Apr 3rd, 2015

GS6 edge bend

#bendgate may have happened over six months ago, but we’re still seeing the ramifications. Now when a new phone is released everyone rushes to test whether or not it bends. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has a display that bends around the edges, but SquareTrade set out to test a different type of bend.

SquareTrade is the company that provides protection plans for all sorts of electronic devices. Naturally, they want to know which devices are more likely to break. Their latest test put the iPhone 6 Plus, Galaxy S6 Edge, and HTC One M9 up against a hydraulic press to see which device bends the most.

The HTC One M9 came out on top, withstanding 120 pounds of pressure before bending. The Galaxy S6 Edge managed to withstand 110 pounds of force, which was coincidentally the same amount as the iPhone 6 Plus. Insert joke about Samsung copying Apple here. However, since the edges of the S6 Edge are curved, the glass cracked earlier than the other devices.

The moral of the story is that basically all phones can bend in extreme circumstances. If you want a phone that can bend without breaking check out the LG G Flex 2. What do you think about this test?