Google reportedly introducing refreshed Wallet strategy at Google I/O 2015


Nexus 7 Google Wallet 2

There’s no secret Google Wallet has become a bit of an afterthought after the introduction of Apple Pay and Google’s lack of movement to get their payment platform out to more retailers. But that doesn’t mean Google’s willing to just lay down and let their rival in Cupertino take over.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google is rethinking their mobile payments strategy and will look to reintroduce the next phase of their payment platform at Google I/O. The specifics are light for the time being, but it’s said Google will look to provide great incentive to carriers, retailers and banks to get on board by using tactics such as increasing their share of profits.

And even if that isn’t enough, it’d be hard for a good deal of them to turn Google away when they welcomed Apple Pay — which uses the same technology as Google Wallet for wireless payments — with open arms, exclusivity deals aside.

The New Google Wallet will apparently be more than just a “tap and pay” app, though, with Google looking to launch an entirely new payments platform based on it. We’d already seen great evidence of those aspirations in the current Google Wallet implementation, but it sounds like Google essentially wants to become the true middleman that everyone’s been looking for.

Whatever the case may be, we’re glad Google hasn’t given up on their trek to push wireless payments forward even if Apple came in to steal all their thunder with one fell swoop. Google I/O should be quite interesting this summer, for sure.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. good cuz I dont know a single person who has heard of google wallet let alone used it. Every damn iphone user I know loves to talk about how nice their apple pay works and is widely accepted.

    1. Fun thing is that the wallet is accepted in exactly the same places.

      1. I actually had this happen. I paid using NFC at a store. The manager saw I wasn’t using an iPhone, said I was defrauding the system, and canceled the transaction.

        1. Hahahaha that is so funny!

        2. I’d make him ring it back up and just pay with Google Wallet all over again

          1. I pulled my CC out and paid. I just wanted to leave at that point.

        3. Defrauding the system? Wtf does that even mean? Dude should be fired for talking sh!t like that.

        4. I would throw the biggest fit in the world if that happened to me and walk out with a discount.

        5. just another brainwashed sheep i guess. But damn didnt know Apple had the stores stopping other methods than Apple Pay. That is just sick.

          1. Wallet wouldn’t work at the World Series in KC last fall, only Apple Pay would work. That was right at the launch of Apple Pay though so I’m sure Apple paid for that exclusivity.

    2. I use google wallet. Its perfect. My friend doesn’t have a checking account, and now has google wallet, connected directly to his savings account, and ordered the hard card version of google wallet, for using at retailers that don’t have tap and pay set up already. Its perfect and super fast! Direct deposit, and never have to visit the bank in person again. Google wallet is awesome and just needs more wide spread use. People don’t realize its a unified receipt keeper and book keeper. Put all your credit cards on it and bank accounts and have your statements in one place, all locked by a pin. And if something is ever lost or stollen it takes 2 minutes to lock and block.

    3. Widely accepted? Haha it isn’t.

  2. Maybe they will Borrow some from samsung with their New system. But if they want to actually get things going, they should start out in Europe. Many countries are nfc ready, and have been using chip cards for years. …

  3. Be about it Google. Don’t just talk about it

  4. Don’t care, unless it’s brought to the UK.

  5. face it, google – u blew it.

    1. No, everyone blew Apple and their mobile phone payment system as soon as they released it because they’re Apple’s whores.

      1. oh, so you are google slut :D

        1. I am

        2. More like one of Google’s favourite kind of concubines, haha.

    2. Google didn’t blow anything. That would be the carriers. But don’t pretend that Apple Pay has done anything. It’s the same list of places as before.

  6. It might help if Google wallet would be available in countries besides the US.

  7. I have never found a place to use it as a payment but it is amazing for personal use. I send moeny to friends with it all the time.

    1. Download the MasterCard PayPass app. It is far from everywhere, but you would have to be living under a rock to not have places to use it. Here are a few places: McDonald’s, Subway, Walgreen’s, Panera Bread, Whole Foods, several mall stores, Staples, Macy’s…you will be amazed at the full list.

  8. Are there any places where you can use Apple Pay but you cannot use Google Wallet? I don’t think there are.

    1. It wouldn’t work at the World Series in KC last fall. Only Apple Pay.

  9. Google can’t market something that carriers block. It wasn’t until KitKat that they got around the carrier blocks. Their hesitation pays better attention to consumer experience, than Apple has done with Pay. They are marketing it like it can replace your wallet, which is a blatant lie.

  10. Google Wallet is gonna do it right now that they can use Apple Watch as the example of how it’s done.

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