After just 6 months T-Mobile stops selling the Sony Xperia Z3



Sony is once again struggling to sell handsets in the U.S. After just six months on store shelves T-Mobile has discontinued the Sony Xperia Z3. It was looking like the Z3 may have been leading a resurgence when Verizon got in on the action, but apparently that has not been the case. Despite releasing some of the most beautiful Android devices ever made there is just not a demand for Sony phones.

In the past Sony has been terrible with timely updates, and though they’ve improved in recent years, they’re running behind with Lollipop. Android users don’t trust Sony to provide the latest software on time. It’s really a shame, because Sony does make some of the most stunning devices, and their software is clean and lightweight.

The future for Sony phones is not looking bright. We’ve seen leaked renders and photos of the Sony Xperia Z4, and it’s almost identical to the Xperia Z3. If consumers aren’t interested in the Z3 they’re not even going to realize the Z4 is a different phone. How do you feel about Sony phones? Have you ever owned a Sony phone?

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. Sony just needs a good company to help them Advertise. Honestly, that’s the only thing Sony needs. Their phones are remarkable.

    1. Updates would help too.

  2. I owned z3 and that phone has a huge text messaging issue. Messages would be late hours, sometimes being duplicated and sometime not received. It’s a well known problem with Sony phones from previous models. There something wrong with their messaging system implementation and they refuse to fix it. I’ve had to replace the phone
    3x and still had the same problem. Finally I got nexus 6 and never had an issue. Also lollipop was nowhere to be seen even though they promised updates in February, then March at the latest. Now in April still nothing. I’m not surprised at all this is happening. Would never get a Sony device again. Ever.

    1. The Z3 got Lollipop at the end of March/beginning of April, just not on TMO. I’ve seen the texting issue, too, though. I’ve started using Hangouts just because it gives you the delivery status.

  3. I just got the z3 compact and stuffed my oneplus in the drawer. The size is perfect, the front facing speakers are above and beyond average, the sound quality is awesome and the camera could be a bit better but it’s still above average. Battery life gives me 2 days. My major complaints with the phone are that people sometimes mistake it with an iPhone 4 because the design is so similar and also there considerable amount of Sony bloat that comes packaged in the phone. Lollipop is also supposed to be out for this phone right now yet I still haven’t received it. I’m not that anxious either because I have a feeling that once I do that will probably be the only and last update for this phone.

    1. you have to download it through the computer because its not OTA

  4. They’re ugly though.

    1. I hate that disqus got rid of negative vote points. Part of the new touchy feely world where we don’t want to make people cry from having -15 for downvotes.

      your post sir, is down voted, anyway

      1. yeah ugly is not the right word….they are not the prettiest looking phones on the market though. They have some qualities that I like but more qualities that i do not like unfortunately. And the problem with that opinion is that a lot of people feel that way, which is why its not a great selling device. =

        1. lol, you two are not helping when I say that the Z phones are beautiful and that is the general consensus

          1. haha I knwo i know….I think its a GREAT device. Those bezels tho….just cant find it attractive to be honest when it compares to an iphone on bezel size =( hate me, I would!!

      2. i downvoted you but it up voted you instead..darn that disqus

        1. freaking disqus!

      3. *shrug* votes wouldn’t matter to me either way. I see you take this serious enough though lol.

        1. That’s cool; it’s shouldn’t bother someone too much. I’m just all about accuracy, so if I see 2 up votes, but no down votes, it tells me no one disagrees. I just like being aware of what others think. What’s the point of the down vote button any more!

    2. i don’t necessarily think they’re ugly, but to me most of them look the same. same chocolate bar look, and the skin hasn’t changed much.

  5. I love my Z3v, sad to hear this.

  6. I love my Z3. It might not be the sleekest (my personal favorite of all I’ve ever owned is still the m7), but it has amazing features, reliability, and a stonkin’ good camera.

