Sony Xperia Z4 may have stopped by the FCC, confirms micro SD card slot ain’t going nowhere


Sony Xperia Z4 onleaks

There are no guarantees in life. When it comes to mobile devices, just because a previous iteration of a flagship device packed specific hardware (a micro SD card slot and/or removable battery for instance) doesn’t always guarantee the next model will have the same. And if the Samsung Galaxy S6 taught us anything, it’s that long revered hardware features can up and leave in a moment’s notice.

Sony Xperia Z4 PM-0785 FCC

Be all that as it may, we’re hyped about Sony’s next flagship smartphone. Initially we though we could be a ways off from a Sony Xperia Z4 launch, but a new Sony device that recently passed through the FCC — packing almost the same dimensions as the previous Sony Xperia Z3 — could suggest we’re closer to a launch than we previously thought. While the FCC documentation doesn’t reveal too many surprises (the device in question is packing a nice amount of frequency bands to support US networks), it did manage to confirm the existence of the micro SD card slot on the device.

We know, it’s nothing groundbreaking, but sometimes it’s nice to have solid confirmation. Not only that, this could give a little peace of mind to Android fans who felt slighted by Samsung removing the SD card in the Galaxy S6. With FCC certification, we imagine it wont be too much longer before Sony makes it official.

[FCC | via PhoneArena]

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  1. Yes! I’m still on the fence over a Z2/Z3 for a good price! I’ll wait tho to see what Sony drops.

  2. mmm material design making it look too good

  3. I was stressed by rumors of a September launch æ as I now use a galaxy s4 with cm after I smashed my g3 screen by accident. Elegantly tossed my g3 on the bed while changing pants, then tossed the belt on the bed as well resulting in a smashed screen and low patience for waiting! S4 and cm is a bad combo… This is great news! Hoping the s810 problems aren’t really problems though…. The g3 almost melted my hands sometimes.

  4. Honestly…micro SD card slot is no longer an issue for me since I purchase the Meenova SD Card adapter…However. I would like at least a 64gb internal memory option without costing and arm and a leg. I have a 32GB Xperia Z3(26GB available) + a 16GB Micro SD Card ..I’m good with roughly…42GBs..when I do need more…pop in my 32GB SD card via OTG…

    1. It’s always going to be much, much more convenient when you’re not forced to utilize any kind of adapter to enhance your phone’s performance.

    2. I’m running out of the 96gb I have on my Note 3. I like to keep a lot of apps and more importantly try to make a vacation scenario and shoot a bunch of high quality pictures and videos and see exactly how fast that amount of gigabytes that you’re talking about will evaporate.

  5. Do you think Z4 will come with a full HD display or QHD? 5.1 inch or 5.2 inch? it doesn’t make sense to me that Z4 will come with a 5.1 inch screen if the body size is the same as Z3

    1. I hope it’s a bit brighter, whatever screen they use. In my fantasy world Sony switches to super AMOLED.

  6. Sadly, I cannot wait for them to release this nor wait to see if VZW will get it and surely cannot wait around to see if they butcher it like they did the Z3v.

  7. :)

  8. If Sony makes a phablet with a screen at least as big as my Note 3, I will buy it just to spite samDung.

  9. I was going to jump the gun and get the M9 cause the M8 is my favorite phone ever. But I also really like my Z3V. Maybe I should hold off.

  10. I’m buying 10 of these. Hurry.

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