The original Tomb Raider officially arrives on Android, only 99 cents on Google Play


Tomb Raider box art

Tomb Raider has seen countless iterations since its debut on the OG PlayStation console back in 1996. It was a time when consoles could barely push polygons, but that didn’t stop young boys all over the world from fantasizing about what was under that turquoise colored tank top (and yes, there have been countless nude mods).

Since then, the game’s lead protagonist — Lara Croft — has grown into a sort of pop icon, appearing in films and landing herself on just about every home/mobile console out there. Chances are if you never played the original, you’ve no doubt controlled Lara in one of her many adventures spanning across the PC, Dreamcast, PS2, GameCube, or her more recent console forays.

Tomb Raider screen shot 1

Today, Lara Croft officially comes to Android devices in the original title that made her famous: Tomb Raider I. The game features the same third-person gameplay that made the original such a hit, with Lara traversing (not so) detailed 3D landscapes, shooting dangerous Lego shaped animals or humans, and of course solving puzzles all for the chance at scoring rare artifacts.

Tomb Raider screenshot 2

Square Enix is offering up the title for only 99 cents without any of that fremium crap, so it definitely wont break the bank. With slightly improved high-res graphics, Lara never looked this good. Well, not by 1996 standards anyway. The game weighs in at 320MB and supports both MOGA Ace Power and Logitech PowerShell gamepads.

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  1. I’d try it but the nostalgia would be over very quickly.

    1. I tried and can confirm the nostalgia faded pretty quickly.

      I played for about an hour and requested a refund. It doesn’t play well on mobiles at all. :(

      1. Thanks for the feedback, I’ll save my change then.

      2. I have it for my PSP, played it for about an hour there too. After playing the new TR on the 360, the older games are just clunky and ugly.

  2. 320 mbs no thank you

  3. I remember having a hard time playing this with my playstation controller, I couldn’t imagine how tough it would be to play on a phone.

  4. Awesome! Once I found out about Tomb Raider, after purchasing my Playstation, I was hooked..

  5. Not available in Japan. Just download a ps1 emulator and run the original tomb raider rom.

    Silly Squaresoft.

  6. try playing the psp remake on ppsspp if you want a good game to play

  7. “Square Enix is offering up the title for only 99 cents without any of that fremium crap”

    As all games should be.

  8. Haha, I remember my brother installing the pc version of this using floppy disks. Oh, good times.

  9. Good to know the android version supports ios controllers…

  10. Where is the thumbnail pic to ogle at?

  11. Know how I knew this was a Chavez piece? :)

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