Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is as bendable as the iPhone 6 Plus [VIDEO]


GS6 edge bend

#bendgate may have happened over six months ago, but we’re still seeing the ramifications. Now when a new phone is released everyone rushes to test whether or not it bends. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has a display that bends around the edges, but SquareTrade set out to test a different type of bend.

SquareTrade is the company that provides protection plans for all sorts of electronic devices. Naturally, they want to know which devices are more likely to break. Their latest test put the iPhone 6 Plus, Galaxy S6 Edge, and HTC One M9 up against a hydraulic press to see which device bends the most.

The HTC One M9 came out on top, withstanding 120 pounds of pressure before bending. The Galaxy S6 Edge managed to withstand 110 pounds of force, which was coincidentally the same amount as the iPhone 6 Plus. Insert joke about Samsung copying Apple here. However, since the edges of the S6 Edge are curved, the glass cracked earlier than the other devices.

The moral of the story is that basically all phones can bend in extreme circumstances. If you want a phone that can bend without breaking check out the LG G Flex 2. What do you think about this test?

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. This isn’t exactly a fair comparison since all phones are bent at the same place (the midpoint). The iphone 6 plus problems were caused by there being a structurally weak point around the buttons that made it so a force much less than 110 pounds could permanently deform the phone.

    1. Bingo. The weak point was around the volume rocker, not the center of the phone.

    2. While this is true they should have used the iPhone 6.

  2. oy vey, come on, are you TRYING to start a war with the sammy fans? lets hear why this is not a valid test people….

    1. Easy. The center of the iPhone was fine…it was near the volume rocker where the problems always occurred. They needed to put two bars at the 1/3 and 2/3 mark of the phone pressing down, then it would have bent much more easily. The guy who started the uproar would hold it with his thumbs near the top and bottom of the screen.

      1. It doesn’t even matter about weak points they should be comparing the s6 to the iPhone 6. They obviously went with the 6+ to not make apple look so bad.

        1. ??? The iPhone 6+ was the weaker of the two, owing to the large screen size. Honestly, the most honest test comparisons would be iPhone 6 next to the Galaxy S6 and the iPhone 6+ next to the Note 4.

          1. If you mean between the 2 iPhones. Then no the iPhone 6 bent at 70 lbs and the 6+ at 90 with the screen facing down. The 6+ had titanium inserts to compensate for the extra length. So it is actually stronger than iPhone 6

    2. It should have been put up against the iPhone 6 but it wasn’t because other than the htc m8 the iPhone 6 is the structurally weakest phone on the market. Lets see the results of the s6 vs iPhone 6 vs the edge. I guarantee the iPhone 6 would lose everytime.

    3. Needs more cow bell.

  3. Square Trade did the bend test at the center. The iPhone 6 Plus was actually pretty sturdy at the center. It was near the corner area where the iPhone bent with just by hand.

    1. Just shut the f up. bend is bend. Story should end here because in the real life use, none of these will bend in the pocket: front or back.

      1. Actually, you’re the one terribly misinformed.

        Bendgate started from this bending in the pocket story –

        And everyone else seems to know that.

        Second, a little “shut up” is OK but not when attached to blatant flaming while trying to bypass our polite language filters.

        I’ve already removed one of your posts so it’s you who are going to shut up about that.

        Sorry you don’t like it, some phones bend in some pockets for some people and it was first reported with an iPhone.

        Get over it. :)

      2. Well the iPhone did. And small Kids age 10 did it with Their hands. …

  4. Note to self: don’t focus 110+ lbs of pressure on the center of any phone.

    1. So don’t let a fat chick sit on your phone.

      1. 110lbs is fat? haha lord jesus help you lmao

        1. Well yeah, I like them at 93lbs and cracked out. Doesn’t everyone else or is it just me?

          1. oh well u didnt add cracked out. sign me up.

          2. Yes!! we love our lil party slut dope whores!! Get what ya want & send em off to the next…lol. Kidding, but serious, the edge looks awesome but has no real reasons except as bein the guy w the coolest looking phone on the planet……which that’s lame AF either way. BUT THE GALAXY S6….. i cannot wait to get it!! Best phone of 2015& will remain that til the note 5 launches, but ive always been a galaxy S line type more than.the note series. But i wont lie, i started actually liking samsung, alot, with the s4& i know, its not ThT great of phone…now, but i loved the s5, but the s6 is in another league

          3. The S6 Edge has a bunch of cool features that use the edge and with the dual edges it gives the display a cool effect where things on the screen look like they’re popping out at you. It’s not useless or lame at all, you either can’t afford it or just can’t justify the extra cost but to say anyone is lame that gets it and is just seeking attention now come on. Just tell the truth there’s nothing wrong with having the lesser of the 2 S6 models if you like that model better.

