Get the wireless Bluetooth Cloud Buds for only $24.99 from



Want to save 77% on a pair of high-quality wireless headphones for use with your Android device? Head on over to now to take advantage of a special deal for a pair of Bluetooth Cloud Buds in-ear headphones.

Get the Bluetooth Cloud Buds for $24.99 from

These wireless headphones feature lightweight design, a noise-canceling shell, and a built-in microphone for ultimate functionality. Bluetooth wireless technology gives perfect audio reproduction at a range of up to 30 feet, all without the hassle of wires to hold you back. For the active folks out there, optional ear hooks hold the Bluetooth Cloud Buds securely in place.

Normally priced at $109, the wireless Bluetooth Cloud Buds can be had now for only $24.99 through Buy now and get free shipping. Share with a friend and earn $10!

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  1. anybody have these? Do they suck? :)

  2. I just got em, needed new ones so figured why not. Also, if you put in your email you’ll get an extra 10% off. $22.49 for them after the 10%

    1. Have you received them yet? If so how do they sound and how’s the fit in your ear?

      1. I just ordered them today, banking on them being decent.

        1. Can’t beat the price. As long as they are usable they should be pretty good

  3. I want to know how they sound as well.

  4. Need more info before I’d consider, like who made it, model # and probably more important why does it take 3-4 weeks to ship (shipping direct from China?). Also the little caveat “All Sales Final” is questionable.

    1. Agree, Android Area is a joke.

    2. Yeah “All Sales Final” kind of wonder what the “standards” are.

      Also, Amazon has quite a few Bluetooth earbud sets in that price range.

  5. The little answer/microphone thing looks a bit big/heavy. I’m not sure if these buds stay in very well because of it.

  6. AndroidArea takes way, way too long to ship orders.

  7. Searched around and it looks like these are made by TOCCs. The headphones aren’t showing up on their website though. This same deal is advertised on a bunch of other sites too.

    1. If they are made by TOCCs, I’ll pass. I have a set of their headphones and the sound on the ones I have are horrible.

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