Pebble 2 could be announced Feb 24th with color display and thinner profile [RUMOR]


Pebble 8-bit colors

After Pebble’s website began counting down to a mysterious date — February 24th, 10:00AM CT — the world was left scratching their heads as to what they could be revealing.

A new product launch is to be expected (Pebble’s 2-year anniversary passed in January), but oddly enough we haven’t seen a single word or press invite that has been sent out in reference to a followup to the original Pebble. And it’s a bummer. Although the original Pebble is still ticking (they recently added Android Wear notifications with custom quick replies), it’s hardware is looking extremely dated.

Pebble 8-bit SteelFor those wondering what Pebble could be announcing on February 24th, the folks at 9to5Mac have it on good authority that Pebble will introduce a new color version of their smartwatch with a display “similar” to e-ink and a bit larger too. Pebble is also retooling the design, and although specifics weren’t mentioned, it’s being said we should expect a slimmer side profile.

We love our OG Pebble, but we’ll admit, the build quality and design leave a lot to be desired. Of course, the more premium Pebble Steel was introduced January of last year to bring the smartwatch some refinement and sophistication, but its low-res, tiny black and white display was still a turn off for most. Especially when placed side-by-side with some Android Wear offerings.

Our request? Color e-ink display with higher-resolution and same great 5-day battery life on something that doesn’t look like it was made for toddlers. Maybe even a microphone for voice controls. Give us all that and we’ll be lining up on launch day.

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  1. Don’t need voice controls, or color, for that matter. Also… an improvement on battery life would be better than just keeping it the same. The Pebble is awesome. I hope they make it better instead of making it more like half baked Android Wear devices.

  2. I LOVE my Pebble. I’ll be excited to see version 2.

  3. Have both kickstarter and steel, love it! Would still choose the simplicity of a pebble over anything else, but some minor improvements like battery, maybe higher resolution screen? Don’t know what it really needs…

    1. I have a Pebble too. Great watch, especially with the recent updates.

      Thinner profile, smaller bezels, more apps/watch screens, the ability to delete default watch screens…. that’s about all I would ask for.

  4. Just my two cents, but it seems like smart watches are ideal for wireless charging.

  5. I love my Pebble and am hoping for a higher res screen and thinner watch. Color would be nice, but not at the expense of battery life. Voice controls – no thanks, just another thing for the NSA to hack and use to infringe my privacy!

    This could be a blinding move by Pebble – piggyback on the smartwatch interest the Apple Watch creates to sell their own superior device.

  6. I really hope they do not try to follow Wear, since I think that platform has little worth emulating. Color is welcome but not necessary, no annoying touchscreen, and if they hold on to that battery life, I’ll be happy.

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