Mar 27th, 2015

YouTube 4K 60fps 2

Technology moves fast and the folks at YouTube are doing their best to stay ahead of the curve. In recent months, we’ve seen Google take new steps to fortify YouTube with a handful of new features and enhancements to keep bleeding edge viewers happy.

By now you’ve heard virtual reality is gearing up to become the next big thing in tech. Although actual VR content is scarce, YouTube recently launch 360-degree 3D videos viewable through the Android app and Chrome web browser. And while most of us are still watching movies/TV shows on our 1080p televisions, love it or hate, we’re now seeing smartphones move to higher-resolution 2K displays. With that, Google added a 1440p option in the YouTube for Android app.

Today, YouTube is now going 1-step above normal 4K steaming, where they’re now experimenting with 4K resolution video running at a blistering 60 frames per second. It’s enough to bring anyone desktop PC to its knees, with our 3 month old MacBook Pro stuttering and freezing like it was on dial up.

Unfortunately for Android users — as with the rest of YouTube’s 60fps content — this is desktop only for now. Not that we would even stream at 4K/60 on our smartphone (the Snapdragon 810 caps at 1080p/120) but 2K would be nice. We’re not sure how much longer this will be the case, but can Android users get a little 60fps love, Google?

Check down below for a few more YouTube videos running at 2160p/60fps (or check out the 6 video playlist here). That Star Citizen video is really impressive.

My pants after watching K-pop in 4K/60fps

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