DuckTales Remastered bounces from consoles to Android devices, but the price might scare you away


DuckTales Remastered lead

A wise man once told me that life is like a hurricane… and starting today, that raging storm of nostalgic gaming bliss is hitting Android devices in the form of DuckTales Remastered.

As the name suggests, DuckTales Remastered is the official HD remake of the amazingly wonderful (and insanely difficult) 8-bit title that launched on the Nintendo Entertainment System back in 1989. So, what kind of impact has 20+ years made? Well, the game’s 8-bit graphics have been updated with sprites so clear and vivid, you’d be hard pressed to find a single pixel. They literally look like cels taken straight from the TV show. Gameplay has also aged well, featuring that same pogo-like action that made the original such a hit.

DuckTales Remastered screenshot

Players take control of Scrooge McDuck who traverses the world in search of treasure and his kidnapped nephews, while facing off against familiar enemies like the Beagle Boys and Magica De Spell. All the levels are here and include the Himalayas, the Amazon, Transylvania, African mines and the Moon, while featuring a digitally enhanced soundtrack and voice overs from the original cast.

DuckTales Remastered screenshot 2

Disney Interactive has released DuckTales Remastered for just about every mobile platform at $10 which includes, yes, our beloved Android devices. While that’s may sound a little steep to the casual Android gamer, keep in mind the title is still $15 on consoles like the PlayStation 3.

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  1. Will go on wishlist till it goes on a $5 sale

  2. 9.99?? does this come with a handy in an alley somewhere?

  3. I think its fair. Considering it was 50 bucks on the nes…is is currently 15 on ps3/4 , 9.99 on android is pretty decent.

    Gotta remember..its a FULL…OFFLINE…fun game. No fremium crap, cant load it on the airplane or subway cause its online crap…

    They put in effort, man power (ie people with salaries) to remaster it..redo graphics..make it touch controllers…etc..

    15+ i think is a bit much..9.99 i think is on the upper end of the acceptable/worth range.

    Id rather pay a premium price for a FULL real game then 99 cent for a POS.
    AND they actually did stuff to warrant the extra cost..not just port a snes or nes ROM with a built in emulator and try and cash in.

    1. I agree $10 is less than $50, but I save up internet before I go on flights.

  4. The perfect way to spend my Google Opinion Rewards dollars!

  5. Games like these should be fully financially supported by us users because they are becoming a rarity.

    Beautifully remastered classic game in 2D.

    This is the art style they SHOULD have used for Sonic 4.

    1. Indeed. But perhaps it should be a bit cheaper on mobile? The standard price for most games is about 5 quid or so, with only very high quality games perhaps going for more. I will say that if it supports hardware controllers and isn’t a buggy mess, then perhaps ten quid is ok (ie: it wasn’t made by the kings of arrogant pricing, Squaresoft).

      However, as it’s not out for the Galaxy Note 2 (the FECK?), I can’t comment upon the game.

  6. how is $10 for a proper game lot of money? the original version probably cost more, along with console and pc game costing way more. i’d be withing to pay pc/console prices if the content was there for mobile, rather then all this free-to-play with ads (currently have 0 of those installed), and $0.99 games. (i came from a time of pong and Atari)

  7. Lol. Will continue to play the original on my android for free via emulator.

  8. What are we teaching kids when Scrooge McDuck is walking around on the moon without a space helmet?

  9. The price doesn’t scare me half as much as how difficult it must be to play. This was one of my favorite games growing ups but without a Bluetooth controller I have my doubts it could be played well.

    Edit: The controls are actually fairly good totally worth $10 of Google Credit from Rewards :)

  10. Bought already (console) and absolutely zero desire in purchasing it again especially when its priced as is – after all the hype this is a stupendously overrated game.

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