T-Mobile will officially push out Lollipop for the LG G3 over-the-air on Tuesday, April 7th


lg g3 lollipop

For those that missed it, Lollipop is already available for T-Mobile’s LG G3 — but only through their PC updating tool. Which is odd, given these things are typically pushed out in the form of an over-the-air the update and downloaded straight to your device.

No matter, T-Mobile’s resident device guru Desmond Smith has shared with us the exact date we can expect Android 5.0.1 Lollipop to hit the phone over-the-air, no computer necessary.

According to Smith, T-Mobile will be pushing out the update on Tuesday, April 7th. So, if perhaps LG’s updater wasn’t working out for you, or you didn’t want to bother with manually flashing the OTA file, rest assured the update is less than a week away.


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  1. March 7th?

    Edit -OK you corrected it :-)

    1. Literally updated the post the second after I hit publish. Man, you’re quick. O_o

      1. I like to watch ya… keep an eye on you, ya know… when ya in the bed sleep

        1. Woah.

        2. Sounds like you took a page out of Twilight…which I’ve never seen or read, btw. The Honest Trailers YouTube take on the series is hilarious, though!

  2. Good God! Ugh

  3. And here I thought only OnePlus was killing puppies and orphans by not having a Lollipop OTA update out for a 2014 phone.

  4. Where is my GS4 LOLLIPOP?

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