HTC One M9+ renders leak again, still looks like the M8


HTC One M9 Plus

Many people were expecting HTC to show off two devices at Mobile World Congress, but instead we just got the mildly disappointing HTC One M9 (our review). The second device is rumored to be named the HTC One M9 Plus. It’s a variant with a slightly bigger display, fingerprint scanner, and the Dual Camera from the One M8. A new leaked render shows off the M9+ and it’s still not terribly exciting.

If you thought the One M9 wasn’t enough of a change the One M9+ is even less. From the back it looks nearly identical to the One M8. The camera is still round and the second Dual Camera is still present. This device is rumored to have a 5.2-inch quad-HD display, MediaTek processor, 3GB of RAM, and a 20MP camera. We were originally expecting the M9+ to launch alongside the M9 as a phablet, but it’s looking more like this is simply a variant for other countries.

HTC will officially announce the One M9+ at an event in China next week. What do you think of this device? Is this what the One M9 should have been? Do you prefer the One M9?

[via @upleaks]

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  1. is it a leak when we have seen the same “leak” for years now??

    1. Only because it has a different name.

  2. after all the crap with the m9, i am disappointed with HTC…which is hard for me. i have enjoyed their phones from the incredible to the incredible 2, the one and the m8…i will most likely be leaving HTC for LG :-/

  3. Beautiful

  4. Shoulda’ made a new Max. Bad business decision.

  5. htc cant launch more than one phone at launch … they are not like samsung … samsung can launch 10 flagships if they want

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