HTC One M9 has already had its bootloader unlocked


htc one m9 s-off

If your purchase decision for the HTC One M9 hinged on its ability to have its bootloader fully unlocked, you can scratch that prerequisite off your list. Jcase is back at it with his exceptional development skills to provide proof that he has successfully achieved S-OFF just under 24 hours after receiving it (which means a fully unlocked bootloader with no restrictions on your ability to write to the system partition).

And that’s where the story ends — the unlock method is not yet available. Jcase came right out and said there are no ETAs, and that it will likely be weeks before they’re able to release the method to everyone. They’re likely taking the time necessary to create the easiest and safest route possible, and also testing the method to make sure nothing can screw up tons of devices in the process.

The best thing you can do right now is follow Jcase’s Twitter account as he usually posts all updates there. It might not be a bad idea to bookmark this XDA thread as well. Fingers crossed that everything goes according to plan!

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  1. Will be sure not to install any software updates incase HTC pushes a patch.

    1. That’s another good tip, I’ll have to add that to the article.

      1. go jcase, you’re the best! My hero <3

    2. I’m so glad to be over that nonsense now. Playing cat and mouse gets old.

    3. What do you mean? Why would you not be able to install software post root?

      1. Sometimes an update will include changes and the method to get s-off, or the required root before it, won’t work until they sort out a new exploit. This is getting rarer with the Sunshine tool but did happen last year, especially for the Verizon model.

        1. People need to try OTARootKeeper. Keep root through updates.

          1. You’re misunderstanding.

            He is stating that he will not allow HTC to OTA the device until after jcase releases the method. (in fear that that the OTA would break whatever method they are using to achieve s-off)

          2. KingofPing is correct. You don’t solve this with a root keeper. The exploit could be tied to any number of firmware elements and early iterations for s-off can be targeted to a specific hboot (the bootloader) version.

            Root savers have nothing to do with that.

            Unless you’re on Verizon, you may not care about s-off and you can unlock the bootloader through HTCdev.com – but it’s more work to update the radio firmware without s-off.

            S-off is really the way to go.

  2. that was super fast! bravo =)

  3. Nice!

    I hear the VZW version of the S6 is gonna be a no go. That might stop me from buying.

  4. Good to know. I’ll never buy a device with a bootloader that can’t be unlocked giving me full control. That’d be just as insane as buying a laptop PC with a locked down ‘secure boot’ UEFI/BIOS that wouldn’t allow you to wipe it to install linux or windows or whatever else you wanted.

  5. *Blushes*

    1. Why?

      1. Why not?

        1. Context is important. Don’t get the random blushing.

          1. Okay

          2. I mean, was there actually a reason for the blushing thing or was that just for sh!ts and gigs?

          3. Does it matter?

          4. If he’s just typing random nonsense that has nothing to do with the discussion as well as for no good reason I don’t see the point of him submitting a message “blushes”.

          5. Who doesn’t like a little random nonsense?

            Hockeypuck, rattlesnake – monkey * monkey ^ underpants

          6. lighten up, tightwad

          7. Die screaming, hipster douche.

          8. Classy. Real classy.

  6. I dislike jcases approach by charging people.

    1. …and I hope your post gets down-voted off the bottom of the page.

      1. Not all of us can afford iPhones and 2015 BMW’s, King. Sorry to disappoint you.

        1. It’s not my income at issue here. You expect someone other than you to work for free.

          That’s about as entitled and hypocritical as you could possibly get.


    2. simple dont pay for it then. choices are great. on the other hand he is providing a service, and people get payed for that. jeesh

    3. I dislike the demands I get, the ones who demands I invest my money and time into projects, for no reward nor reimbursement. Example, last couple non HTC roots I released. Stump and PurpleDrake for LGG3. I get demands for more support weekly. Money invested? 3 LG phones, totally over 1k. Time? A fair bit. Donations received? $45. Those two releases don’t even compare to the time and money invested into making SunShine. No way SunShine could exist without financial backing. If you want to personally back the costs, let me know, I’ll draft a contract and we can re-release it for free.

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