Surprise: OnePlus One’s Lollipop updates are delayed


oneplus one lollipop

OnePlus made a commitment to get CyanogenMod 12S and OxygenOS out to OnePlus One users by the end of this month. They promised that a failure to do so would result in a phone giveaway to show how serious they were to that commitment.

Aaaaannd it looks like they’re giving away phones. OnePlus One held another Ask Me Anything session on the Android subreddit, and when asked about the Lollipop-based upgrades promised they had some unfortunate news to share: they aren’t positive they’ll be ready in time.

OnePlus says they have stable firmware ready to go and things are running as smoothly as they ought to be, but unforeseen delays in the certification process might extend the timeline a bit further than they originally anticipated. As such, they confirmed they will be giving away at least 5 OnePlus One units. That doesn’t sound like a whole lot to part ways with for a manufacturer, but when you have profit margins as slim as OnePlus’s it’s a pretty big deal.

Perhaps more troubling is that they aren’t willing to give us another estimated release date, but perhaps they’ve learned a valuable lesson in all this and have adopted Cyanogen’s old way of thinking: no ETAs on OTAs, and it’ll be ready when it’s ready. OnePlus One says to stay on the lookout for more information in the days to come.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. thought I was reading an HTC article this whole time

  2. Amazing how the so-called upstart working with a fairly near to stock version of Android is beaten by competitors like HTC who used to be terrible.

    1. I think to some degree it’s a positive thing because people will realize that this is a long process that involves many steps. Prior most people thought that it’s the software modifications that takes so much time, but in reality there are so many things involved. From Q&A (which Google doesn’t do good enough like we’ve seen on the buggy Nexus updates) to certification and so on.
      Even Samsung mentioned kind of that they regret that they rolled out the L Update to the S5 so quickly this year – it just ended up in too many bugs and problems for the users.

      The “normal” consumer will always prefer a well tested update over a quick update.

      1. Not these guys…

    2. Before HTC was terrible they led the industry in time to update, behind the Nexus. I hope that they all make the turnaround and improve the update game.

      With the CM corporate disaster and 1+1 having to dish out two versions of the OS, I can’t say I’m surprised by this move. Not defending them – just not surprised ok.

      1. I thought HTC was great in their abilities to issues updates. Samsung and lg were the worst offenders.

  3. Of course they’re delayed, they are a joke of a company…

    1. I wish I could 1+1 this

      1. LoL u win the internetz today JK

        1. WEEEEEE do I win a 1+1?? no? SWEEEEEEEEEET

  4. Don’t settle!… lol

  5. I own a One plus One… I am very happy with it. I hate these articles because all the trolls come out to play. I am happy with cm11s no issues. The masses are like whining children cause they can’t get it now now now…. Wait for the update.. Stop crying. What other industry gives you FREE software and entire os updates? None. Quit your yapping and sit in the corner and wait for your damn update.

    1. so 1+1 says never settle….but you are settling here….I dunno, sounds like you are whining about other owners whining about having to settle with them not sticking to their word. And I cant settle with that.

      1. What he’s basically doing to everyone.


        1. hahaha so perfect!

      2. Face it, those guys sold out. Now they see the challenge that a lot of the other big companies face getting updates out in a timely manner. They bash Google, but you’re still essentially using their software. Possibly giving away five phones? A hundred would be more forgiving.

    2. Doesn’t google, apple, and Microsoft do just that?

      1. Exactly!

      2. Correction, Google(HTC, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Sony), Apple, Microsoft, BlackBerry does that, it never give me big surprise as many big company will delay their update too

    3. No, people are “whining” because they’re paying customers who purchased a phone under the impression that it would be running Lollipop, officially, within 90 days of it’s release. They’ve failed to keep their word, on several occasions. Setting this explicit deadline, and then failing to deliver, is the icing on the cake and lots of us just don’t trust them any more.

