Boxer will be the driving force behind Cyanogen OS’s email



For far too long has Cyanogen been content with AOSP’s email experience. They want to give their users better, so they’ve teamed up with Boxer to bring an email experience that might actually make you want to use email.

The partnership will make Boxer’s email app the default for the forthcoming Cyanogen Os 12 update, and it will be pre-installed as the email client on devices that ship with Cyanogen OS going forward.

This new partnership between Boxer and Cyanogen brings more than just pre-installation clauses. Boxer’s user interface is getting upgraded to match the look and feel that will be present throughout Cyanogen OS 12, and there are a few unique features that Cyanogen users will have access to that aren’t currently available in the existing Boxer app:

  • Customization: Cyanogen users can now set their own left and right swipe actions, notification sounds, account colors for LED email notifications, and create custom inbox folders.
  • Integrated Task Management: Users can create a task, set a due date, priority level, and even set an assignee right from their inbox.
  • Integrations: Cyanogen users will be able to access popular productivity apps, including Evernote, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and others, right inside their email inbox.

Looks good, sounds good to us. No word on if any of these changes will ever find their way into the Google Play version of Boxer yet, but we’ll be looking to find out. In the meantime take a look at the sneak peak they gave us in the image above and patiently await the Cyanogen OS update we’re all greatly anticipating.

[via Boxer]

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  1. really?? I had this for a few days and never had an app crash as much. And it just has this iOS type feel to it….with this and a Microsoft-future-influence, this company is not making right moves.

    1. I agree. I don’t like Cyanogen. I rooted many phones and their OS always 100% had issues and I mean big time issues. I don’t know what all the craze is about. I wish they would stop writing articles about them so they can die already.

      1. haha same here. I got flash happy with my G2 and G3. Always ended back to Mahdi or back to stock. CM was just way too buggy, seemed like SOMETHING was not working with every nightly.

      2. While I’ve never had issues and my fiancee’s OPO works perfectly, the OnePlus fiasco and others recently (including Focal) have left a bitter taste.

      3. Same with my S3. Every release whether it be a nightly or snapshot always has an issue. I’ve never tried CM12, only CM11, and have no desire to after dealing with no gps, or no bluetooth, or no network at all, or force closes, etc, etc, etc. Yuck.

    2. Dude you’re the biggest troll. You’ve commented on every site that posted this article. You must work for a competitor. Get a life.

      1. good job @shafty023 for posting a comment and deleting it. I am not a troll. I downloaded this app and did not like it one bit. It crashed every time I tried to refresh it and any smart person knows that it looks like iOS. so take your redneck ass back to the country with your stupid camaro and go troll another person. D1ck.

  2. Inbox or NOTHING… er…Mailbox too cuz it’s like Inbox for my Alum email.

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