Samsung prepared to bring 128GB flash storage to mid range phones



While we’re waiting for most flagships to get off the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB trends, Samsung is already looking to bring mid-range devices up to the new 128GB standard. The company has announced the development of a new 128GB NAND flash module based on 3-bit eMMC 5.0.

It’s a low-cost, low-power technology that delivers a level of performance acceptable for mobile devices without sucking your battery dry. This is opposed to the advanced UFS 2.0-based NAND flash found inside the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

Samsung’s intentions for this stick to hit mid-range might not make much of a difference in terms of actual availability. They might use it in a few of their own mid-range options down the line, but if this module is more expensive for an OEM than, say, a traditional 16GB or 32GB option then they’re likely to go with that to keep costs as low as they can. It’s cool that it’s here, though, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that it makes its way into some decent smartphones once Samsung begins sampling.

[via BusinessWire]

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  1. for how much though?

  2. Just popped a 128Mb microSD into my Z3 compact.

    Mmmmm, spacious!

    1. Um I hope you meant 128GB…;-)

      1. Lol! Yeah 128 Mb! That’s crazy space ;)

        1. It’s even funnier if you read it as Megabits.

  3. good move sammy!

  4. I really want 128GB as the new standard at a reasonable cost, especially if your going to pull MicroSD from the device. The cloud isn’t always available and carriers tend to throttle bandwidth. Still can’t understand why they removed the MicroSD and waterproof at the same time (speaking of just Samsung).

  5. I don’t care how much internal storage my phone has, I still want the MicroSD slot for removable backup that can survive device failure.

    1. If your only concern is to back up data, why not just use your computer? I have also assumed you have a computer.

      1. I pretty much never connect my phone to a computer, and often I’m out and about for days at a time without a computer and with my phone as my only electronic device. Just because I don’t have a computer nearby doesn’t mean I don’t have data to be backed up. Plus, backing up to a computer requires a manual process. Backing up to my SD card can be automated and can happen anytime as the SD card is always in there. So I have automatic nightly backups to my SD card. These have saved my butt MULTIPLE times per phone over MULTIPLE smartphones, including my recent S2 failure which forced me to upgrade to the S5 (which may likely be my last Samsung phone if they don’t bring back MicroSD cards and removable batteries).

        1. LoL!! I can see you’ve been scarred. I’ve had a fair share of SD cards and flash drives go out on me. So I don’t trust them all that much. I’d go through that manual process on a computer.

          I’ve sold my soul to Google, so I used the cloud for backup as well.

          1. Just like I don’t want to be limited to making backups when a computer is nearby, I don’t want to be limited to only being able to back up when I have wireless service. Cloud storage capacities themselves are too limiting and expensive, and in this day and age of capped data plans and limited wireless coverage (unless you’re an urban shut-in who never travels from the oasis of the city) depending on the “cloud” for large-scale backup is a joke.

            A 64GB MicroSD card is cheaper and a one-time charge. And backup isn’t my only reason for wanting a MicroSD slot. I also appreciate being able to have storage at market prices (cheaper) than Samsung prices, and able to expand my storage later without being forced into a new phone.

          2. Yea… Had I had more faith in SD cards, I’d rely on them more. The cloud has been good to me. And it’s not my fault I’m an urban shut-in. Houston is a large enough city for me to travel around. =.P

  6. you mean going from 8-16GB directly to 128 GB? Not going to happen.

    1. Are you saying they’re going to bring out low-cost 32-64GB flash cards just because they have to go in order?

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