  6. No.. Not settling at all. The update is coming. Being patient is not settling. If I really wanted to I could easily update to a cm12 nightly or another lollipop room available for the one plus.
    As for whining. That’s your opinion… But it’s my opinion that the trolls come out as soon as there is a delay or an issue… It’s normal for that to happen but I wish it wasn’t the case.

    1. of course its coming. I am on a Nexus 6 and am all over these articles about it “coming early March” but here it is, April and I’m still without it. I’m all over the HTC debacle too. I’m happy for you that you love your phone and obviously want to stick up for them, but I think at this point, we find ALL brands crazy for giving firm plans, only to fail to meet the deadline. Its not just 1+1. They wanted to separate themselves from all others, but are doing exactly the same thing in a sense =)

  7. This is good news for many of you but I’ve been using the CM 12 Nightlies and Franco Kernel for the last month without problems. Hopefully, Oxygen will make me want to switch. My battery life is great when using Fanco and not so good if I don’t. Hopefully the kernel they use has the same fix for cpu usage as Franco.

  8. I’d rather wait for a stable 5.1 than upgrade to something buggy anyway at this point. We are going to need double desserts with extra letters with these extra 5.1 patches coming out. I think I saw we are at 5.1i and such now? is that Lollipop Icecream patch?

    1. Didn’t you read the whole thing? They said that they got it ready but there were problems with the certification.

      1. I was referring to Android 5.1 not the 5.0.x that they have ready.

      2. CyanogenMod 12.1 will be based on Android 5.1. There is not even a nightly for that yet. They are about to release CyanogenMod 12 for OnePlus One, which is based on Android 5.0

  9. Weren’t they just making fun of HTC who put out their lollipop update?

    1. YEP! thats why this guy whining about everyone cracking on them is funny to me

  10. Well if the oneplus one company fails to deliver the update I wish they stand on their word of giving the device free to each customer and I am waiting for it

    1. yea just so you know they arent giving a free phone to EVERY customer. Only five phones and thats it.

  11. They’re going to send out invites to be allowed to download the 5.0 update.

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  12. Got my OnePlus on March 2nd, went to class, then work. As soon as I got home I rooted it and installed CM12. Haven’t looked back since

    1. Wow you must be somekind of computer genius……. Praising sarcastically in amassment!!!!!! People are so lazy!

      1. I’d have to be some kind of computer genius to fully understand what you are trying to say

        1. Aye! If you don’t understand what I’m saying, then please stay quiet.

          1. On the contrary, you should stay queit as I didn’t reply to you to begin with. Stay in your lane Lil homie

  13. I’m disappointed in oneplus. One of the reason I got the phone was that they will not be like other big companies who can’t deliver the update. Now they are behind and those same companies already released lollipop for several phones.

    1. I’ve got Lollipop on my Nvidia Shild tablet. It’s ok but I wouldn’t get too upset about not having the upgrade yet. You won’t notice much difference in performance, just a different look.

      1. I do have it on my nexus 10 and nexus 4 (which is pretty much a remote control for my chromecast at this point). I do like some of the improvements. Some apps work better but not all. I had problems with netflix soon after the switch. Now it’s fixed.

  14. Typical. Just like every other company, making us settle. This’ll be my final Oneplus device I believe

    1. More for us then

  15. I am running lollipop from day one. Using CM12 nighties. The ROM is stable!

  16. I bought this phone back in September on the pretense that I would have Lollipop in my hand 90 days after Google’s official release. There is no excuse to be more than a month behind on a promise they made well in advance of Google’s release. I have lost faith in this company to deliver. May never buy a Oneplus phone again because their word is worthless. The idea that giving away 5 phones to people who have nothing better to do than sit on the Oneplus forum all day is a token apology at best.

    1. Completely agree. They’ve mis-sold a product to consumers who have purchased it under the impression they would have Lollipop. I’ve completely lost trust in them and I certainly won’t be buying anything else from them. Never Settle? They should think about changing that tagline.

