Some Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge units shipping with tiny scratches all over the display


samsung galaxy s6 edge scratches defect 2

When manufacturers churn out hundreds of thousands of devices in order to meet demand, occasionally a bad egg or two makes it past quality control. It’s not uncommon to have one, maybe even a few defective devices slip out when your phone is as popular as say, the Samsung Galaxy S6. So it’s not too surprising to find that some brand new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge customers have discovered some oddities with their shiny new devices, fresh out of the box.

It’s not #bendgate (thankfully), but as highlighted by XDA Developers, a handful of forum members have discovered what appears to be tiny scratches all over their “new” Galaxy S6 Edge displays. It’s a pattern not too unlike the swirl marks you might find on your car’s clear coat. It’s not clear how they got there, or how wide spread the issue is at the moment, but it’s definitely something you wouldn’t expect to find when unwrapping a $700+ piece of tech. The uploader also makes mention of dead pixels being present when the display is turned on.

Keep in mind out-of-the-box defects like this aren’t unique the Galaxy S6 Edge. Even the folks at iFixit found a scratched display on their freshly unwrapped HTC One M9 (complete with a dead pixel). Like any out-of-the-box defects, issues like this should be taken up with the retailer from whence it came, which happens to be T-Mobile who began shipping out the Samsung Galaxy S6 ahead of its April 10th launch date. There was a single report of an international model also arriving in this same condition, but that could be more isolated.

We should note: this defect seems to only affect the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge — not the regular flat Samsung Galaxy S6. In any case, now would be a good time to check your device out under a lamp or direct sunlight. Anyone find something similar on their Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge unit?


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  1. I would be mad

    1. You must be a calm fellow, I would be f-ing LIVID

      1. By any chance is it for a certain carrier or several ones the scratches appear?

        1. I’d say just t.mobile, unless there is another carrier that shipped em early

        2. The Verizon one will come with the checkmark scratched into the screen

    2. At the $800+ I am going to have to pay for off contract S6 Edge… I would flip the F out. Lock N load.

    3. I would fly all the way to Seattle, grab John Legere by the collar, then kindly ask him if he’d loan me tree fiddy

      1. I don’t get mad easily, but I would expect better shape buying one used on eBay.

      2. Damn loch ness monster!

  2. Honestly if you look at the home button it is all scuffed up. You can even see some brown spots around the home button. This looks like the person slide the phone on the table in the background for an hour before taking the pic.

    1. If this was only a single report, sure. But there’s multiple in that thread on XDA. Even Erica Griffon had the same issue.

      Sliding a phone on a table would make straight scuff marks, these are super fine and circular, like the phone was buffed out.

      1. They could have slid it in circles. Seriously though I don’t think a buffing pad would scratch the paint right of the home button. Also I went through that xda forum and its only a few people complaining and they are all tmobile models. Its possible the batch they got early had problems with manufacturing or possibly something on t mobiles end when they load their bloatware onto it

        1. Could have been a bad buffing pad.

          1. This is possible. If the damage wasn’t malicious in intent. then its more than likely that t mobile got one of the first production batches with errors at a discounted cost to be able to deliver preorders early. because I really don’t see how these things would have passed quality control. So some higher up had to have known about it. Whether it was Samsung or tmobile.

      2. Did someone say we could just buff that out?

        1. Mr. Hand would be proud ?

          1. It’s “our” time.

  3. Reason #483068721693 not to buy gadgets at launch.

    1. You’re so right

      1. No you’re so right

    2. I’d rather just take my chances. More than likely you’ll be able to get it swapped the same day if on the extremely rare chance there is a defect. Does make me want to video shoot the unboxing for added assurance.

      1. Unless you get one replaced with the same defect …

    3. I am actually happy for samsung. This will definitely make the s6 and samsung more popular no matter in a good or bad way just like the “bendgate” for iphone6/+. Laugh everyone, share to everywhere you want, make this viral, and I’m sure this will make the S6 launch even more popular. :D

  4. The pattern makes it look likes it’s coming from a polishing machine.
    Although from the reports it’s only visible in direct harsh light at a specific angle or on photos taken with a flash…under such conditions almost any surface will look horrible.

    1. Anything will look as horrible? Your car, maybe. But not your phone’s display, not unless it was used.

  5. Can you say Scratch-Gate?……… :-D

    1. Ah ya beat me to the corny joke

  6. Ommmmmmmmmmmmmg

  7. No issue here. Mine is perfect.

  8. All good here…Thanks T-Mobile/Samsung for the free year of Netflix

  9. looks like the factory screen protector is on the phone and thats what scratched, does one come on the GS6s?

    1. No it just comes in a packing sleeve. It’s obvious the guy dropped it as this would NEVER pass through Quality Control, I mean look at the huge scuff on the power button.

      1. That might not be scuff, but a grease smudge. Happens all the time on my phones and I freak out, but it ends up wiping clean.

        1. True

  10. I held one of these a few days ago at a t-mobile retail location I’ve got to say after using the oneplus one I’m all about that bigger screen so for me the m9 and the edge 6 not for me. here’s hoping the g4 is amazing!

  11. I don’t believe this at all I mean look at the home button it’s scuffed up bad as well. The idiot obviously dropped it as this would NEVER EVER pass through Quality Control I guarantee. I don’t know why this is even a story as its so obvious it’s complete bullsh*t

    1. I’d say you were right if there wasn’t multiple accounts of the same issue, even one from Erica Griffon (she’s a big YouTuber a esteemed XDA member).

      1. Oh I didn’t realize that, a ill just shut up now lol. Although Erica is known to complain about the littlest things and for some reason gets more damaged or defective devices than anyone I’ve ever seen.
        Not knocking her I actually love her videos just stating what I’ve noticed from watching her videos over the years.

        1. Yeah, she complains way too much about every little thing. She does seem to get more defective devices then the rest of the world combined…lol

  12. Hope when mine comes this week I don’t have any issues.

  13. Got mine about a week ago (T-Mobile), had no issues at all. I wonder if they buff the phones before packaging them as part of the normal process..? something could have contaminated the pad… either way, it’s a pain in the ass to have to replace a brand-new gadget #WhitePeopleProblems

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