Google Wallet update brings Maps integration and keyword search


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Google Wallet is adding a few small, but pretty worthwhile new features in the Google Play Store today. Announced on their Google+ page, Wallet won’t just tell you where you bought something, they’ll actually show you. This is done using Google Maps which has now been integrated into the app and viewable in the transaction details.

Google Wallet rich receipt Maps

Now the next feature is even more useful. Imagine it’s several weeks later and you can’t for the life of you remember where it was you had those amazing tacos during a drunken night out with your friends. You could scroll through all your transactions like an animal, keeping an eye out for anything related to Mexican eateries.

Or, like a future-man, you can simply search through your transaction history by merchant name, item of purchase, or any other keywords. Type in “bomb tacos” and you’ll pull up a transaction — now with a handy Maps location — of that amazing hole-in-the-wall.

The update should already be waiting for you in the Google Play Store, so make sure you update and happy shopping.

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