      1. I’m as frustrated as you guys, but I think your anger is misdirected. The three month promise was based on a contract formed with Cyanogen. Cyanogen chose to violate and end that contract – not Oneplus. At best you can fault Oneplus for doing business with a shady company like Cyanogen, but you already knew that when you bought the phone.

        1. I’m not angry. I just have absolutely no trust in them, and won’t buy anything else from them in the future. Their promise may have initially been based on a broken contract but they’ve continued to lie to their customers, setting deadlines that they, in reality, knew they wouldn’t meet. No, I’m done with them now. My money, along with many others, will be taken elsewhere from now on.

    2. First of all you bought the phone for the specs, if you want firmware get the not so stable version of cyanogen. It couldn’t be any worse then what Google puts out. Stop blaming companies for absurd expectations. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Either be patient or join the rest of the modders out there and test something out.

      1. Absurd? lol Yes, its absurd to think when a company makes a promise that they will keep that promise…

        1. Your damn right!!! That’s why with android we try and take as much control in our own hands.

  17. Need lollipop just download and install cm12 stop bitch#$g

  18. I agree with Jeff 72, I’d much rather wait for a stable build instead of going through what I have been with his screen constantly freezing! its been a month and a half with Customer Care not answering some simple questions! do I feel like they owe me a phone? yeah for all aggravation and B’s from customer service that’s a definite yes!

  19. Fail. Buggy nightlies that randomly crash and reset are great for teenagers. Knock yourselves out, but real grown ups produce dependable software on time. Apparently, Cyanogenmod is still a college kid modding hobby. AKA: a joke. It’s not hard to understand why Oneplus is bringing in their own ColorOS.

    Cyanogen has not delivered a 100% build yet. Double tap your screen and see if it wakes. See that error in your log? Yep. That’s a bug, kiddies. You’d think the last KitKat build would be polished, wouldn’t you?

    Let’s not forget the way Cyanogen turned their backs on Oneplus after they signed a contract. Even worse, Oneplus found out about Benedict Cyanogen’s Indian antics the same way we did: the press.

    Keep it classy, Cyanogen. Keep it classy.

    Cyanogenmod is still a bunch of Dorito-munching college kid Github geeks. Professionals honor contracts and meet deadlines.

    1. You seem to forget that Cyanogenmod, not Google, seems to be the only entity capable of producing a lollipop rom without terrible memory leaks, poor battery life and lots of crashes

    2. I agree cyanogenmod did turn their backs on one plus. They completely lost their credibility but I am running cm12 on my one plus …posting it from and it has been very stable with no issues

    3. lol. If you didn’t know Cyanogenmod is the most stable custom ROM and has the most supported Phones. Cyanogenmod is not the one who made the deadline, it was Oneplus, And why are you expecting a smooth ROM when it’s not yet stable. BTW, ColorOS is NOT Oneplus’.

      1. Exactly. Cyanogen is a fairly stable “custom” rom from an XDA modding hobby shop. The company signed a big boy adult contract and the github amateurs played XBox instead of doing their jobs. I get it. You’re right; its Oxygen OS that will replace Cyanogen. Nevertheless, Cyanogen has not grown up and they have not earned the respect they covet. Fan boy it up, kiddo.

  20. If people really want lollipop that bad then buy a $600 phone that has it or flash cm12 on your OPO. Otherwise shut the hell up and be patient because its coming. Not even the industry leaders release updates when they say they will. Believe it or not, there are valid reasons for this.

    I cant believe how many children are bitching and moaning about this. My OPO is excellent with CM11 and it makes absolutely no difference whether it “looks” like lollipop to me because that’s about all your gonna get. If you bought the phone just for the lollipop update you are an idiot.

    1. You sound harsh but it’s true. I tend to stay away from tech blogs due to this. I’d love to see someone go to car dealer and complain about recalls or ask why the car they bought doesn’t specialize in something it never was supposed to. Phones are so personal people treat then as an extension of themselves and it’s sad.

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