    1. i only upvoted since you used the word stonkin’….word of the day sir

  7. No but. Thy r awesome and water prove

    1. How old are you?

  8. I have the metro pcs galaxy s3 sch R530M and I was assured that it was going to get kidkat it didn’t happen I’m not happy with that

    1. What does that have to do with the Z3 though?

    2. No Kitkat update for GS3. does not receive any more software update beyond Jelly bean 4.3…

  9. The Sony phones had my attention but Verizon didn’t get a real Z3 and as someone who would have purchased it mainly for the camera, the revelation that rooting breaks the camera software DRM made it a no go for me. It’s a shame because Sony has always made beautiful devices but still haven’t figured out that DRM turns a lot of consumers off.

    I’ll give them credit though, they stick by their guns no matter what though. A pity, given a lot of cell phone offerings here, if they had done it right, they could have made a crapload of money.

    I just think people don’t trust the brand anymore, at least not like we used to.

    1. Except for that it only broke the DRM in the beginning. You can root now and keep the features. All companies do the DRM thing by the way, hence why AOSP ROMs usually take worse photos than the stock ROM.

      1. I’ve since moved on. It was a choice between the G3 and the Z3 at the time i was ready to upgrade and the big complaint was that rooting jacked up the camera. As that was one of the biggest selling points for me, it made it a no go.

        Rooted G3 broke nothing. No regrets although waterproofing would had been great to have.

      2. and that’s good to know. Didn’t know about that. Will mention it to people looking at them for their upgrade. Thanks.

    2. From what I learned.. Root doesn’t break DRM….unlocking the bootleader does.

      But yeah..I regret buying the Sony Xperia Z3 from T-Mobile…

      1. I think you’re right. I got them backwards. I remember one of them screwed it up.

        1. Either way..its inexcusable…

  10. Super pissed…I am one update away from chucking this fu¢#&% phone at the wall..been with Samsung for 3 years..I take a gamble on a premium piece of hardware just for it to be discontinued..I learned my lesson..Just at least give my the lollipop update so I can enjoy the phone without bugs until Next January at which I will go to an HTC one (love front facing speakers)… #Done #SonySucks

    Note: I am venting..I won’t throw my phone.. I Still like it..just give me 5.0.1!!!!!!

  11. Still love my Z2. Battery life is the main attraction. Sony’s stamina mode is really well done.

  12. well I am not too surpised, It will make my z3 feel that much more exclusive, Just hope that lolipop is coming soon

  13. Hell, they don’t advertise the thing enough.

    1. You’re right on that one. I have the xperia z2 and a lot of times people ask “what phone is that???” “I didn’t know Sony made phones” lol. Sucks because I really love the xperia z line.

      1. I just and I mean just left my T-Mobile store to checkout the s6 and s6 edge. My opinion it wasn’t all too great. The colors on it looked a bit more fuzzier than the s5. The camera was good, but not worthy of the bended knees blow job praise that the press has been giving it! The speed differences in all of the old phones, and the s6 was negligible. Then I went over to the z3 and was impressed by how simply beautiful it was.

        I wish they had a fingerprint scanner on it, I would be all over the damn thing.

  14. I have a Z2 compact. I love the camera, the lightweight UI and the battery life. The build of the phone is solid and sturdy. The battery life is better than my N5 with Lollipop.

    While I don’t mind the Sony UI in comparison to Samsungs TouchWhiz, I think Sony should just go with stock Android and make that another selling feature for their phones.

    I’m rooting for Sony to keep making phones.

  15. The Sony Xperia Z3v (Verizon) is a nice phone, good battery life, great screen and camera, but to thin, hate the thinnest of the phone. I have cracks in the frame, topside, that developed at the right upper and the left lower corner. Back pocket carrier, didn’t bend just cracks in the topside of the frame (not the seam line). #crackgate
    Never dropped.

