Apr 6th, 2015

Andy Rubin Redpoint

Google’s Andy Rubin — the Godfather of Android — made headlines nearly 2 years ago when he stepped down as head of Android to build, what else, but actual androids inside Google’s top secret X Labs. It wasn’t until nearly a full year later we learned he was leaving Google altogether, looking to spread his wings and create an “incubator” for hardware-based startups.

Today, The Wall Street Journal is reporting that, after raising $48 million from investors that include Google, Hewlett-Packard Co., and others, Mr. Rubin has officially launched Playground Global LLC. As previously reported, his new company will provide support for tech startups and entrepreneurs, handling the business aspects (distribution, manufacturing, financing, etc.), so inventors can focus on building their new gadgets while Rubin and Playground Global handle the rest. Mr. Rubin describes Playground Global as a “studio,” saying in an interview:

“Our aim is to free the creators to create by bringing these partners to the table we can remove many of the roadblocks of bringing a great idea to market.”

But that’s not all, Rubin is also joining up with investment firm Redpoint, as a venture partner evaluating and backing companies with great ideas. Sounds like he’s got his bases covered. There’s a lengthy press release over on Redpoint’s site for those who are interested. It’s a great read and highlights Rubin’s history and achievements.


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