The LG G Flex 2 launches on US Cellular March 26th


LG G Flex 2 DSC07593

US Cellular has announced that they will be offering the LG G Flex 2 starting March 26th. The phone will cost $630, though you can get it for $0 down and $31.50 per month for 20 months. US Cellular opted to provide the Platinum Silver color option only, so you won’t have much of a decision to make once you head to your nearest store.

The LG G Flex 2 is a very decent phone by 2015’s standards. Here’s what LG put on paper for us when we visited them for a look at the device at CES earlier this year:

  • 5.5″ Curved Full HD P-OLED Display
  • 13 MP OIS+ Laser Auto Focus Rear Camera and 4K Ultra HD Camcorder
  • 2.1MP Front Camera with Gesture Shutter and Gesture View
  • 3,000 mAh Battery with Fast Charge, allowing for a 50 percent charge in less than 40 minutes
  • Operating System: Android 5.0
  • Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 810 Processor
  • Storage: 32 GB ROM (21GB of usable memory) with a microSD slot
  • Dimensions: 5.87 x 2.96 x 0.35 inch

Doesn’t sound like a bad alternative to the LG G4 if you’re getting tired of waiting. Don’t forget that this thing also has an improved self-healing back so scratches evaporate just as soon as they appear. Will you be getting one?

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. $130 more than SPRINT for the same phone? WTFH?!

    1. Now people see where that low monthly bill payment is coming from.

      Couldn’t one use a Tmo version?

      1. I wish T-Mo had it. I think USC uses VZW’s network,so, I’m guessing any other variant wouldn’t work.

        1. I’m pretty sure U.S. Cellular is gsm based.

        2. Just checked , I was wrong U.S. Cellular is CDMA.

        3. really wish VZW would carry this phone

  2. 11gb used off the bat…

    1. Check out my comment..I said the same thing! Well….sorta..

      1. Lol its pretty much what I was thinking

  3. 21GB of usable storage..C’ Mon now Samsung Jr. Let’s not make the next clunky touchwiz now…

    1. The G ui has always been Touchwiz Jr.

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