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With what seems like half the United States buried in a thick blanket of snow, it’s easy to forget that in the lands of grapefruits and oranges the 2015 MLB season is well underway. Spring Training began in earnest this week, and as players prepare for the grind of another year in the big leagues fans are being given the opportunity to spruce up their app game with a new update to At Bat.

The big takeaway is a shift toward Google’s Material Design standards, bringing a truly native look to the app which provides fans with a way to stream live video and audio of MLB games direct from their smartphones and tablets (you’ll need to pony up for a subscription to enjoy the full benefits). The new UI stretches across team color-specific designs for all 30 designs plus an overhauled scoreboard view. Also included is support for Spanish language for the béisbol fans out there. You will still need to manually adjust your device’s language settings, however.

The new app is available now to download for free. While certain features can be enjoyed without a subscription, to get the full experience you will need to pay a $19.99 yearly fee or $2.99 monthly fee.

Download At Bat from Google Play


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  1. No, the full experience is $129.99 for the season, which includes the TV portion for live games.

    1. I am glad I am not the only one who knew this. who would pay that much money??

      1. For every baseball game all season long? I pay for this every season as I’m not in the Cardinals home market for TV. I use it a ton, so for me it’s worth it. Comes with the audio and whatnot too for when I’m on the road. Has ability to Chromecast as well, very awesome app/service if you love the baseball.

        1. if you watch a lot of baseball, sure, I get it. That is just a LOT of money. I just feel its outrageous. i’m glad a real fan stepped up and said something. I dont mind being wrong when someone can tell me why they enjoy something that i dont understand =)

          1. See above. :O)

          2. yeah u guys are right, i should not bash what some people actually like/use. I use silly apps and pay monthly for things that most people dont use. completely wrong of me. how is that for an online response on a forum?? haha i’m like the opposite of an internet toughguy

          3. It takes a tough guy to admit when they are wrong also.

          4. It’s a lot, but compare it to getting MLB Extra Innings from your cable/satellite company. Extra Innings costs $197 for the year with “early bird” pricing, and you get less games with it than / at bat.

        2. It’s probably worth it for cord cutters but you have to live out of the market. That’s the dealbreaker for a lot of people, and not the price of the package. I f**king hate blackouts.

          1. Don’t you get a lot of the games if you’re in market for your team – in fact, most of the games are televised by Fox Sports Midwest (don’t know if its a premium addon to your cable subscription – if so, that sucks).

  2. dude this stupid thing costs WAY too much money! Who the hell would download this?

    1. The basic app is free though for just scores and game highlight videos.

      1. that is awesome! I had it last year and used it a lot. Then started going thru ESPN for the gamecast. I loved that.

  3. The one and only reason I begrudgingly pay is so I can listen to my team’s games when I am not near an AM radio or TV. The fact that I have to pay to listen to a free broadcast is ludicrous, but MLB wants to squeeze every drop of blood from this turnip. (The video highlights are a nice little bonus, since I don’t always catch the day’s highlights on the news). Paying for the TV portion is a joke since all the local teams are blacked out.

  4. Yawn on all aspects.

  5. RIP

    Leonard Nimoy

    1. Far more interesting topic than the MLB and the MLB app using material design. Jezzz, does it get any more lamely boring than this?

      OMG.. did I just judge the MLB and material design?

      1. so true! craziness. = but hey, at least the handful of people worldwide that downloaded this app has material design now….right?

        1. Yeah… uhh.. right… as if the people using the MLB app even know WTF Material Design is or care.


          1. I really enjoy when someone doesn’t like or have an interest in something then judges those that do.

          2. we are allowed to judge the price the MLB decided to charge people and watch these people pay that crazy price to watch america’s pastime sport. its a shame. and us judging this is no different than you making a comment judging us for judging this article and how much it costs at the end of the day. so go be hypocritical somewhere else.

          3. The price of something is determined by supply and demand not some random poster’s outrage. I can afford and enjoy this app.

            I have no problem being called a hypocrite but I didn’t condemn the thousands who buy this app every year, just the few who can’t understand why someone would.

          4. alright, u are right…i’ll delete it, it was uncalled for

          5. Come on man.. don’t cave in, it’s all just jokes and fun, jokes and fun. People need to lighten up & take a little ribbing… it’s a friggin phone app for goodness sake.

          6. obviously people dont take well to that so i got wore out from it yesterday =)

          7. If you can watch the teams you want (especially if you’re living far away from “your team” it is actually quite a bargain (assuming you don’t hit local blackout rules for “your geographic team”. Some spring training games (also MLB AtBat Audio – $19.99/year as a standalone) are televised (pretty much everything is archived) and all 162 regular season games. I remember when I looked forward to the StL Cards appearing on TBS to play the Braves – too few and far between and BTW there are no commercials on MLB TV.

          8. I’m a huge baseball fan and care very much…

          9. Same here.

  6. I wonder if T-Mobile still has the contract so I can enjoy some benefits.

  7. I love the look and fluidity of the app!

    NFL could take a lesson from MLB!

    1. Yeah, the NFL has always been horrible. MLB At Bat, while never perfect, has steadily gotten better each year.

      1. I’m just amazed the NFL, given it’s popularity and resources, can’t create a native, optimized app. It’s ridiculous!

        Thanks to MLB to care enough to make a great running app!

    2. such a great idea actually

      1. Thank you!

  8. I paid for this app once and regretted it. I paid for it so i could watch NY Yankee games while away from my TV at home. What they dont tell you is that you cant watch local teams on the app because theyre blacked out. When i complained and asked for a refund they denied me. Never again.

  9. Blackout rules are outdated and regions too large.

    1. +1,000,000

      MLB needs to get its’ act together on this, especially in the age of cord cutting.

      The fact that the only option for in-market baseball fans is to pay through the nose for cable is insane.

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