Take a VR tour of Google’s first retail store via new Cardboard app


Google Shop VR app tour

Google has officially opened their first retail store in Currys PC World in London. Called the “Google Shop,” the new store displays a variety of Google devices ranging from Android Wear smartwatches, to Chromebooks and Nexus devices. It’s really not unlike the smaller displays they already have inside of Best Buy locations.

The big difference is their London shop is much larger and features interactive experiences like Chromecast demos, or even a doodle wall where the user can use an electronic spray can to shoot virtual paint onto the wall. According to Business Insider, who got a firsthand look at the store, retail associates were actually real life Googlers, with one associate mentioning he previously worked on Google Glass (and we all know how that turned out). Ouch.

Because not everyone can make the trek out to London to experience the Google Shop for themselves, Google is also launching a new virtual reality app in the Play Store, giving users a 360-degree tour of the new store via Google Cardboard. Definitely a cool way to show off the fruits of their labor. The Google Shop is expected to launch in several new locations in the coming months, with Fulham and Thurrock, in Essex next on the list.

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  1. These cardboard articles just remind me of my buyers remorse about spending $12 (iirc) for my Note3-compatible Google Cardboard kit. It’s a sub-par experience (on my Note3), as expected, and nothing is exciting enough for me to drag it out of my drawer again and putz with it.

    WAITING FOR Oculus/Vive/other.

    1. What, exactly, were you expecting for $12?

      Oculus Rift and the like will be $300+.

      1. I was expecting cardboard to be ‘adequate’ instead of abysmal.

        1. Wrong apps, maybe? Wrong platform? I’m having a blast with it and my iPhone. It’s a hit at parties.

  2. Why didn’t they open their first retail store here in America? I would have expected something in NYC or the bay area.

    1. seems like they are focusing more and more on international affairs….they did get 5.1 before us =)

    2. Maybe b/c of legal issue? A store is an Apple thing in the US, not sure if any other companies are legally allowed to open a store.

    3. They already kinda do this in the States, just not quite to this scale. Check out your local Best Buy.

  3. Looks like the Google shop-in-shop in Saturn, Hamburg, Germany which was opened in 2013. I hope the new concept will also be adapted here.

  4. Google trying to be Apple again… the only problem is that, unlike Apple, Google is not seen as fun or cool which is why they fail.

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