Reminder: Google I/O 2015 registration opens today at 9am Pacific, and here’s what you need to know


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Here’s a quick reminder for any developers hoping to get in on the fun in San Francisco for Google’s annual developers’ conference: registration opens today at 9am Pacific. It will be hectic as Google I/O has consistently sold out within hours (and, in recent times, minutes) of ticket sales going live, but things will happen a bit differently this year:

  • Registration will run three days — between March 17th and March 19th.
  • Registering for a ticket does not guarantee you a ticket. Applicants are selected at random once the aforementioned registration window closes to give people a fair shot of going to the event.

This is a much saner route than years prior where Google would open the floodgates and only those lucky enough not to be smacked in the face with frustrating server issues are allowed to purchase a ticket.

The best thing you can do to prepare right now is to make sure your Google / Google+ profile information is all accurate and up-to-date. Google has used Google+ information as default registration details in the past so let this serve as a good reason to finally update that old profile you abandoned a while back. Google might also be making use of Google Wallet for payment, so be sure your payment sources are all up to date and ready to go.

Other than that, grab some coffee and start smashing that F5 button promptly at (or even a bit before) 9am Pacific. This new registration system doesn’t mean people won’t be eager to sign up. Servers might crash. Hair might fall out. People might die. OK, that’s a bit melodramatic, but prepare for anything because only so many people can be packed inside the 6,000-person venue known as the Moscone West, and there will be a lot more than 6,000 people trying to stamp their tickets to the event when it kicks off May 28th.

[via Google I/O]

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      1. Pretty much. Maybe add cash in my hand.

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