I’ll be able to replace it in a couple of weeks but it just seems too convenient a thing to not have.

  2. Love my Xperia Z3C

  3. I have the Sharper Image 5200mAh version and it works great. Nice to be able to keep going when no outlets are available. I only warn you about Androidarea’s “no return” policy.

  4. Anyone have any idea if something like this will support the S6’s fast charging?

  5. Way to big and heavy. That’s about twice as big as I want or need it.
    I prefer carrying one with 10-12 ah.

    1. BTW, if I ever need 22ah, I will just carry my 10 ah pack and the 12 ah pack.
      I haven’t had such a need. So I’m ok with carrying half of the weight.
      I have only nearly drained the 10ah pack once on a 6 hour flight charging N5 and tablet. I was playing dungeon defender and watching a movie the entire flight.
      Both devices were full when I got off the plane.

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