Google Keep update finally adds labels, reoccurring reminders, and floating action button [DOWNLOAD]


Google Keep DSC09107

Google Keep 3.1 is now hitting the Play Store for some folks. Arriving today in a staged rollout, the update is huge (at least for us) finally introduces a few much needed functionality to the previously bare bones note taking app.

First up is the new floating action button. It’s a small Material design tweak, and allows users to quickly add a new recording, photo, list, or just a general note with 2 taps.

Google Keep 3.1 update

Google has also added the ability to add reoccurring reminders, this way you can dismiss the notification for now, but will be reminded either daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. There’s also the custom option if you’d like to fine tune the reminder to every few days, until a date, or for a number of events. We can’t stress how insanely helpful this is.

Lastly, labels have finally made their way into Keep. It’s basically the folder system we’ve been asking since the app’s inception, with the ability to move notes into a label and organize your digital mess of a life. Set up a label for work, video games, or just whatever the heck it is you’re into (sexy Instagram ladies?). We have a feeling many of you who were holding out on Keep will return solely for this feature alone.

This is a huge update and if it hasn’t hit your device just yet, you can download and install it from us right here. Enjoy.

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  1. Sweet.

  2. Now downloading..

  3. That took long to scan and install. Thanks. Brings it in line with Calendar app as that has the same reminder time set up (which I hate), and I’m already getting Now reminders saved into my Calendar.

    Never thought I’d be so happy to see labels. BUT a labels list should be optional as default view. For now it’s still a mess of notes upon first opening the app.

    Still not up to par with Evernote IMO, but it’s definitely my go to for quick notes because Evernote is slow as hell.

  4. what’s with the funky switch in the last photo

    1. Its an on off option for the repeat setting. On non lollipop it shows up as Off/On

      1. but why is it a square

        1. Because they made it that way (?)

  5. Some nice additions to the app, but the colours…. wooooh they are a bit strong, they need to mute them a bit.

    1. Welcome to Lollipopland.

      1. Yeh, but these are stronger than usual colours…..

  6. Finally. I’ve been hating the fact that I can do it on inbox but not keep. But I can make a list in keep, but not inbox. I’ve tried all kinds of apps but I rely on recurring notifications so much. Thanks google!

  7. So glad so see this update, nicely done

  8. I hope the super jank is fixed!

  9. “is now hitting the Play Store for some folks.”

    What does this mean exactly? It wasn’t available for me. Is this to smooth network traffic or do they have to build/test for different platforms and they release as the finish each one (hard to believe)? Seems like an unnecessary flaw in Google’s delivery model to me.

  10. Finally! Thanks G for listening!

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