New survey says Samsung has more customer loyalty than Apple


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Customer loyalty is an under-appreciated statistic. The way a company treats its existing customers can make a big difference when it’s time for those customers to buy new devices. Treat them well and they will stick with you, treat them poorly and they’ll ditch you. Apple is always considered to have very high customer loyalty, but a new survey may have proved differently.

SurveyMonkey is a company that tries to define where a brand stands with users. They conducted a survey to gauge customer loyalty from industry leaders. Samsung scored a 35 while Apple scored a 28. Both scores are well above the industry average. Microsoft scored -8 (yeesh). Customer loyalty doesn’t tell the whole story, though.

Customer service satisfaction showed different results. Apple scored 41% satisfaction whereas Samsung was just 25%. These numbers don’t look good for either company. Less than half of your customers being satisfied is not a good thing, especially when the industry benchmark is 75%. Are you satisfied by your Samsung or Apple product? Would you say you’re loyal to either brand?


[via CNET]

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  1. I would say that’s about right. I had all 6 of the Galaxy S phones except the 6 or the 6 edge.
    my current phone is my first step away from Samsung.

    1. Brand loyalty definitely nothing else matter on Android but Samsung.

      1. You clearly didn’t read his comment…

  2. What I read is companies need to fight harder for the consumers buck!

  3. The GS6 is the first Samsung device I’ve ever wanted. Even still I’m hesitant about getting it based on how big it is, the glass back and having to use Touchwiz.

    1. Glass back, solution- case. Bitching about touchwiz solution- download a launcher, I’m going to download Nova.

      1. Yeah, that’s great; cover the beauty of a phone in a case. Or, Samsung can learn from Apple and LG’s mistake and not put a glass back on a phone. And we’ve been over this a few times in other articles; you can not come remotely close to eliminating a UI you don’t like, by just downloading a different launcher.

        1. Yea but nor apple or lg had gorilla glass 4 on them, this a totally different technology.

  4. I see the customer satisfaction numbers going lower thanks to the S6. I jumped ship, so I’m not one of the loyal customers.

  5. I am not loyal to any brand. I buy the best thing that’s available at the budget that I seem fit to spend on a product.

  6. Why are those line graphs… This kills me.

    1. Exactly. Pretty obvious that’s moronic.

      1. that’s what I thought. Line graphs are supposed to show progress or some sort of function, while both X and Y are numbers. here it’s just companies.

        1. Two words – bar chart. :D

          1. exactly.

  7. They’ve likely lost a fair amount of those loyal customers with the new S6/Edge. Many users dearly depended on Micro SD and a user-replaceable battery. If the same thing happens with the Note 5 then they will lose even more loyal customers.

    The Note series has usually been more popular with Samsung’s “power users”. Hopefully they don’t neuter it like they did with the S6/Edge.

    1. no they do not.

      1. Ok.

    2. This test was done in Q4 ’14 way before even the S6 leaks we’re starting lol

      1. Exactly, meaning since then they’ve likely dipped in the number of loyal customers.

    3. I have to agree, I won’t be purchasing the s6 for those very reasons and I buy 4 every year for my kids as gifts, but we will just keep our s5’s

    4. I currently own a galaxy S4 (64GB microSD card) and I’m upgrading to the Galaxy S6 64GB. The exclusion of a microSD card doesn’t bother me since I’ve used an average of 30GB on my phone these past two years. Also, the non-removable battery doesn’t affect me since I don’t carry spare batteries and I don’t have the need to do a battery pull unless I’m doing something that involves with rooting/ flashing ROMs.

      1. Cool, cool. It’s great that folks like you can enjoy the device as is, more power to ya. It’s hard not to notice though that providing a Micro SD can help keep prices down. Maybe if either version of the S6 had one we wouldn’t see them reaching the $1000 mark.

        As for the non-removable battery, it’s also hard not to acknowledge the degradation of a battery’s lifespan with each discharge and charging cycle. Just my preference but I’d rather have the option to swap out a bad battery than my entire phone.

        1. I agree with the battery part. The degradation of Li-Ion is something that is inevitable. The microSD card exclusion finally allows larger internal memory which allows more games and applications to be installed. Also, any media from twitter, chrome, and etc all saves to the internal memory. Then the user would need to move that over themselves. This simplify things as well as stops samsung from dragging their feet from the S line and giving more memory. Who knows, things might be a bit different when the S7 releases is 2016.

          1. As long as they don’t cut the legs off the Note series this should be just fine. Typically people who go for the Note series are power users who have more demands than the average user. Micro SD and a user-replicable batter are a must.

            S6/Edge for the average Android user and those that prefer style over substance. Note series for the power users and those that prefer substance over style.

  8. Happy to see an Indian company among the top list. :)

    1. Microsoft is not an Indian company although it’s easy to see how many think that. :D

      1. Think he means Intuit

        1. I was sure he probably meant that – my point however was that none of those are Indian companies, including Intuit.

        2. He was funny because customer service i think :P

  9. Lol at Microsoft -8

  10. sometimes what appears like brand loyalty might actually be a lack of alternatives.

    there is still no proper competition for the note series, so I have no choice but to stay with Samsung.

  11. Is that why Shamesung had to pay 500 fake fans to come to the launch event?

      “Samsung said it has investigated this report and determined that “under no circumstances has anyone been hired or given money to attend the event”. The company said all 1,100 attendees had been formally invited to the Galaxy S6 shindig at Shanghai Culture Square.

      In case you think this is just Samsung’s word against the media outlet, well, Want China Times is said to have agreed with Samsung’s findings in this case, and has retracted the story. Whether or not Samsung will pursue the issue and ask for a formal apology is something the company is still mulling over”

      1. WantChina hasn’t pulled the story down.

    2. I wouldn’t trust them. They said the same thing about Sony and Apple. I highly doubt apple has to pay people

      1. plz show where WantChina ever said Apple paid fans to come to their launch. i can guarantee that never happened.

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