You can own a handful of Google Play Movies & TV titles for $5


Google Play Movies & TV 5 dollar promo

Another great Google Play Movies & TV promotion is offering up a handful of great movie titles to own for less than $5. The special $5 pricing is for the full HD movie versions and in most cases, is barley $2 more than the actual rental. It’s a great way to build up your Google Play Movies & TV library without breaking the bank.

If you’re confused about the pricing shown in screen cap above, the “$2.99” movies are actually showing the rental pricing. Click on the movie and you’ll see the $5 pricing to add to your library forever. There’s a lot of great titles in here, classics like Wedding Crashers, Anchorman, 300, Pan’s Labyrinth, The Matrix, The Hangover are all up for grabs.

Once the movies have been added to your Google Play Movies & TV, you can stream them as many times as you’d like from your Android tablet, smartphone, Chromecast or even Roku (which recently added an official Play Movies & TV app). Make sure you check out the full list and let us know which (if any) you’ll be picking up.

Oh, Amazon Instant Video is also offering a similar promo with a few of the same titles (Inception, The Butler, etc.) for $5 as well.

[Google Play Movies & TV promo]



Chris Chavez
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  1. I didn’t see the good titles like, “Hot moms of Malibu” or “A Romp to Remember “, and no “Napoleon’s Dynamite ‘

  2. “You can own a handful of Google Play Movies & TV titles for $5 EACH”

    Please specify as this is not a bundle.

  3. Hey, something to spend the Chromecast Valentine’s Day credit on!

  4. The name of the article is slightly misleading I think as it’s movies only. I know what you meant… but still. :)

    1. Seriously, “You can own a handful of Google Play Movie titles for $5 each”

  5. Still don’t see why anybody would pick Google Play over iTunes until Google Play matches iTunes extras (and offers the ability to download them to your hard drive for backup).

    1. Still don’t see why anyone would bother with either considering that iTunes sucks donkey-balls and that you have to pay for those movies/TV shows on both platforms. Torrents all the way.

      1. “Still don’t see why you bother with car dealships since you have to pay for it. Grand Theft Auto all the way.”

        Seriously, that’s what you sound like. A self-entitled spoiled child. You like watching those movies but you can’t be arsed to give compensation to the people in charge of making them.

        FYI: iTunes is fine and you can easily remove the protection from purchased movies and watch them on Apple TV, Chromecast, or whatever you like.

        1. I use Netflix a fair amount so I’m not nearly as bad you say I am.

          Maybe I just believe that entertainment should be freely available to everyone on the planet (just like information, education, prosperity, peace and security).

          As far as calling me a self-entitled child for downloading things goes you’re not exactly in a position to judge me.

          After all, you’re the one who’s paraphrasing the MPAA’s ridiculous anti-piracy video by saying that I’m no different for downloading something rather than buying it than someone who steals a car rather than buying it.

          Proof that they used the same (ludicrous) argument in case you don’t remember those ads:

          I neither need nor want to use iTunes for anything except putting music on my iPod. Even that’s already painful (especially because I’m forced to use it by a company that thinks the best way to give people what they could have is to brainwash them into thinking that what you’re giving them is the best thing in the universe).

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