Google is giving away $80 worth of freebies to Chromecast owners


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Google continues to make the case for everyone on the planet to own a Chromecast. Their latest promotion puts $80 worth of freebies up for grabs just for owning a Chromecast. That’s over twice the amount it costs to buy a Chromecast, which is exactly what you need to do to get these deals.

Buy a Chromecast any time between today (March 20th) and April 19th to qualify for the rewards. The rewards include a three-month subscription to Google Play Music All Access, one month of Qello Concerts, three months of DramaFever, three-month of Sesame Street GO, and a free movie rental from Google Play Movies. It continues to pay to own a Chromecast.


[via Engadget]

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  1. “to Chromecast owners” and “just for owning a Chromecast” – no, don’t you mean “just for BUYING a Chromecast” or “to Chromecast BUYERS”.

    1. yeah I read it the same way….luring me in are you google?

    2. What are you after you buy a Chromecast? A Chromecast owner.

      1. what happens if you are already a Chromecast owner?

        1. You get nothing as it is for BUYERS who BUY between March 20th to April 19th.

          1. You get the joy of clicking on this article for no reason and padding the pockets of the site (yes I know that’s hyperbole, and no I’m not against the site making money). ;)

          2. oh i know, I was making the same point as you. they are left in the cold if you already own one.

          3. Ahh.. ok. And really, i don’t care if I get something here or not. I scored $6.99 on the last offer. It’s all good. I was merely saying this posts title and wording is totally misleading.

          4. Seems Joe’s articles have been doing that a lot lately.

        2. I’ve had mine since it came out.

          I just redeemed my free movie rental about 5 minutes ago.

          The list shows up for you in Chrome whether you redeemed the offers already or not.

          They don’t list expiration dates.

          Two years ago IS buying by the date stated.

          You’re not left out in the cold if this is the first you’ve heard about it.

          1. well I take back what I said then =)

      2. His point is it doesn’t apply to existing owners, but new buyers. The title implies otherwise, which creates more clicks on the article. :P

        Edit: and the source article’s title doesn’t imply false hope either

      3. Really? This one is for Chromecast BUYERS – trying to get new people, so a current owner cannot benefit from this. You know the difference and the point.

        1. what are you talking about? I bought my chromecast a year ago and still took advantage of one of the freebies mentioned in this article, i was already an EXISTING owner, not a current buyer. I got the freebie valentine’s day one.

          1. What am I talking about? I am talking about what the terms of the offer say. THAT is what I am talking about. I didn’t make up the terms, they are posted and the terms clearly state “with the PURHASE of a Chromecast.” and “Redeem this offer WHEN YOU BUY and set up your Chromecast by Apr 19, 2015.”


          2. Exactly. I haven’t had a chance to test it myself, but there was zero information pointing to this working for current owners, and there have been offers in the past that didn’t work for existing owners. So the original point you made (that I and a few others agree with) is completely valid and not nullified by the fact that a few have stated it will work for existing owners. Joe just got lucky his headline could match up with truth… :P

          3. I can confirm for me at least, being an owner of a Google Chromecast since day one, I also have these exact same offers right now. I have, however, used most of them other than the rent an HD play movie for free which I will use soon :) Looks like Google is rewarding anyone who has purchased a chromecast and new chromecast owners. Hope everyone receives these offers!

          4. OK… you might be talking about the terms of the offer…. But everyone else is talking about the TITLE of this article, that says ANY OWNER, doesn’t necessarily have to be a buyer, but ANY OWNER, can take advantage of the freebies. Obviously, there is a difference in verbage between this article that talks about any owner, and the official terms that talk about buyers.

          5. What you got was something that was offered to Chromecast owners months ago. Just because you are noticing/activating it now doesn’t mean that everyone who bought a Chromecast before today will be able to get the $80 bunch of gifts.

      4. If anyone bothered to check their chromecast you’d see it does apply to current chromecast owner’s assuming you haven’t already used the offers up.

      5. If you want to use the word “owners” here, at least say “new owners”. Existing owners don’t get this.

        1. Except existing owners do… Check your chromecast. That being said most of its really that great of deal other than the free rental.

          1. the current set of offers don’t really interest me too much – but over time there have been better offers. i’ve gotten 4 free movies (not rentals but full rights to the HD movies) as well as straight cash credits to my google account twice.

            i’m also in the middle of a play music trial that came with my chromebook and will likely extend that via the chromecast offer if such action is allowed.

        2. as others have said, these offers are generally available to EVERY chromecast regardless of how old it is.

          each offer can be redeemed once per chromecast, so if you share the device with others in your household, it is possible for THEM to consume the offers before you try to do so yourself. at which point you’ll be told the offer is already used if/when you try to consume it yourself (but you’ll still see the offer presented).

          we bought our chromecast maybe a year ago or so – we still get all the offers as they are reported.

