Apr 6th, 2015


Sony is once again struggling to sell handsets in the U.S. After just six months on store shelves T-Mobile has discontinued the Sony Xperia Z3. It was looking like the Z3 may have been leading a resurgence when Verizon got in on the action, but apparently that has not been the case. Despite releasing some of the most beautiful Android devices ever made there is just not a demand for Sony phones.

In the past Sony has been terrible with timely updates, and though they’ve improved in recent years, they’re running behind with Lollipop. Android users don’t trust Sony to provide the latest software on time. It’s really a shame, because Sony does make some of the most stunning devices, and their software is clean and lightweight.

The future for Sony phones is not looking bright. We’ve seen leaked renders and photos of the Sony Xperia Z4, and it’s almost identical to the Xperia Z3. If consumers aren’t interested in the Z3 they’re not even going to realize the Z4 is a different phone. How do you feel about Sony phones? Have you ever owned a Sony phone?

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