Deal: Get the HTC RE camera for $99 (that’s 50% off) at Best Buy



Quick deal alert for folks wanting to add some funky stuff to their digital photography kit. The HTC RE Camera is on sale for $99 at Best Buy, which is a full $100 off its normal retail price. HTC RE is meant to be a sporty camera that challenges products like the GoPro. Strap it to a helmet, a bike or something else and take unique photos and videos of the world — what’s not to like?

You can even live stream your musings in real-time and automatically sync clips to use for highlights with HTC’s Zoe app in Google Play (available to anyone with an Android phone, not just HTC users). Unfortunately it looks like Best Buy no longer has any orange units in stock, but the Blue and White are just as readily available as anything else.

Wondering how well this thing works? Here are just a few quick samples to give you a good idea before you run over to your local Best Buy:

Head here if you’re looking to scoop one up.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

Here’s the full version of the Android “Wear what you want” ad by Google [VIDEO]

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  1. Still too much money for the little I would use it :/
    Good deal though

  2. i’m not a huge fan of the wide angle lense look. Otherwise this looks nice.

  3. Must… resist… impulse buy…

    This would be good for the web series we *try* and do… I guess it wouldn’t hurt… I have the extra money…

  4. Every time I look at these, I think of playing with one of these as a kid my grandpa had

    1. is that a fleshlight?

    2. Woah, you’re a time traveler, that’s amazing!! So did you come back to the year 2015 solely to tell us that your Grandfather had one of these while you were a child, or are you going to enlighten us on the mobile devices of your time?

  5. I bought one to play with… Would never have tried one at 200. Look forward to playing with a new toy.

    1. did you like it?? i just did not understand how it have such bad quality. it was good underwater but the video other than that I found to be fuzzy

      1. After a day of playing with it… I don’t think that it was worth even $100. But my wife will enjoy filming the kitten for a week or two with it. Dropped a 32GB card in it and started filming video and it was all dark and most was out of focus.

        1. yeah I returned mine too. I’m going to watch for this Xiaomi one for under $100 bucks, hopefully later this year!!

  6. I was one of the crazy people who jumped on this when it first came out. Sold this very quickly. slow mo is horrible, picture quality is not GREAT…not horrible either. video quality if not bad, but I’m only saying that because of the price. Hope you have steady hands if you buy this thing. otherwise, nothing will ever come out right!

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