We put the Sony Xperia M4 Aqua’s waterproof construction to the test [VIDEO]



On paper the Sony Xperia M4 Aqua isn’t the most exciting of handsets. Don’t let the lack of premium ‘Z’ branding fool you though, the Xperia M4 Aqua packs a compliment of features that aren’t that far off from last year’s Sony Xperia Z3 into a plastic frame with an approachable price.

But the real selling point is the M4’s waterproof design and construction. As the Aqua name implies, Sony took some time to improve this aspect of the handset, earning both IP65 and IP68 ratings while skirting the need for physical flaps to cover the device’s ports. No more need to worry about sealing off the USB. The Xperia M4 will survive submersion in 1.5 meters of water for up to 30 minutes. The design itself is reminiscent of previous Xperia releases while cutting back on some of the more expensive build options like metal accents.

We didn’t have 30 minutes to sit around and see what would happen after the time limit ran up, but we did get a chance to dunk the Xperia M4 Aqua in a fish tank. As promised, the phone not only functioned while underwater but emerged unharmed.

So what can we expect from the M4 Aqua? Here’s the details:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processing
  • 2GB RAM
  • 13MP Exmor RS/5MP front camera
  • 2400mAh battery
  • 7.3mm thick, 136 grams

The Xperia M4 Aqua will launch this spring at a price of 299 euro (~$330). That’s an amazing off-contract price for a phone that gets you pretty close to Sony’s most recent flagship devices.

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  1. Not bad hardware for the price and specs. It should be offered here in the US. I’d plug it to all my buddies with Z3 envy.

  2. i’m so glad I just made $6711 dollars this month working from home after hearing raymonds story too. I am not buying a Toyota though, I’m thinking more on the lines of a Mazda or something. oh yeah and the M4 is kind of cool….not bad at all, especially at that price. I think I could take that money I made from home and buy it!

    1. Have you been hacked buddy 0_o

      1. LMAO no, just being a goofball

        1. i was scared. i was gonna go beef up my security lol. Don’t buy Mazda and an M4 would be tons of fun until it’s time for maintenance. then say hello to $400 ceramic brake pads and $800 rotors.

          1. haha I actually own a corolla….but dont worry, i’m bawling with the S-Type! lmao. I was just goin with the roc thomas guy posting that crap below. 1200 to get breaks done for a mazda?? i’m sure that beats the sheet metal they probably use for my rotors on my car lol

          2. no i was stating the price for the BMW M4. German cars are great and very reliable but the routine maintenance is crazy. Me and my G35 are sponsored by a shop here and we’ve had people with M3 and M5/M6’s come in and jeez you don’t wanna scrimp on anything for a performance German vehicle. when you try to put a cheap part on one of those it will reject it and cause more problems. guy came in with a sensor he bought from ebay and said the dealership wanted like $1100 for it and he bought his online for like $90. 2 days later he was back BUT being dropped off by a flatbed. cheap part immobilized the engine.

          3. trust me, i’m well aware of german automotive and the cost of owning one. I had a 2002 C230 Kompressor for 2 years. had the camshaft snap 4 months after owning it ($4k). Then had to replace some sensor on it ($950). Breaks were $600. Then the air went out. ($1100). Then I got rid of it and bought a Kia LMAO

          4. From a Benz to a Kia. Can’t say i agree with that lol. I like Japanese luxury. just find the lower brand counterpart for your vehicle and you’re good. when i need something for my Infiniti i call a Nissan Dealership and check the prices first for the 350z since my G35 is basically the same car.

          5. I got white people problemz, trust me haha

          6. Kia has come a long way though… wait it’s a new Kia right. how would you compare the two?

          7. its a 2002 and still running strong! never had to bring it in for anything. we use it to tote the kids around in and the corolla for trips since it has awesome gas mileage.

          8. My next car will be a Scion/Subaru FR-S/BR-Z and swap a turbo 2jz engine in that bad boy… we can definitely pimp your corolla out. :-)

          9. that scion FRS is awesome! a guy at work has one and it just looks like it wants to friggin go. and there is no pimping out a corolla. onlything pimp about it is the cost of gas i spend every month on it haha

          10. That’s the beauty of it… you can make a sleeper. throw a nice powerful boosted engine in there and leave everything stock. then that one day you’re at the stoplight with a Camaro. Light turns green and you leave him in the dust. DO YOU KNOW HOW HILARIOUS THAT WOULD BE.

            Camaro Guys Friend: “so was it a Dodge Challenger that beat you?”
            Camaro Guy: “Nope”
            Camaro Guys Friend: “so a Ford Mustang?”
            Camaro Guy: “Nope… *begins sobbing* It-it-it-it was a TOYOTA COROLLA!

            *Both sob uncontrollably*

          11. hahaha I’ve seen older Corolla’s at the track with small blocks in them. they rock the quarter mile in under 10 seconds. Then again, the front ends lift off the ground like Fast and Furious off the line. I would not want to do that. I’d look like an idiot. haha

          12. na you wouldn’t have to go to that extreme with a small block. The Celica All-Trac had a turbocharged 2 liter engine or a MR-2 turbocharged engine. you get one of those engines, build it up, upgrade the turbo, dial that boost to an ungodly number and you got a 700hp-900hp beast.

          13. imagine a 2012 corolla s-type rolling around the corner, sounding like a beast. If I get this promotion at work, I’m going to push a Nissan GTR….hopefully the wifey will be ok with it. Its only $65g’s and outruns lambos

          14. I love the GT-R being team Nismo and all but you’d be running with the lambos NOT outrunning them. The GT-R has been Americanized and put on a few pounds! i love that car though but i’d much rather have an R-34 Skyline GT-R.

          15. You can find used GT-R’s from the mid 40’s now. that’s when i started looking to trade in for one but the curb weight held me back.

          16. that has been my dream car for a long time….other than my Optima. BOO YAH!

    2. I made $99 an hour changing my name to sugar tits

      1. LMFAO hahaha

  3. Good mid range specs and waterproof!? Definitely going to look into it

  4. I think the Xperia Line is too underrated.

    1. agreed. I’ve only played with one for maybe 10 minutes and I was impressed. its a shame that its not supported more and pushed harder by Sony.

      1. Well, for starters, Sony makes profits in other product markets. I don’t like the Bravia icons as much, but with Material, it could change up.

        1. I know they are not making much off the mobile division (if anything at all). I just wish I could see them on all carriers. nothing beats going in a store and being able to get hands on time with a phone before deciding what to buy. You cannot even go in a best buy here and see one hooked up. unlike others, I have a wife who wont let me go buy a phone outright haha so I rely on the carriers to give me a deal.

          1. Yeah, carriers need to expand their phone choices. Realistically, so many phones have merits and negatives. If you were to combine a super phone, it would be Moto Active Notifications, HTC Boomsound, Samsung cameras, HTC Build Quality, Sony’s waterproofing, a blend between Touchwiz, Nexus, and LG software, and Nexus branding lol. Until then, we have to rely on pushing carriers to go further.

            T-Mobile has gotten a lot better: LG, Sony, Samsung, HTC, Apple, Windows/Nokia Lumia, ZTE. All those choices are better, but they need Moto.

          2. crazy I would put the same on the perfect phone. I really want waterproofing….i think it would make for a whole new awesomeness of taking pictures or using my phone. totally agree with all of that.

  5. It’s a shame that they have to skin AOSP like that. They don’t change much, but the changes they do make aren’t for the better.

  6. very nice to see. i like it so much <3 anh dep | lmht

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