          4. Ditto

        2. It is if that’s the weight coming off one butt cheek. Do the math. Lol

      2. A fat chick would actually be OK… the weight of the one cheek would likely be distributed equally across the surface of the device, therefore not resulting in a bend. A skinny chick favoring that cheek would be far more detrimental imo.

        1. But most people commenting here will never know what it’s like to be with a skinny girl, so it doesn’t really matter anyway

          1. lol, speak for yourself

    2. Unless it’s an iPhone, so you guys can criticize Apple for being Apple.

  5. I am using a 6 Plus now and I have been carrying it in my back pocked for a couple of weeks now, and it is still as straight as can be.

    1. that is because u are 500 lbs and have a lot of cushion you fraud

    2. Its more likely to bend in the front pocket with a baggy pair of pants. As with them baggy the phone can get sideways and if you crouch down or sit with it sideways it will have more force exerted on it than if it were vertical.(this happens from time to time with my s3 and s4 I have even heard it creak and groan a couple times. luckily no noticeable damage of course) Thus bending is more likely to occur in the front pocket of baggy pants than in the back pocket of skinny jeans.

      1. No it’s not. I put it in front pocket 12 hrs/day. The whole bendgate story was dumb to begin with just for feeding Apple trolls. Now, GS6 Edge also bends the same way and it won’t make a story. Why? It’s because “gate” only applies to Apple products. Move on.

        1. Actually the S6 Edge did just make a bending story.

          You’re commenting on it right now.

          Other than trolling do you have a point?

        2. It has nothing to do with that and if you put the S6 or s6 Edge in your pocket it won’t come out with a bend shoeing in it which was the issue with the iPhone is it would bend and not spring back like all other phones do, the iPhone would crease. The way they did the test in this video is retarded and means absolutely nothing as there will never be constant steady pressure forcing a device in this manner.

        3. Bendgate was only a story because iPhone owners were experiencing bending of their phones in normal use. If the GS6 or edge bends in normal use I have no doubt the effected owners will kick up quite a stink. As of now, however, only owners who place their phones in beam strength testing machines will have grounds for complaint. By my count the total effected owners to date equals one (1).

  6. #myphonehaspeyronies

  7. Get yourself a Thunderbolt if you want a phone that doesn’t bend

  8. Why didnt they test the GS6?not the edge.

    1. Because glass is harder to bend than aluminum.

      1. I’m not sure that that actually answers the question..

      2. While true, that has nothing to do with the question. The glass screen is not a structural component. The GS6 has a much thicker aluminum frame. The edge has a much thinner frame. I find it very interesting that no GS6 test was shown. I bet you dollars to donuts that a GS6 test was performed, as it is the most comparable phone to the iPhone 6 and One M9. Strange that it was neither shown nor a reason for omitting it mentioned.

  9. I sit on my turbo everyday. And I weigh a buck ninety

    1. I assume you’re trying to show how strong your turbo is, but what you explained is not even close to the same kind of force applied. Your butt isn’t pointed, like a fulcrum, to put pressure in the dead center of the phone, and the seat your sitting in isn’t separated to let said butt push said phone through it in a bending motion.

  10. If you want unbend-able cellphone, get this one instead. It’s phone, not a brick, it will bend and/or break when you put too pressure on it. Stop this nonsense already. LOL

    1. I miss the good old days of playing hackey sack with Motorola i-90s

    2. I am for once happy for samsung, this will definitely make the s6 and samsung more popular no matter in a good or bad way. Laugh everyone, share to everywhere you want, make this viral, and I’m sure this will make the s6 launch even more popular. :D

  11. what about the regular 6? I’m sure it can beat the M9

    1. No it won’t. Aluminum is easier to bend than glass, so expect the worse for S6. However, the whole bending phone story is stupid. Why? You jeans pockets only can withstand a force <45 lbs before they're torn apart while your phone won't bend until 110 lbs. That means you're welcome to put your phone in the back pocket. But, only IDIOTs would put a $1000 device in the back pocket and treat it as a crap.

      1. If your jeans can only stand a total of 45 pounds of force (whatever that’s supposed to mean) then how do people in tight jeans manage to sit down in the first place? :D

  12. This is a little bogus, It wasn’t done on the weakest parts. If anyone looks at where the iphone bends, it’s always around the volume buttons. The middle of any phone is strongest in the middle. but that’s not where the iphone is bending. I’m not making excuses for the others, cause I’m pretty disappointed in all of them. having curved, flexible screens, is one thing, but putting them into a rigid body defeats the purpose. The gflex 2, is the only one that comes close to a solution. Smartphones are still made, as if they’re ardrino boards, with buttons, not good for mobile. Until truly flexible devices are made, you just gotta live with it, just like substandard batteries.

    1. The middle is strongest for most besides the htc m9 of course. The edge variants are leading up to the flexible/foldable devices Samsung is rumored to release next year.