          1. I see that. I have to wonder why Google’s own page says these are only for new customers?

      6. @Joe_Fedewa:disqus

        Do any of these “owners” have lives?

    3. All the offers are available to me, and I’ve owned mine since the day it came out

    4. i’ve given 3 chromecasts away as gifts – these offers are available to the OWNERS of these devices today, not just to whomever BOUGHT the chromecasts. there is a distinct difference.

      if i bought you lunch, would i benefit from the calories and nutrients that you consume? nope. those benefots go to whomever CONSUMES that food. and in this case, the chromecast offers go to whomever OWNS to device. google doesn’t know (or care) who actually bought it.

  2. A lot of times these offers are accesible on chromecasts you already own just depends on the offer(obviously straight cash/credit Back doesn’t usually apply unless it’s a new purchase)

  3. “Google is giving away $80 worth of freebies to Nexus Player owners” – said no one ever

    1. “People lining up to buy a Nexus Player” – said no one ever

  4. I really wish there was a Chromecast Windows application, or a way to plug a Chromecast directly into a PC. I have a HTPC setup at home using Kodi (formerly XBMC), and just don’t see reason to have a Chromecast that requires me to switch the inputs on my TV.

    1. You do know it auto switches to chromecast? so you only have to switch input back oneway.

      1. It might do that on your TV, but it doesn’t for any of the TVs I have Chromecasts plugged into.

        1. You have to have hdmi-cec enabled(almost every tv manufacturer has a different brand name for it but they are all the same) Trade names for CEC are Anynet+ (Samsung), Aquos Link (Sharp), BRAVIA Link and BRAVIA Sync (Sony), HDMI-CEC (Hitachi), E-link (AOC), Kuro Link (Pioneer), INlink (Insignia), CE-Link and Regza Link (Toshiba), RIHD (Remote Interactive over HDMI) (Onkyo), RuncoLink (Runco International), SimpLink (LG), T-Link (ITT), HDAVI Control, EZ-Sync, VIERA Link (Panasonic), EasyLink (Philips), and NetCommand for HDMI (Mitsubishi).[75][76][77][78][79]
          Yes older tv’s may not have it, but surprisingly most hdmi equipped tv’s do for input switching, now power on from cec is much rarer feature plus you have to leave chromecast powered 24/7

          1. I had to turn off HDMI-CEC on my TV, it conflicted with my a/v receiver and made it so I had to turn it on, off and then back on before sound would go through. Bizarre and it took me a long time to figure out why it was happening.

          2. That sucks, I don’t know much about it, but I know there is a setting on my Samsung tv about letting hdmi-cec equipment turn off all equipment attached maybe that had something to do with it? Again it’s definitely not perfect especially getting different manufacturers to agree to a standard is always an uphill battle

  5. Yes. The title is very misleading.

  6. I bought my chromecast the first day they came out, and I have all 6 of those offers available to me. Although I already redeemed Valentine’s day one.

  7. If this were offered on a new computer it would be considered crapware. Its nothing but free trials. They are really not giving anything

    1. except the CASH bit (valentines promo is just $5 credit to your google account).
      aside from that, these are free short duration subscriptions to services that you otherwise need to pay monthly for, so yeah they ARE giving some months of service away.

      unlike crapware on a PC (e.g. a trial version of an office suite) which falsely puts a time or functional limit on an otherwise useful app/service, the short-but-free subscriptions given away here are completely unencumbered during the time you use them and fully represent the subscription model to be used even after your freebie period expires.

      google can’t very well just give away lifetime subscriptions for these 3rd party services.

      google HAS, in the past, given away full “ownership” of movies. i’ve got XMen, Transformers, and Wreck-it-Ralph [EDIT: oh, plus “Lord of the Rings”] all for free from google. not rentals, not limited time viewings, but full rights to download/watch as often as i like for as long as google is still in business.

      so the free movies (i’ll ignore the “free rental” if you like) coupled with the cash-value credits to my google account, have already accumulated more value then the selling price of the chromecast at the time i bought it. and these things have had real and persistent value in my account. crapware you say? i say, “keep it coming”.

  8. Nothing but a bunch of crapware, I say no! Bad bad Google, I don’t need no crap.

    1. How… how is any of that crapware? None of it is even software.

      1. especially the MONEY bit – how can any amount of $ credit withing google’s ecosystem be “crapware”? @Magnus100:disqus : i think you’ve got a little bias showing through here.

    2. i got 35 in Google currency, so its all good :)

  9. I have had mine since like release.. I have all the new offers mentioned here available.

  10. For UK owners (yes owners, not new buyers) swap out dramafever and sesame street for 3 months of Now TV, and it’s £5 credit instead of $6 (doesn’t mention anything about Valentine’s day, if that matters). Everything else is the same.

    1. *Now TV entertainment, now the full lot.

  11. The folks at phandroid are the real MVP, finally getting to see the new planet of the apes

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