    1. Do recall, maybe you know, the Z3v was NOT the Z3 the rest of the world got. The Z3v was a Z2 leftover body used for Verizon and their Z2 errrr Z3v.

      BTW, 4.5 / 5 is the rating from 405 users on Verizon for the Z3v…. that shocks me actually to see that. That is a stellar rating.

      1. Because it (Z3v) is a bad ass phone. As I’ve mentioned it doesn’t have certain issues the almighty real Z3 does have. This phone actually is waterproof and doesn’t have camera issues. The battery life is phenomenal.

        1. Never denied it’s badassness (or not). I am also aware of some of the Z3 versus Z3v issues (like the hole for the lanyard causing pressure issues on the Z3). Just pointing out, the Z3 is not the Z3v and vice versa and that might explain the reported body issues by the OP and some not be aware or might think the Z3v is just the verizon version and it is the same as the Z3. Which would not be true as it is a Z2 body – a totally different body than the Z3.

          1. True but the Z2 or Z3 don’t have wireless Charging.

          2. [OP] I am well aware that you (FortitudineVincimus) like reiterating that one journalist commented that the Z3v appeared to be a Z2 and you can’t let that go.

      2. Dude still on that old Z2 not Z3 binge, let it go.

        “How do you feel about Sony phones? Have you ever owned a Sony phone?” at the end of the article, can you point out the Z3 only requirement?

        1. I’ve noticed that too.
          Guy is like a broken record. Everytime something is written about the Z3 this Z3v thing comes up and I notice it’s always the same bloke writing it.
          The Z2 and Z3 are almost identical phones anyway I don’t see the big deal. The Z4 will he the real update the Z3 should’ve been.

  16. The Z3 is an amazing phone. Only reason I see it isn’t selling as well is, Sony just isn’t matching other manufacturers dollar for dollar with advertising.

  17. It’s hard for customers to be interested in anything, when everytime you walk into a carrier you see Samsung all in the middle of the floor surrounded by accessories and Samsung watches “ATT” sometimes I wounder why all stores not called Samsung store that sell for other OEMs that connects to carrier bands

    1. People seem to rely too much on marketing and advertising but I guess that isn’t a surprise.

      Some of us don’t need all that to make purchases :D

  18. Could it be that the Xperia Z4 is coming out soon?

  19. I’ve gone back to my Xperia ZR since I dropped and broke my OPPO F7 last weekend and I must say I really missed it. I’m looking into the Z3 now and I dont really care if T-Mobile discontinues the it because I buy the international version anyways. My ZR is apparently getting Lollipop soon and this phone got released in summer 2013 so im pretty happy with the support Sony gives to it’s phones, At least the international ones.

  20. I remember a few years ago when I stated LG will make a comeback (sales where super slow) and look at them now. I’ve always said their software sucks but hardware is top notch. If Sony can get the next Nexus lineup that might help tbeir sales.

  21. Now, I wonder if we’ll ever get Lollipop. This is so disappointing, not getting updated or taking soooo long. I love my Z3 but damn it.

    1. Lollipop for the Z3 is already rolling out.

      Why do carriers always have to delay updates? Seriously, that’s a 2010/2011 thing, why do they do this?

      1. Here’s the software update status. The Z3 is only in phase 1. Better late than never?

  22. I’m hoping they stopped selling the Z3 because the Z4 is coming soon

  23. Z3 is a good handset no argument. Problem being is it came out months after Samsung, LG and HTC have their flagships out. By that time its too late. Not having this phone on AT&T, and not having VZW supporting its flavor of the Z3 (outside if it being posted on its website) doesn’t help either.

  24. The hardware design is great but I think Sony really needs to reduce the price of it to encourage more to give their handset a try. Also, Sony taking their sweet time bringing updates to the phone doesn’t help. I know it’d put me off from going with a manufacturer (which is why I’m a big fan of Nexus devices).

  25. Traditionally Sony or deliver old hardware on time with the competition or
    Deliver on par hardware but months later

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