HTC One E9 is a phablet with a 5.5-inch QHD display and huge camera areola on the back


TENAA HTC One E9 China

Last year HTC introduced the HTC One E8, a slightly more affordable, plastic clad version of their popular HTC One M8. Today, images of an HTC One E9 have surfaced, showing a phablet-sized HTC device headed for Asian markets.

The phone was revealed by China’s telecommunications equipment certification center, otherwise known as TENAA, so it’s pretty official. While it’s tough to make out build materials by the images, it does show HTC’s new 2-tone finish on what is likely to be an all plastic Android device. The back features a rather unsightly camera housing, placed all the way along the top of the phone.

Some basic specs were also revealed, showing a 5.5-inch display, 2,800mAh battery, and measuring in at 7.54mm thin. As for the rest, @upleaks chimed in last week to fill in the missing pieces, claiming the phone (A55) will come with a 2GHz MediaTek MT6795 8-core processor (64-bit), 3GB RAM, WQHD display, 20MP/13MP rear camera with 4MP UltraPixel front facing camera, and BoomSound front facing speakers.

HTC press invite China One E9

Other colors include white with rose gold (pictured), metallic gray, or brown and gold. Expected launch date is sometimes towards the end of this month, with HTC already sending out invites for a press event in China where the phone is expected to be unveiled at a price point of around $320.

[TENAA | ithome | upleaks]


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  1. Damn if this comes out at $320 bucks I would definitely pick one up.

    1. No way lol

      1. ???

    2. Ehh, that mediatek chip guarantees no future Android updates.

      1. How can you that. Every year hold the opertunity for change, mediatek may get more support this year than last year

          1. Somebody must be lonely ?, I feel bad for you

          2. I feel bad for YOU… your grammar skills are horrible. Your psychology prof. must throw all your work straight in the trash. lol

          3. It’s phyc not English, question are multiple choice, and it’s intro so no, I won’t be writing papers for that class, on the other hand how are you doing today, did you get a raise at burger king to 7 dollars a hour

          4. Actually i am great thanks for asking. It’s 56 degrees here in Indianapolis. I may just drive home with the sunroof open on my Infiniti and then wash and detail my wife’s Mercedes. lol *7 dollars AN hour* you almost made it through that comment without an error. You’ll get it next time Champ. lol

          5. Oh damn i just saw you said *Phyc* lmao damn homie you can’t even spell the major you’re “supposedly” in correctly. I think it’s you that may be getting that raise a Burger King when you fail out of college. lol

          6. Psychology… Again, kiss my ass

          7. Someone’s getting angry. Lol

          8. Actually I been laughing the whole time, this internet stuff don’t anger me

        1. Don’t hold your breath…

          1. I’m not, lol, I’m just sayn. Somebody else can risk it, and hopefully have better luck

  2. For a company that makes some of the best designs ever I gotta say they dropped the ball on this one, it’s ugly as hell.
    The battery is terrible for a 5.5″ QHD display but the rest of the specs are decent for the price,but damn it’s ugly SMH.

  3. Sorry it’s wqhd display so battery may be rather good.

  4. wow epic fail!

  5. Areola? o_O

  6. This thing is….. Not so pretty. The price is though. But that battery size? Does it at least have apples power saving mode from their watch? Burn.

  7. Looks solid

  8. At least the black bottom bezel looks more manageable. looks better than the M9 upfront

  9. Damn HTC, this is exactly what I would buy sans MT processor. Everything else is everything the M9+ should have been.

  10. I’m confused, this has a bigger/better screen with a different processor, maybe the same camera with a just smaller battery than the M9 but this is $320 compared to the M9 $649? I don’t get it at all. Is the metal on the M9 and Snapdragon 810 demanding another $329? Can’t be!

    1. This prolly not made of metal

    2. They said its plastic.

    3. Copy and paste on every site? Way to go Tristen.

      1. Wrong.

  11. A lot of hate for what? Pretty obvious this wasn’t supposed to be a top line phablet to take on the Note. I’m sure it will do just fine in the market HTC made it for.

  12. So, this is the real Hima. If they wanted to sell me the M9, they would have released this a month or two after the M9, props to them for allowing a choice in flagship devices. This botch is bad, where is the gunmetal???

  13. As someone who lives in Asia, this pleases me.

    1. got any asian O’s for a real goon?

  14. Hey Beavis, he said areola . heh heh heh

  15. As soon as I read the title, I knew Chris wrote this.

  16. This better be made of metal, that camera ring placement, is too close to the top. Any hairline fracture of plastic, will ruin this.

  17. Only a 2800mAh battery in a phone this big, instant fail.

  18. Looks awesome to me mediates are easy to root, several places put out the update so the update is no issue

  19. If you’re a fan of the latest version of Android and intend to buy an HTC cellphone, the flagship ones are your recommended choices.

  20. Htc, what are you doing?

  21. it’s not a nipple!

  22. I wish htc or lg would build a note competitor. I love my note 4 but an htc note with boomsound would be awesome. Especially if they figure out their camera tech.


  24. I would be all over this if it was under 5″ and doesn’t run Sense UI.

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