Atari turns your fitness routine into a game with Atari Fit



Here’s something completely unexpected: Atari is getting into the fitness game. Yes, that Atari. The same company that made Pong back in the day. Their new app, called Atari Fit, is aimed at making fitness more like a game, something they know a lot about.

Atari Fit is all about making fitness more like a casual game. Over 100 exercises and 30 workout plans are included in the customizable programs. Everything from running to full-body programs are included. What’s even cooler is that Atari Fit doesn’t require any fancy fitness devices.

Atari Fit supports existing wearables such as Fitbit and Jawbone. It also connects with fitness apps like Google Fit and Runkeeper. As you exercise you will earn achievements like you would in a video game. You can even earn rewards to unlock classic Atari games such as Pong, Super Breakout, and Centipede. If this is the motivation you need to get up and move, download Atari Fit right here.

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  1. “Yes, that Atari. The same company that made Pong back in the day.”

    It’s not the same company. The Atari brand has been bought and sell several times since then. The current Atari’s only connection to the old Atari is the brand name.

  2. Apps like this always have one big flaw. Exercising is one thing but you won’t make any progress without a proper diet. And that’s one thing the never add to this type of apps.

    1. Progress is a forward movement toward a goal, so amount of progress depends on what you goal is, but yes you will absolutely make progress with exercise alone. I do agree with you that diet and exercise go hand in hand, but doing one part is better than doing nothing.

      1. That’s true but to lose weight you need to burn more calories then you eat. The most important part about losing weight is eating healthy and not to much.

        1. That’s just it. You assuming every user’s goal is to lose wight, if that is the case then you are right. If the goal is different (i.e. become stronger or more flexible) then diet has little to do with achieving the goal.

          I just don’t want users to be bypass those kinds of apps (this one specifically is really glitchy at this time) that can potentially help them, just because it is said to be useless without the proper diet.

          1. You also need to eat properly if you wanna get stronger. You can work out al you want to but it won’t have much effect without enough protein.

    2. its better than doing nothing at all

  3. lol, one more lame app

    1. guess i missed the punchline?

  4. I made a big and at the same time really difficult change. I decided that is time to
    make a difference and put my body at the top(and to test what I can do) what I am trying to say is that the only important thing that you need is motivation absolutely and undoubtedly the one thing you need. And even Fit Pros and

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