Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge’s base model could start at 64GB in the UK


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An interesting revelation was made over at Samsung’s site for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. While the company mentioned that 32GB, 64GB and 128GB options for the phones would be available, they’re listing the Edge variant with just 64GB and 128GB options for the UK. That could suggest the Edge variant will come with 64GB as standard.

galaxy s6 edge variants

One plausible explanation could be that the S6 Edge will have a higher base cost than the normal edition so Samsung decided it would be best to give people more for their money. We’ve seen that pricing model in the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Samsung Galaxy Note Edge so it wouldn’t be a shock to see it repeated here.

Of course, we could just be jumping way ahead of ourselves and this could all be a mistake. It’s also worth remembering that this could specifically be for the UK and we might not see the same structuring for other markets. We’ll do our darnedest to find out from Samsung themselves, though, and will update this post if we find out anything more.

[via SamMobile]

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  1. why is topic of conversation not about the price at launch?? these phones are going to be priced way too high. innovation for samsung obviously means they feel the need to charge your first born, 1 leg, 13 teeth, your arm from your elbow down and your soul.

    1. Yep, old leaked prices were saying

      “insane off-contract prices. For the Galaxy S6, Ars Technica reports that the phone is listed at $849, $963, and $1,076 for the 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB models respectively. These prices are what Samsung will sell the phones for to carriers, and have also been converted from Euros, meaning they could fluctuate a tad. More startling are the prices for the GS6 Edge, which is reportedly listed at $1,076 for the 64GB version and $1,189 for the 128GB model.”

      1. what market are they aiming for to expect this to be a great seller?? I just dont see it. I see sales spiking in month 1-3, then leveling out and dying out over 6 months to a year. Just in time for them to try again to raise that 38% dip in sales from last year.

  2. Yeah, because when they realized they were FORCING people to pick a model that could not be expanded, suddenly 32gb is not so appealing because if you do not plan ahead and get more than you need, you end up like all the iPhone people that are running out of memory and cannot even do OS updates. 32gb is great IF you have MicroSD. If not, I would not even consider 32gb. I have to start at 64gb. And, from the leaked pricing, an Edge at 64gb could be around $1000 off contract.

    1. dude great point, my wife hates that when she cannot do an update because getting pictures and videos off of her iphone is confusing and daunting. I liked the edge too, until that price. that is 2 Flex 2’s. a 7-day vacation to Antigua, flight included. 3 Nikon D5100’s. no sale!

    2. Nah, I hear people are content in general with a 32 GB Nexus or iPhone. You may have to memory manage a bit, but it’s not hard as 16gb. SD slot is no big deal to many consumers. If not, Samsung wouldn’t take a calculated risk.

      1. Agreed. You have to buy into the cloud system though.

      2. Not really accurate. Samsung is just like any other company who takes risks. They’ve taken risks and this move is another risk for them.

        They felt they needed to shake things up because of the disappointing S5 sales. They figure if they chose style over substance (like an iPhone) they could improve sales from last year’s model.

        “premium style”, now we’re faced with a premium price like every other Apple consumer. Micro SD should have at least remained. KK did impose a good amount of restrictions on removable storage but Lollypop fixed a lot of those issues so Micro SD support shouldn’t have been a major problem to keep.

        Battery life might be getting incidentally better but the longevity of the battery hasn’t improved to the point where you don’t worry about how long it will last after a year or two of charging and discharging. When the capacity starts to really decrease you would have been able to just swap it out with a brand new one. Not anymore. Now you’ll have to take your phone into a service center or mail it in for a replacement.

        Looking at the S5 and both S6 devices it’s really shocking seeing what Samsung has sacrificed for the sake of style and to appease some of their critics in the tech world. They really do seem to have been heavily influenced by a lot of reviewers. Like those Apple shills at The Verge. Man those guys really don’t hide their disdain for anything that’s not Apple.


        Expandable storage
        Removable battery
        IP67 waterproofing

        They’ve sacrificed two major features that set them apart from Apple. This is a huge risk and very disappointing for their loyal customers. I really can’t understand why they’d want to align their products so close to one of their biggest rivals.

        Besides the iPhone they’ve got a slew of other flagship devices coming out of China to compete with and they’ve ditched two of their best features.

        So yeah, Samsung would take a calculated risk and they have here.

        1. Realistically, if someone wants an iPhone, they’re getting an iPhone, regardless of memory options, removable battery, IP rating, etc.

          While I agree that Samsung has always been a great choice for Android “power users,” maybe Samsung’s data suggests that said power users don’t make up a large enough user base to design a phone around.

          Speaking from personal experience, I’d be fine with or without most features Samsung can throw at me; if a phone has a removable battery, SD card slot, etc., awesome. If they have none of those things, but support wireless charging out of the box, and look as good as the S6 does, I’d be good with that as well.

          As someone with a Note 4, I’m happy with the route I took, but if the S-Pen wasn’t 75% of my purchasing decision, I’d probably wish I had an S6 instead.

          At the end of the day HTC was the king of the “premium” Android phone hill, and Samsung wanted in. Now they’ve got 2 distinct devices (Note 4, S6), one of which appeals to people who want a premium-looking device, and the other which offers more flexibility for those users who want expandable memory and the like. Waterproofing is great, but I would imagine there aren’t many people who buy a phone based solely on how wet the phone can get.

          1. The weather proofing is a minor loss. Many more consumers are rightly critical of the missing expandable storage and removable battery options. Two of the most practical features for any mobile device. I’ve spoken to many folks who decided in the end to go with Samsung because of those two options, they appeared to be the true deciding factors for them. If they remove these two features from the Note 5 it will truly be a shame.

          2. I would imagine they won’t, although it will certainly be interesting to see what the Note 5 looks like.

            It would seem to me that the Note’s purpose (utility over sex appeal) would imply that they’ll continue to market it the way it is, but who knows, if the iPhone 6 Plus does too well, perhaps they’ll decide to reverse that decision. I’d agree that they should keep the Note as-is, to at least give consumers some choice.

          3. Most definitely! If they’re clever they may just as well keep those two options on the Note series and use the S series as the more “sexy” device. That would make sense.

        2. At the end of the day, choice is good. I approve of the changes since I don’t use my SD slot outside of an 8 GB card and 32 GB is sufficient for me. If I need to upgrade my Note 4, I will have a sleuth of choices with the G4, S6, Note 5, iPhone 6S, Z4, Nexus 5 2015, Moto X 2015. I am considering a phone that has good multi tasking, strong battery life, timely updates, sufficient storage, and cool features. So far Samsung gave me most of those except timely updates. Nobody beats Samsung with Multi-Tasking.

          1. You’re part of the crowd that’s happy with that and that’s great. The rest of us turly need the flexibility of expendable storage and a removable battery.

            For a long time we’ve not had to make many compromises when it came to the S and Note series. Now we’re being forced to make rather large compromises with the S6 that I really hope we wont have to make on the Note 5.

    3. “…you end up like all the iPhone people that are running out of memory and cannot even do OS updates.”

      That can’t happen with Android, /system is always a separate partition. I suppose you could run into trouble downloading an update if you were really, really close to full, but you’d be having other problems at that point anyways.

  3. I like the idea that 64 would be the baseline for storage for a phone with no mircoSD slot. I have to agree with the rest of the comments though, the price is a bit steep. They always offer more than Apple for their price but now it seems like they are trying to match them at price point too. Most people will probably get this phone on contract anyway but still.

  4. The irony seems to have been lost on Samsung..


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