Pre-order the Snowflake Drone now for only $39.99 from



Owning your own drone has never been more affordable than the new Snowflake Drone, available now on a pre-order basis from for only $39.99. Flying your own drone has never been easier, either.

Pre-order the Snowflake Drone for $39.99 from

The Snowflake Drone lives up to its name. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the Snowflake features full 6-axis control for easy flying with the included wireless controller (also conveniently compact). The tiny size makes this a great drone to take on the go for spur-of-the-moment flying, but it also means the Snowflake works great as an indoor flyer or training drone for beginners. A secondary high-speed mode turns this tiny quadcopter into an excellent racer.

Considering its size and price, the Snowflake is quite the full-featured drone (including trim controls to dial in perfect flight parameters). Priced at $100 normally, reserve yours now to take advantage of 60% savings.

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  1. Have folks managed to attach small cameras to this thing yet?

    1. not yet on palm sized ones I think, but there are hand-sized quad copters with cameras.
      they are the same kind you’d find as a front-facing camera on a 4-5 year old smartphone though, so they won’t record much detail.

    2. That’s what I was just thinking. Definitely not strapping your GoPro to it…

    3. Look for Hubsan X4 H107C. It is a little bigger than the quad above, but a much better flyer. Plus it has a camera built in.

  2. it better be a good one considering similarly sized quad copters have been available from Hong Kong and China based websites for $20 for a while now.

    and I don’t like the idea of toys like these being called drones.
    they have no autonomous flight, and don’t have any(meaningful) recording/spying equipment.
    I’m afraid if people keep calling these toys drones law makers will start counting them as drones as well, and then you could get arrested for playing with your RC toy in the park…

    1. For $40, you get a microSD camera.

      1. Which one?

    2. The ship has sailed on that. They are called drones now. Fortunately lawmakers don’t just write laws that say “no drones”; rather they detail the characteristics of the crafts that are now allowed. Last years NPS policy memo, for instance, makes the use of hobby quads illegal without ever mentioning the word “drone”.

    3. I was reading the description, and this “drone” sounds like BS. The description says:

      “6-axis gyro technology for smooth & steady flight”

      I don’t know where they are, but in my world, we only have three axis.

      Do they mean, “3-axis gyro and 3-axis accelerometer”? In that case, there’s no need for the trim on the controller. The drone should be able to hover on its own without any trimming.

  3. US only

      1. That is one funny reply.

  4. who would use this outside? Even a slight breeze would push it all over hell’s half acre.

    the little hand sized quad I picked up at the RC store 6 months ago is pushed around by my central AC vents.

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