What happens when the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is slammed to the ground like a firecracker? [VIDEO]


Samsung Galaxy S6 Gorilla Glass 4

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge’s front and rear are slathered in glass, and many folks reveled in fear of what could happen should the unfortunate accident occur. Would it shatter into pieces made to look like the grotesque work of demon-like entities?

Well, one brave (or rich, or crazy) person decided to find out for himself. A video uploaded to Chinese video sharing site Youku shows someone slamming their Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge onto cold, hard pavement as if it were a contact firecracker the likes of which you’ve probably played around with as a kid.

The result? It actually came out completely unscathed. Not a single crack is to be had with all that glass, likely a testament to the super strong Gorilla Glass 4 being used. That doesn’t mean the Samsung Galaxy S6 is indestructible — no smartphone is — but if you were wondering if the occasional accidental drop would instantly result in irreversible damage then those fears should now effectively be put to rest.

Of course, that doesn’t give you cause to be careless once you finally receive your $700+ piece of circuitry so we’d still recommend slapping a case on and, you know, not being clumsy. Check the video out above.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. That phone needs a caring home.

    1. i agree… i’ll adopt it :)

  2. Since they like smashing the phone on the ground, like to see them try the same on pavement

  3. But what would happen if you get it wet?

    (synthesized voice: I’m melting! Melting!)

  4. He was attempting to get a one plus two . damn you oppo! Hey anything to get a invite right ?

  5. all comments disappearing again =

    1. Appreciate your patience with your comments disappearing. It seems to be hitting people at other sites using Disqus as well. I’ve kicked this one upstairs and am hoping along with you that this will be resolved soon.

      1. its cool. love phandroid =)

  6. Like She’s Killing Bugs LMAO

  7. Where as android Authority took a tumble and cracked

  8. I wish they did more! really wanted to see how much longer it can take a beating before it cracks. But I think I never cringed so hard for a break test like this

    1. They actually have 2 more videos. She used an S6 Edge to crack open walnuts on an S6.

      And another dude kept dropping the S6 Edge on concrete and it still would not break. So he had to try to break it on purpose several times until it did. I posted the youtube links at my other comment up top.

    2. Rick James would have had some choice things to say about your S6.

  9. I have heard that you can make any phone super strong if you marinate it in a bucket of saltly water overnight. This will double the battery life and the slow chemical reaction overnight would harden the screen like diamond.

    1. Also, the deals you can get on fountain pens on http://www.penisland.com are great.

    2. Use dolphin browser as you need flash to view it.what is great witness dolphin is it actually downloads the required flash plugin for you

  10. Notice she never turns it over after picking the phone up for the last time. Wonder if there was any damage to the back …

    1. If the front didn’t crack why would the back made of the same glass material? Even if the back suffered any damage she didn’t want to show the durability of the phone is impressive, that was quite of a smash, none one would that to their phones and few (or no other) phones would stand half of the first drop.

  11. Yes cold hard pavement in Tile form…

    It’s not pavement but impressive nonetheless!

  12. I’d love to watch the video but it’s not mobile friendly… Really?

    1. Well, she posted it from china.

  13. Let me guess…cheating boyfriend’s phone?

  14. It looks like super thin carpet like the flooring used in many offices, but possibly tile. It is not outdoor concrete. I would like to see it not thrown but simply dropped onto concrete, which we all know is what usually shatters the gorilla glass.

    1. Dude, it’s a solid floor, and shes whipping it at the ground.

      Any carpet material deadens the sound of the impact, my ears hurt after hearing this thing smack.

      Give the phone credit.

      1. oh sorry I did not have volume on when i watched.

    2. Drop test on concrete.


      I disagree with this article that you still need a protective case. If it can survive an accidental drop on concrete, and all you get is a scuff mark on the frame, then you don’t need a protective case around the phone. Why ruin the look of the phone with a protective case when you don’t have to?

  15. These drop test videos always makes the phone nerd in me cringe.

  16. Does anyone know the width of the non-curved portion of the screen? I was actually thinking they should have made the G6E screen slightly larger to account for that…say 5.3″ or 5.4″ as opposed to the 5.1″ they went with. The screen width on my M7 is just over 2.25″, and that’s on a 4.7″ screen. I’m wondering how the non-curved portion of the Edge will compare in size.

    1. You can check out http://www.gsmarena.com they might have the info your looking for. Do a search for the Edge S6

  17. wow!

  18. All the more right reasons for me to keep on moving forward to get it. I’m seriously impressed. Makes me wonder how many times did they try doing this until they got one that didn’t break lol Jk, Regardless I’m still getting one and definitely plan on ever throwing it like that on purpose ?

  19. The time was 12:12… so of course it worked out well.

  20. Bang Snaps.

  21. The S6 and S6 Edge is just BOSS.

    If this is amazing, their other videos for the S6 are pretty insane too:
    (hammer test with walnuts)

    And these durability tests just make me smile even wider that I preordered
    the S6 Edge because I thought I would have to be more careful due to the curved glass. But turns out it’s built like a tank!
    Took him a handful of times to deliberately break the glass until it finally broke.

    (drop test – most durable yet)
    (water test – secretly waterproof/resistant)

    1. Was just about to post this. Hahaha…

    2. This phone cracked just like all phones do on its first facedown drop. The other drops this boy did were NOT facedown. I don’t know many phones at all that will break if it lands on its side or back. What’s so special about it?

      1. This phone is made of glass on BOTH sides. That’s why it matters.

        1. There was no direct landing on the back. The back cameras glass cracked after a fall of 4 inches when android authority was reviewing it. If u think this phone is more durable than others keep dreaming.

          1. You asked why it’s so special, I answered it. I never said it was more durable than other phones. I simply implied it’s surprisingly more durable than what we should expect of a phone with glass on both sides and on both edges. If that’s not impressive, I don’t know what is.

          2. The fact that a phone survives a back drop or side drop is not impressive. Show me a REAL video of one surviving a face drop. And the camera glass broke from a fall of 4 inches and no that’s not a typo.

          3. The fact that a phone with glass on BOTH sides and BOTH edges does not break as easily as expected is impressive because it should be more prone to breaking than a phone without any glass except the front. I never said it would survive a face drop. Also, a back drop for the S6 and a side drop for the S6 Edge is almost tantamount to a face drop for any other phone because of the convenient detail you keep ignoring. Do you get that?

            I also saw the android authority video where that happened. Bad luck? Bad glass? I don’t know, we didn’t see it happen. But here’s a drop where the camera surely hit the ground in the many drops that he did and it did not shatter.

          4. The terms cracked from a 4 inch fall and built like a tank are incompatible.

          5. When did I ever say it’s built like a tank?

          6. The original commenter I was replying to said that. Not you.

          7. Ok, reply to him then.

          8. There is a technology that will solve this problem. It’s called poled. Its plastic oled technology. Until then people need to realize gorilla glass 4 breaks to. Videos like this one are a disgrace and are obviously faked. Slam your galaxy edge like this lady did and you’ll find out the hard way.

          9. Ok.

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