    2. Truly flexible devices wont be around until they can make the batteries just as flexible.

  13. This whole experiment is dumb, the iPhone6+ is the only phone today bent in people’s pocket, no other phone has, and no phone screen has shattered either just by being in peoples pockets

    1. well, looks like the S6Edge might wind up doing so :P

      1. So you about to apply that much force to the dead center of your phone, just by having it in your pocket, come on dude, use your head and think about this. You have to try to break this thing

    2. It’s called “Karma”.

      Funny, iP6 bends, and you guys all drop the hammer on it. You’re precious Android phone bends just as much, along with a cracked screen and like clockwork… you’re all excuses as to why this is different.


      1. Dude you lost your mind…. In fact you so much of a sheep you blind… I said 6+ not the whole iPhone line up as they all hold problems to bending, and I say this test is stupid because it doesn’t not show 1 important thing, reports of other phones bending in people pockets, this test can’t show real world use, just like benchmarks don’t reveal real world use, imma android fan for what android can do for me, not because I just hate Apple, Apple just doesn’t work for me, if it did I would own it, so back up playa and get your own dam brain

  14. Wait, people who had iPhone 6 Plus were putting 110 pounds of force when the phone was in their front pockets?

    1. No! I remember something about 300lb dumbasses with it in there back pocket…probably ex android users.

      1. You are likely correct. As you wisely note, if they moved from Android to iPhone then they would certainly qualify as “dumbasses”. To be fair though, iOS is widely acknowledged as being so simplistic that it appeals to, and is quickly mastered by, simpletons and dumbasses (sic).

  15. to all you people jumping to the defense of the s6

    ….or they could have just not made it out of fragile materials….

    plastic FTW

    1. Being an owner of the S5 and now the Note 4 I was thinking the same thing. Don’t get me wrong I really like the S6, but I still came to the same conclusion as you.

  16. After reading through these comments, some of you Phandroids are like Holocaust deniers. No matter how compelling the evidence, you refuse to accept reality.

    1. Some would argue that apple fan boys are just as bad if not worse. Especially paying those insane prices for tech that’s already 2 years past.

      1. Samsung went 64 BIT in mobile 3.5 years ago? I didn’t know that.

        Oh snap.

    2. I still havent seen the S6 gettin bend by little Kids with Their bare hands. If you can show us that, then by all Means call us deniers. Isheep.

      1. That’s cuz apple fanboi’s aren’t all over social media screaming look, look! As matter of fact…is there a video with kids even trying to bend the s6?…didn’t think so!

    3. This article is a total missing of the point and the test is a flawed comparison (s6 should be used here- not the edge – which has less chassis support). Bendgate was never about the center of the phone; it was about the area near the volume rocker being a weak point in the construction of iphone 6+. It bent under 70 lbs of pressure near the volume rocker as opposed to 110 lbs for the middle of the phone, which is a low enough threshold to have it happen in pants pockets. The issue has since been corrected by Apple with a manufacturing change.

      So no, this isn’t the same. But it doesn’t matter anymore because Apple fixed this issue a while ago.


  18. yet another reason to go back to htc for my next phone?

  19. I’ll be sure not to forget my Edge in one of those machines then.

    1. I often leave my phones in my beam strength testing machine. You just have to remember to unplug it first…

  20. This test means nothing when every phone will bend under extreme pressure. But let’s see if anyone can bend the S6 with their bare hands, like you can with the iPhone. Try it.

    And why did they pick the S6 Edge, instead of the regular S6 to test?

    1. I too find it very interesting that no GS6 test was shown. I bet you dollars to donuts that a GS6 test was performed, as it is the most comparable phone to the iPhone 6 and One M9. Strange that it was neither shown nor a reason for omitting it mentioned.

    2. Samsung stated that the metal used in samsung galaxy s6 edge “would bend”. Yes, s6 edge. What a misleading statement from samsung.

  21. No surprise there.

  22. So much for those “premium” materials

  23. iPhone 6 plus: 6.22(H) x 3.06(W) x 0.28(D) inches
    Galaxy S6 edge: 5.59(H) x 2.76(W) x 0.28(D) inches

    The width of iPhone 6 plus is 3.06(W), while Galaxy S6 edge 2.76(W), and assume both have the same material and structure, and put the the same two support point for both phones. A wider phone holds up more pressure, which is very simple and clear.

    This test is totally wrong. The publisher should test iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6 edge at the same conditions.

  24. No complaints about it bending in the pocket.And it doesn’t bends from the volume buttons,it bends from center the point of load.When people complaint about its bending then it will a point of discussions,for now its of no use.

  25. seems samsung also copied the bend from apple also LMAO

  26. I am for once happy for samsung, this will definitely make the s6 and samsung more popular no matter in a good or bad way. Laugh everyone, share to everywhere you want, make this viral, and I’m sure this will make the s6 launch even more popular. :D

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